She was appointed to the Landmark College Institute for Research and Training in 2001 and currently serves as a Lead Education Specialist. Banerjee has over 29 years of experience in the field of learning disabilities, ADHD, and postsecondary disability services.
She frequently presents workshops, seminars, and graduate courses for educators and parents. His graduate work centered on the study of executive function using both behavioral and neuroscience methodologies (fMRI and ERP).
She has published and presented extensively, both nationally and internationally, on topics such as: disability documentation and accommodations, technological competencies for postsecondary transition, online learning, and universal design.

Hecker is the author of numerous articles and book chapters, including work on multi-sensory learning and assistive technology. He is also committed to developing and testing the efficacy of low-cost interventions aimed at enhancing executive functioning in at-risk populations. Dahlstrom-Hakki has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses at a number of campuses including the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Mount Holyoke College, SIT Graduate Institute, Holyoke Community College and the University of Phoenix. Bryck is the Principal Investigator on a National Institutes for Health (NIH) funded grant exploring an in-home cognitive training program for low income children (Examining the Effects of Working Memory Training in Low SES children: # R21HD073589). She received her doctoral degree from the Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut, on the application of universal design to high stakes assessment.

Dahlstrom-Hakki routinely delivers professional learning workshops and trainings to secondary and postsecondary educators around the country on topics including: Teaching STEM to students with disabilities, Universal Design for Learning, and Teaching with Technology.

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