The Ranger is a non-profit, weekly, print and online publication established as a laboratory project of Amarillo College journalism classes and as a student organization. Opinions express in the unsigned editorials are the views of the newspaper staff, decided upon in weekly editorial meetings. Statements appearing in Ranger editorials and columns express the opinions of the staff writers and not necessarily those of the Amarillo College administration. The Ranger welcomes letters to the editor and outside opinion columns, both subject to editing. A public critique and evaluation session is open to the campus community at noon each Friday of publication in 214 Parcells Hall except the last Friday of the semester.
The Ranger is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press, College Media Advisers, Panhandle Press Association, Texas Intercollegiate Press Association and Texas Community College Journalism Association. The journalism program is nationally accredited by the Community College Journalism Association. Best-selling author Ruta Sepetys holds Between Shades of Gray, Amarillo College’s 2015 Common Reader. Each spring semester, as final projects and papers begin piling up, there’s one bright spot most students look forward to: summer. For some, it’s a chance to relax and take a vacation from the constant stress of a regular semester.
Summer courses can allow students to make up classes they may have dropped or take classes they need to get ahead or just graduate on time. Many students choose to skip the summer semester and work instead, allowing them to earn extra money without also worrying about assignments. Amarillo College provides resources to help students find and apply for jobs at the Career and Employment Services Center in 110 Lynn Library on the Washington Street Campus.

There also are hundreds of basketball and tennis courts, areas for Frisbee golf, pools for swimming and miles and miles of running trails. Besides hiking, camping, horseback riding and zip-lining, the canyon is the site for several events, such as the world-renowned musical, Texas, and  “24 Hours in the Canyon,” an annual fundraiser for cancer research. Once the sun starts to set, many head to Southwest Sixth Avenue, known locally as Sixth Street, for the line of restaurants, coffee shops, bars and local and traveling musicians. One night can include a Black Mamba coffee from The 806, Tamara’s Green Chili Cheeseburger at the Golden Light Cafe and Cantina, a couple of scoops of pistachio gelato at Cowboy Gelato and then drinks and dancing at Leftwoods. The Amarillo Little Theatre and Lone Star Ballet stage shows throughout the summer, while a night at the Tascosa Drive-in lets patrons get comfortable in their own vehicles to enjoy a double feature. AC has started using mandatory webcam monitoring to stop students from cheating when taking online tests.
Personal columns are opinions of the individual writers and not necessarily of the Ranger staff. The city of Amarillo parks and recreation department provides several areas to play regular and sand volleyball and softball and hosts league play throughout the break.
Be sure to put on presentable pajamas and clean up your bedroom before you abandon your right to privacy and open your home to prying eyes. The Ranger 5 days ago Students and staff wrap up the school year with Badgerama--an annual spring celebration at AC. Also, it speaks volumes about human nature. Finally, people still will find a way to cheat.
As college students, we understand the need to deter cheating and maintain the integrity of online classes. The Ranger 5 days ago Dodgeball --it's not just a game in Amarillo College's Club Clash--it's a metaphor for college.

From fine art, to photography, theater and graphic design, Amarillo College holds its arts programs in high regard.
When did the pursuit of higher education become more like turning your home into a prison cell? How are students supposed to feel confident in their knowledge of the material if their instructors don’t even trust them enough without constant monitoring? Another reason for concern is that people always have cheated, and students across the country already  are finding ways to outsmart the monitoring system. From taping answers behind their computer screens to substituting a prerecorded video feed, numerous websites give webcam cheating tips. Do we need to make video recordings of students writing papers to make sure their work  actually is their own?
What kind of society have we morphed into that our first instinct is to cheat our way for a grade?
Higher education should be about expanding one’s knowledge and furthering one’s future, earning a degree and finding a career – not about finding the easiest and quickest way to earn an A. In the end, it is the dishonest students who have forced the implementation of this technology.
Whether you consider it a creepy privacy violation or a necessary evil that must be implemented to preserve online course integrity, the use of webcam monitoring makes a bleak statement about modern higher education.

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