Kevin specializes in coaching clients at deep levels of the subconscious mind by using tools and tactics that aim to eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors and unhealthy beliefs.
Synthesizing the best Eastern and Western methodologies with his original visualization techniques, Kevin has created a coaching program that allows clients to take control of their lives. If you are on this path yourself, whether at the very beginning or somewhere along the way, there is no greater person to learn from than one who has actually experienced the trials and tribulations of life and, rather than give up and settle for a life of unhappiness, has had the courage and strength to do whatever it took to achieve their dreams.
I employed Kevin as a Life Coach when I was having difficulty sleeping during a particularly stressful time. Your24hCoach is the leading international coaching network and life coaching directory of professionally accredited coaches. As a young man, he was forced to seek answers after battling a dependence and addiction to alcohol.  Eventually, this struggle led him to the path of recovery and self-awareness.
During that time I have seen him transform his life from one of suffering and lack to one of peace and abundance.
Live your life strengths!"Ann Clarkson is a workplace and family coach with a speciality in helping people living with Attention Deficit Disorder like traits or challenges. He has been trying to help others ever since.Besides his work as an independent Life Coach in the UK,  most recently Kevin has been a Therapist at The Cabin Chiang Mai, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Thailand.

Kevin has been an inspiration for me in my own life and is a constant reminder to me of what a person can become if they truly put their mind to it.
That’s why only professional coaches with the highest levels of training and expertise are selected to work with us.
She specializes in coachingA adults dealing with workplace stress and dissatisfaction who want to be more productive and fulfilled.
Along the way he has spent a great deal of money and devoted a lot of time and effort to his own personal growth and development which has allowed him to become the man he is today.
He practices what he preaches every day and is a prime example of the fact that it is not the knowledge of how to improve your life that helps you, but the applied knowledge. Collins expertise and his management of the project, all round hard graft ,positive outlook, belief in what we were trying to achieve and his wonderful sense of humour-when we had to deal with difficult decisions without doubt helped us to reach the final result we intended. She specializes in coaching adults who want to improve their relationship with their spouse, parents who want to learn how to positively support their children, and young adults who are at college or university, orA who are trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. Coaching Education and Experience: Ann completed her coach training with the ADD Coach Academy, considered the gold standard of ADHD coach training programs, in 2006. Highlights include ten years experience as a senior marketing and public affairs executive in the investment industry.

Among other roles, she was VP of Marketing and Public Education for the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI). As VP of the CSIa€™s Investor Learning Centre, Ann built a national organization focused on providing unbiased financial education to consumers. Earlier, she built a successful career as a journalist at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC-TV) and TVOntario, the provincial educational broadcaster.
Because of her love of learning, she took a year off work and travelled around the world through 25 countries with her husband Mike. Ann and Mike have been marriedA over 25 year and live with their two sons Peter and Alex in the Beaches area of Toronto.

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