If your child is experiencing difficulties at school, at home, or in social settings you may be concerned about the possibility of ADHD. Left untreated, ADHD can have a significant negative impact on your child’s future in terms of school performance, social relationships, health, and self-esteem.
The good news is that now you can do something about it, thanks to recent advances in ADHD treatment and support. Using our new, integrative approach we bring together specialists in ADHD treatment: psychiatrists (physicians), psychologists and psychotherapists, coaches, and support services staff who work with you and your family as part of a comprehensive solution to create successful results. While most people have heard of ADD or ADHD it is sometimes the subject of unnecessary fear or misunderstanding.
There is such joy in being able to hear patients say that “My life is really good Doc, I’m getting A’ and B’s in college now, my parents and I are getting along well and I actually got a part time job and my life is pretty great!”.  Those are the things that make my job worthwhile as psychologist who specializes in ADHD.
He, like so many other of our ADHD clients, is excelling in his college courses, noting that for the first time he could actually focus in and comprehend what his professors were lecturing about. Now, instead of anger and resentment at home, he and his parents talk about the miracle of what this treatment has done to bring peace and cooperation to the family, good grades in college, and most of all he is confident and motivated to be the person he had always wanted to be. Raising a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can often be extremely frustrating, emotionally draining, and can be expensive. Many times, the child’s ADHD-related problems cause ongoing problems in the parent-child relationship. Raising successful children is hard under the best of circumstances.  When a child is being treated for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), everyone needs to work harder to provide the child with a solid foundation for successful outcomes later in life. Any parent of a child with ADHD quickly becomes aware of how challenging it can be to get ADHD kids the help that they need to find relief from their symptoms.    Parents desire to make everything better for their child is natural and is the result of our readiness to protect and nurture the ones we love.
Don’t be put off achieving your destiny, even if you have experienced failure in your life. This video mentions well known people who had failed, and kept pressing on until they became successful.
Young men with early or heavy use of Marijuana appear to have a 70% greater risk of Testicular Cancer.  This risk is even higher the younger the age of first use. Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research center in Seattle found an association with Nonseminoma, a fast growing and aggressive subtype of testicular cancer.  Of all testicular cancer, 40% is Nonseminoma and the rest are slower growing. The first step is to be aware that the holiday, even one spent at home, will make for a change in the life of your child. Attention Disorder Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is believed to affect about 8% of children and about a half of these sufferers will continue with the disorder when they grow into adults. In recent years rapid progress has been made particularly in dealing with adults who have ADHD. The ADHD brain has problems doing all sorts of things and we’ve really only just starting to find this out. In a study by Ronald Chervin, a neurologist at the University of Michigan, he found that 30% of boys younger than 8 years of age that snored were identified with hyperactivity, while only 9% of non-snorers were found to be hyperactive.
Hundreds of variations in genes which more frequently occur among attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) sufferers have been identified by researchers, many of which were known about previously as crucial for behavior and learning. The variations seen have a broader impact on DNA structure, involving copy number variations (CNVs) which involve repeated or missing stretches of DNA.
We all know that individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder are challenged with more than attention or multi-tasking; and yet the premise of the article is accurate in expressing how the speed of technology can affect individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder. Some experts suggest that excessive exposure to new digital technology can be problematic for the brain’s ability to respond. While we applause the vast technological changes taking place in our society, some experts say that such technologies prevent us from paying full attention to one thing.
Given the brain’s exposure to roughly eight hours of technology every day, it is likely that our high-tech revolution will have some sort of impact on our behavior. Youth with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) were shown to have brain development delayed an average of three years compared to children without the disorder according to research done in a 2007 study by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).   Of particular interest to parents is the finding that the most prominent delay was in the frontal cortex in ADHD kids. Not surprisingly to parents of hyperactive ADHD kids, the NIMH study also found that the motor cortex, the part of the brain that controls movement, emerged as the only area that matured faster than normal in the youth with ADHD (on average 5 years ahead of their non-ADHD peers).

