David Collins, founder and author of the Online Bible College, went to be with the Lord in November 2006 after a long illness.
Paul Collins has been active in ministry since late 1950s and has extensive experience on the mission fields of South East Asia. Alexandra Collins has been a sought after speaker for conferences in the Body of Christ at large. Carlos Duran graduated from the Haggai Institute's Advanced Leadership Training Program in Singapore.
Caren Almeida graduated from the Haggai Institute's Advanced Leadership Training Program in Singapore, and since then has accrued many years of experience in teaching and leading small groups.
Tom, with a background in the entertainment industry, was wonderfully saved and transformed by the power of God. Rebecca, the daughter of Paul and Bunty Collins, has been involved in missionary work all her life - in Thailand, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Many others make up the balance of the OBC team - volunteers who help with many functions, ranging from helpdesk to technical development.
Selected to attend the advanced leadership International training programme organized by Dr.
Invited to attend the 13th Baptist Youth World Conference, held in Houston, Texas, USA in July 1998. Invited to preach in 5 Churches in USA : Houston, Georgia, Florida, Nashville and Boston during the month of August 1998. Invited to attend the 18th World Baptist Congress held in Melbourne, Australia in January 2000. Invited to preach in different Churches in England in the years 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2010. Was Invited to preach in a Massive Crusade of lakhs of people gathered in Kenya along with a Prophet of God, Rev.
Invited to teach in the national level conferences arranged by the Haggai Institute India, held in different states of India on different subjects in the years 2005, 2006, 2008 etc.
Invited to share in a National level leadership conference organized by the Christian Institute of Management in the year 2009.

Invited to preach in conventions in different Churches in New Delhi and Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, South India during the years 2009, 2010 and 2011. She holds a teacher’s certificate from Lutheran Teachers Training College, Ashira and a diploma in Child Psychology from City Teaching Institute for Women Professions, Lubeck, Germany.
She has also attended Leadership courses at Haggai Institute for Advanced Leadership Training, Singapore. His efforts to establish a culture that promotes excellence, quality, and high expectations of all pupils are vital for the secure foundation of the school. When you purchase this title it will be automatically added to your LifeWay Reader library. Paul pioneered the Project 21 teaching program, which is being used by up to 2 million leaders in Asia, Africa and the Pacific. Alexandra, known as Bunty, is co-author of the leadership training manuals Back to the Gospel, Project 21, The King's Table and Born for the Glory, and brings to the Online Bible College a wealth of teaching experience and practical insight into the Word of God. He has been leading small home churches and running leadership training seminars for many years.
Since 2001, together with her husband, Carlos, she has played a major role in the establishment of the Online Bible College's Spanish Campus and in the coordination of leadership training seminars.
With her husband, Timothy Laklem, she is Co-Founder and Director of Asian Tribal Ministries which ministers to the displaced peoples and refugees in Thailand and Burma.
Irene taught secondary school and Chung was Vice-Principal of a high school and taught mathematics. Prince travels to different places in India and abroad to Preach, Teach and Train Christian Leaders. Prince travels to different places in India and abroad to Preach, Teach and Train Christian Leaders.
Bibiana Nayar has also worked for YWCA (Tanzania), Tanzania Tourist Board, and Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT).
Thomas Muthiah is well known for maintaining Academic Progress with Discipline among Students and Staff. Since 2001, he has been Director of the Online Bible College's Spanish Campus (also called Colegio Biblico Online), which now has more than 3500 students.

Irene is a graduate of OBC and has been teaching a number of King's Table home groups in Sydney, Australia. Bibiana Nayar is a tutor by profession, having taught in several Teachers Training Colleges in the country. He worked for many years among the triad gangs and drug addicts of Hong Kong's notorious Walled City, and also among the tribal people in northern Thailand's Golden Triangle. Paul is acknowledged in many sections of the Body of Christ for his insight into church dynamics.
Carlos is based in Montevideo, Uruguay, with his wife Caren and their three children, Melisa, Matias and Pablo.
She is the Principal of the OBC Live Tribal Training School in Chiangmai, Thailand, and, on top of all of this, she is the mother of seven children whom she home-schools. Patricia’s drive and determination brings to the Institution fresh ideas, opinions, involvement, and initiative being a primary driver of vision, leadership, and direction.
Thomas Muthiah has been a Dean of Students in an Engineering College in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (2009 - 2012). As well as President of the Online Bible College he is also chairman of Fountaingate Christian Foundation. He co-authored training manuals such as Back to the Gospel and Project 21, The King's Table and Born for the Glory used by large numbers of leaders around the world. As a team they have translated 9 series, each of 21 lessons, of The King's Table in both the simplified and traditional scripts of the Chinese language. David has left a great heritage in his writings which will go on ministering to people through the OBC.

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