Lacrosse MagazineLacrosse Magazine, owned and published by US Lacrosse, the national governing body of men’s and women’s lacrosse, is circulated to more than 430,000 members of the organization as one of the benefits of membership. Por esto que comento, he fundado The Coaching Alliance para ayudar a las personas a SER mejores, a que recuperen su autoestima, derriben barreras, se sientan fuertes, aprendan a caminar hacia su objetivos y alcanzarlos, que sientan el placer de sentirse A?tiles y sobre todas las cosas, que sean los lA­deres de sus propias vidas. Para poder lograr la MisiA?n de The Coaching Alliance estoy rodeado de un equipo de grandes personas y profesionales, los cuales ademA?s de sus conocimientos en Coaching y Liderazgo, aportan todo su conocimiento profesional con el A?nico objetivo que el cliente alcance lo que se proponga. Coaching de Lideranca: aplicado ao desenvolvimento da gestao de lideranca que representa as atuacoes do lider voltadas para ajudar seus colaboradores a trilharem o seu proprio caminho de desenvolvimento.
Ao lider compete apenas ser o elemento facilitador, acompanhando e ajudando cada colaborador a descobrir a forma de expressar melhor os seus talentos, de modo a atingir os objetivos pessoais e coletivos da empresa.
Tudo com um proposito unico de explorar ao maximo as habilidades do lider e aplica-las no contexto da equipe, gerando uma forca propulsora para multiplicacao de resultados. Desenvolver a lideranca eficaz, a capacidade de gerenciar stress, quebrar os paradigmas e resistencias.
Aprimorar a gestao da organizacao no plano estrategico, de negociacao e na resolucao de conflitos. I arrived in Istanbul via the airport from Singapore – Dubai two days ago.A  We were rushed through customs a€“ our passports stamped vigorously and onto collect our baggage and out into what seemed a chaotic rabble and instant overwhelm of the visual and auditory sensesa€¦100 or more tour operators holding up name plaquesa€¦calling out names Susan? Back to concentrating on my transfer and I finally find the tour operator who finds the driver and the van for us after numerous questions, considerations and timea€¦we are pleased to meet up with fellow Adeladiana€™s from Australia who are booked on the same cruise, their familiar greetings and wide smiles are a welcome sight in this caotic place they call Istanbul.

The beep, beeping continued as the traffic stalled and other vehicles seemed to do the samea€¦then there was a continual sound of horns, mutterings and a BMW car pulls up gangster style in front of us preventing us from movinga€¦he gets out of his car and strides angrily to the door of our driver, shouting as he goes moving his hands up and down, our driver respondsa€¦whoa so this is driving in Istanbula€¦the BMW driver is well dressed tall estimate around 30 years of age and oozing egoa€¦our driver is maybe 60 years of age, and scruffy in appearancea€¦I wonder where this is going?A  After a couple of minutes of strong conversation the young guy walks back to his car and moves on, our driver is still muttering exclamations and shaking his heada€¦and the congested three lane highway traffic continues on ita€™s crawl into the city.
Finally we reach our hotel, which I question as to is 4 stars but it is in the Old City and turns out to be a very comfortable, restful haven after walking these cobbled streets of old each day sightseeing and saying no to relentless traders! There is an overabundance of male energy here, comparatively few woman are seen on the streets, in the shops selling I am not sure I have seen one!A  Is that why there is chaos here, that they only can estimate as they a€?thinka€? there is 12-15 million people in the citya€¦houses and roads are built on top of and over others?
My ownA femininityA masculinity balance feels threatened here, I err to the feminine way of letting Bruce speak, barter, purchase. There is a need to give out more love to surround my being and impart some of that love to the city as a wholea€¦it is in need of nurturing big timea€¦where are the woman I ask? Success depends on change: how quickly can you can make that decision to change in your business?
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Dave Schumacher is the Coaching Director for FC Alliance, the Technical Director for the Northshore Youth Soccer Association and is on the US Soccer National Instructional Staff.
Through the grant, US Lacrosse will subsidize 50% of the cost of a one-year PCA partnership for awarded organizations.

His career spans over three decades, and includes positions within the Seattle Sounders organization, recreational and premier club administration, head coaching responsibilities for club, high school and Olympic Development teams, and currently as an active member of the National Instructional Staff for US Soccer and US Youth soccer. The partnership consists of up to three workshops for leaders, coaches, parents or athletes.
In addition, US Lacrosse will cover 100% of the cost of up to 100 books, which accompany (and are required for) all live "in-person" PCA workshops. Online workshop options are also available.Applications for the grants will be accepted through Oct. 15, 2014."We’re extremely pleased to once again provide opportunities for our members to access the PCA’s invaluable workshops through these sportsmanship grants,” said Joshua Christian, senior director of sport development at US Lacrosse.
As partners, the two organizations are working to make the youth lacrosse culture one in which every member ‘Honors the Game.’"We at Positive Coaching Alliance are thrilled that US Lacrosse is helping to bring our Double-Goal Coach training to its member organizations," said Courtney Pollack, director of product management at PCA.

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