Here's a resume sample for Executive Management and Supervision, with strengths in Organizational Leadership, Team Building, Client Relations, Performance Enhancement, and Alliance Building. This combination resume is a good example of how to write a resume for a career change from one industry to another. Susie's resume and many of the other resume examples in this collection are based on professional resume templates from my Ready-Made Resume builder. A professional resume writer on Susan Ireland's Resume Team wrote this resume using the guidelines found in 10 Steps: How to Write a Resume. Filed under Executive Management Resume Samples and tagged Age Discrimination, Combination Resume Samples, Promotions.
If you are creative and have always known that you will lead an extraordinary life, the intensive one-year Master Programme in Entrepreneurship is for you.
To be admitted to the programme you must possess a Bachelor’s degree, though no specific knowledge about economics or business is required. The Entrepreneurship Master prepares you for a future as founder of your own company or as a business developer in already existing companies and organisations.
The programme leads to a Master of Social Science (60 credits) with Entrepreneurship as the main field of study. All courses are held in Uppsala and also the practical elements and internships take place in the Uppsala region. The start of the first semester covers the fundamental of entrepreneurship, how new business ideas are generated and evaluated, and the translation and description of those business ideas into a business plan. Your acquired business savvy and entrepreneurial skills will give you a unique edge in whatever you decide to do in the future. Selection will be based on a total appraisal of previous academic studies with emphasis on grades, course work relevant to the programme and a personal letter of intent. For citizens of countries outside of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, application and tuition fees are required.

Let's take a look at how it was put together to highlight strengths and downplay one possible weakness. Susie (not her real name) wants to make a career change from health care into the field of education.
Although Susie's Objective statement is long, it's easy to read because she put her six areas of expertise in three columns. Instead of calling the next section "Summary of Qualifications," Susie called it "Strengths." This is a subtle way of saying, "Here's what I bring to my new job" rather than "Here's a summary of my past." Good idea for a career changer!
Susie's promotions are listed near the top of page one, which sends a message that she is a high achiever. Special care was taken not to reveal Susie's age because she feared it might cause age discrimination in her new field.
Consistently awarded high rankings from a prestigious industry watchdog, the Singer Report. The programme will enable you to develop the capability to create and improve new business ideas, through your own start-up company or as a business developer in an already existing company or organisation.
The theory and tools you will acquire as a student are combined with real-life entrepreneurship within the Entrepreneurship Lab. Depending on individual preferences and specific conditions, parts of the practical training may also be carried out in other places.Teaching methods vary and include lectures, interactive seminars and simulations, case discussions, project presentations, role plays, and guest lectures by practicing entrepreneurs. Depending on your skills and prior experiences, you will then be matched with an idea conceived of by an innovator or company in the Uppsala region. You may choose the path of a company founder to develop and grow your own firm, or work for the development of already established companies or organisations. This is a great way to spotlight major skills that are common to her past and her new career.
At the end of her Professional Experience, she created a section that contains no dates, entitled "Previous experience includes." Also, she omitted dates from her Education section.

At the Entrepreneurship Lab, a carefully designed development process takes you through the different steps involved in the writing of a full-fledged and finalised business plan.During the first semester, you will also be trained in rhetoric, or the ability to present arguments and descriptions of new ideas in an inspiring and convincing way. As a company founder, you will launch and develop your own business idea, often together with others in an entrepreneurial team. Proof of skills in English to a level corresponding to English B in the Swedish secondary school. Notice how the skill headings (a feature of the combination resume) in her current position are also major skills she will use in her new career.
The programme design lets you apply the theories and tools that are taught in a real-life setting. In addition, you need to be prepared to study a lot on your own.Examination takes the form of traditional written exams, case hand-ins, the evaluation of classroom participation, the presentation of business plans and other projects, as well as review papers that summarise the state of the art in various areas of entrepreneurship research. The concluding coursework lets you encounter and learn to handle the various challenges that are associated with bringing a venture from its start-up phase to a well-established company.
Within already established companies and organisations you will work as a business developer, either by promoting your own entrepreneurial ideas or by being in charge of the company’s collective business development activities.
You’ll be asked to develop a full-fledged business plan for an idea conceived by an inventor or company in the Uppsala region.
You will also learn about the special conditions that apply to the introduction and development of new ideas within already established companies and organisations.During the second semester you may either continue coursework that addresses the challenges of firm growth and business development, or under the guidance of Entrepreneurship Lab do an internship that gets you in direct contact with a real-life entrepreneurial project in the Uppsala region.
The relationships and personal network you’ll build with other programme participants will be valuable for your future entrepreneurial and business career. This is an academic piece of work in which you are expected to make a contribution to research or practice within the field of entrepreneurship studies.

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