This sounds very familiar to me as I think of what ADHD in children often looks like in real life. Free Weekly Q & A SessionsStay updated with all our latest offerings of Free Weekly Q & A Sessions FOR COUPLES by completing the form below, and we’ll send you an email with the details. Often medical, testing and counseling services are all separately owned and located practices. The rebound effect can seem worse to those who aren’t prepared for it, partly because they don’t understand what’s happening, and partly because they don’t have the necessary knowledge to treat their symptoms with the proper response. These are good ways to help if you happen to get the rebound effect unexpectedly, but if it’s a consistent occurrence, it’s a good idea to figure out why it keeps happening. In other instances, the specific medication you’re taking is to blame, and a different medication will fix the problem and serve as a better fit for you.
It’s not uncommon to have the rebound effect hit very quickly, resulting in unexplained feelings of irritability, impatience, distraction, unclear thinking, frustration, and anger. Are you living with ADHD, or are you feeling desperate because you have a partner or a loved who has this condition?
ADHD Specialists strives to provide the highest quality of mental and behavioral health care services. Free Q & A SessionsStay updated with our latest offerings of Free Coaching sessions for COUPLES by completing the form below, and we’ll send you an email with the details.
Our ClinicOur clinic is staffed by medical doctors, psychologists, coaches, and support services team who work together as a unit to build a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan for each person. At ADHD Specialists, we focus solely on treating and helping those with ADHD so that they can reach their fullest potential.
Unlike in other traditional treatment paradigms, this does not always include using medication to treat ADHD. These seemingly never ending or inconsistent problems create the foundation for an unhappy, guilt-ridden relationship between the child, parents (and siblings) that very often continues well into adulthood and beyond.  Many marriages can be strained to capacity especially if parents disagree in their belief in ADHD as well as their approach to dealing with it. For kids they are special, and for kids with ADHD they are different, special and much, much more.
If it’s a motel, explain the room, where the child will sleep, where they can play games, etc.
So ADHD is a significant part of the life of millions of people and of course their disorder will impact on their family, friends, teachers, fellow workers, etc.
Professionals are better at diagnosis, understanding the full spectrum of the disorder, as well as treatments be it with medication, psychotherapy, coaching or other alternatives. The ability of scientists such as neurologists and neuroscientists to take photos of the human brain and then analyze what is happening, means we are better able to discuss, define and treat people with ADHD.
The study rather reminds us that children can express daytime sleepiness as hyperactivity as a way to stay awake and adults can express daytime sleepiness as irritability or loopyness. In fact, there are some studies that suggest that not everyone can handle multitasking and that the demands of today’s technologies may result in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). That technologies like instant messenging and Twitter require quick responses versus depth and sublety in our thinking.
In fact, initial results indicate important links between extensive brain exposure to new technology and mental disorders. The frontal cortex is important because it regulates our ability to control thinking, attention and planning. This gives us a better picture of the mismatch between increased motor activity combined with a decreased ability to focus, plan and inhibit thoughts and actions in kids with ADHD. It just does not make sense to have to travel from one location to another to treat the same condition. It’s even worse when you consider the fact that the effect occurs when the person’s medication is wearing off, since this on its own lessens the patient’s ability to think clearly and organize thoughts.
If you’re feeling bad because of low blood sugar, fructose will work to raise your blood sugar within 15 minutes. If you are feeling the rebound effect and you no longer have to take medication that day because it’s late in the evening, try about four ounces of Mountain Dew.

If your doctor agrees, you might also try a smaller dose of immediate release medication near the end of the first dose’s duration to help smooth over the effects that you get when the medication is wearing off.
The important thing to remember is that it’s not your fault, and it’s not necessarily the medication’s fault either. The best kind of help for ADHD comes from having a team of professionals helping the family.
We recognize that each individual has unique needs arising from a distinct set of social, cultural and personal circumstances. Ratey is internationally recognized as one of the foremost authorities on personal and professional coaching for adults with and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). A hug, a kiss and kind appreciative words (positive attention) are the best forms of reward and can carry the most significance.
If you change the routine as a result of a holiday, you need to take certain steps to help your child and yourself so that you both can have a fantastic time. Well, according to one neuroscientist, this might be the result of your visits to social networking sites like Facebook. This intense focus allows us to continually sharpen our clinical skills, attend specialized training, utilize the latest therapies, and build our process to meet the specific needs of our clients. Besides the issue of time and travel, how cohesive and effective is care being delivered in multiple locations by multiple, unrelated providers who don’t have time to talk to each other? Fortunately, there are some strategies to employ if you’re feeling what you think might be the rebound effect. If this is not available for whatever reason, a good second option is ice cream or something with some sugar in it to get that blood sugar up quickly.
It just so happens that Mountain Dew contains the right combination of sugar and caffeine to help overcome agitation or irritability as a result of low blood sugar, dehydration, etc.
Sometimes, if you’re not taking enough medication, a higher dose can eliminate the rebound effect. With a methodical approach, you can try to narrow in on what is causing the rebound effect and eliminate it.
That is because ADHD is a serious condition with has many dimensions at home, at school and in most every area of a child’s life. They are not difficult, they may take a little time and may cost a bit of money [or may cost nothing at all], and they can pay dividends in the form of relaxation and a real good holiday. Explain where the child can play, who will be in the house and anything likely to happen on the vacation. Following a spike in blood sugar, it is helpful to eat something with protein in it, because this will stabilize your blood sugar for a longer period of time at that level.
Hopefully with some of the above suggestions, you will be better equipped to handle the ADHD rebound effect if it should occur, and minimize the incidence of it in the future.
While you’re waiting to recover, it is sometimes a good idea to rest or listen to some soothing music. You could use a large piece of blank paper and do simple things like draw your house, draw Grandma’s house and draw the road. Let them have a cut out picture of your car and have the child ‘drive’ the car along the map. If there are stopping points en route, draw or cut out pictures for the McDonalds, restaurant, hotel, etc. The whole emphasis is on preparing your child for what is going to happen or is likely to happen. As an example, younger kids may work with crayons and paste, while older kids may prefer to put their project together on the computer.

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