The decision marks the end of a standoff that has lasted for several weeks — a standoff Republicans will lose to Democrats when the clean DHS bill passes.
House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) told Republicans Tuesday morning that the House would approve the Senate’s DHS bill, and give up the legislative fight over immigration.
Boehner met with other House Republicans in a closed-door meeting Tuesday morning, and as it ended, members indicated that Boehner announced that a vote on the bill could come as early as Tuesday.
A House aide confirmed that Republicans will try to pass the Senate version later on Tuesday. Cole said Republicans should console themselves with the victory they had in federal court, which imposed an injunction on the most objectionable parts of Obama’s November actions.

It became clear over the last few days that once Senate Democrats voted to reject a House-Senate negotiation over the DHS bill, the House would be able to more easily approve the Senate’s bill. Tired of the annoying audio ads, abusive pop-under ads, pop-up ads, side-bar animation ads and video ads. Tom Cole (R-Okla.), a member with strong ties to GOP leaders who sits on several key committees, said the House would soon pass the Senate bill to fund the clean DHS bill. That has House conservatives angry because it will mean the end of legislative efforts to fight back against Obama’s executive action on immigration. That’s because House rules state that at this stage of the process, even House Democrats would be able to call up the Senate version, and likely watch it pass as long as 30 or so Republicans agree to it.

Steve King (R-Iowa) to seek a change to House rules, although it’s unclear if enough Republicans would support that effort to continue fighting.

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