Here is an alpha mind power video with isochronic tones in the alpha range for brain wave entrainment and to help put you in an alpha state.
Hope you enjoyed this relaxing alpha mind power video with isochronic tones for brainwave entrainment and positive affirmations. I am sure many will be so happy to be working with such a video and will achieve fantastic results; in this way we can help others. Thanks so much for the excellent motivational videos you have already … they are fantastic! Imagine you are riding a horse on a green pasture and there are lakes nearby and at a distance. As you start slightly kicking your horse to ride faster your horse starts slowing down and decreasing its pace.
It is responding to itself and now it starts heading in the direction of the lake and the puddle of water. And no matter how much you try to influence it to go to the right or left or even to speed up, it no longer responds to your demands because it needs to satisfy its thirst first.
What you see above the water represents the conscious mind and what is below the water, the greater portion, represents the subconscious mind. Indeed, it is the alpha mind power and in fact, it controls everything about your personal life, your circumstances, events, and even the people you meet.

In a world of entropy or expansion of energy, the only way for your body to stay together is by a greater force acting upon it.
For example, your alpha mind power regulates everything from your breathing down to the amount of molecules running through your blood.
For example, have you ever been in a situation of emergency when you did not know what to do, though you just reacted? It could have been any situation that required fast and immediate action where you had no time to think but somehow you acted in a certain way. The third function of your alpha mind power is the operation and communication with the invisible. For example, have you ever forgot the name of someone and you might have been too embarrassed to ask, and you keep pondering when all of a sudden, boom, answer flashes in your conscious mind? Have you sometimes tried to hit a target or goal, be in sports or business or a simple mind game, though it seems that no matter how hard you try your goal seems unattainable? The bad news is that if you don’t have your powerful subconscious mind aligned with your conscious goal, chances are you will not get closer to your goals, in fact, your own subconscious mind might even try to sabotage your success. For example, let’s say you desire to climb mount Everest but you believe you are going to freeze and not reach your destination.
In order to protect you, your alpha mind power will sabotage your chances to prevent you from reaching the top, since it believes that doing so will keep you away from danger, when in reality that is not true.

Here is a simple way that Napoleon Hill suggests in his book Think And Grow Rich on how to influence our powerful alpha mind power to work with us.
For example, in our online marketing program, one of our core commitments is to listen to positive daily audio on our theme of interest, which is driving traffic, sales and leads into our business.
Thousands of people from all walks of life have had great success by following the repetition of positive reinforcement daily and by taking massive action in their business. But if you follow the law of repetition by writing, speaking and listening your desired goals then anything is possible onto you. Share your comments on what you think about our alpha mind power and your experiences in directing it to help your cause, whatever it may be. The following story reveals the secret behind your alpha mind power and how to gain subconscious control of your life.
I am a passionate blogger, internet coach & kite-surfer helping others design a laptop lifestyle.

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