Susanne Gilmour     Quals: BA, Cert Teach, Grad Dip Social Science, Grad Dip Psych, Assoc MAPS. Claire Pang    Quals: B Psych Hons, Master of Clinical Psychology Anger Management: Why do I get angry all the time? So many people in Australia today are suffering – feeling down, depressed, and disgusted with their weight and shape, but feeling hopeless that they can do anything about it. You may not feel bad all day, however in general your mood and thinking can be very negative. Anger is often associated with the frustration of being unable to get what you want from others, or it can be caused from miscommunication. Relationship Counselling:  Relationships at home or work are the source of stress for most clients.

But, we tend to focus on negative parts in our lives and we often feel “we do not know how to become happy”. Play Therapy: Children who experience emotional or psychological distress are often hesitant, unwilling or simply unable to communicate their innermost fears, insecurities or emotions. Anger Management: Anger is normal, but sometimes the behaviours that go with that anger are damaging to ourselves, others or property. Neuropsychotherapy: Recent research in neuroscience is better informing psychologists and medical specialists in the treatment of a range of mental health issues, including stress, anxiety, depression and trauma. Phobias (Agoraphobia): Agoraphobia in the most general terms is a fear of being in public places.
This means that stress and illness originating out of work often affect our work functioning, and how we feel about our work has a huge impact on our day-to-day well-being.

Career Coaching: Lauren has conducted career coaching and performance management in organisational settings, as well as provided worker support, stress management, team building, staff conflict resolution, and workplace rehabilitation. Each generation is shaped by the influence of their parents and families and the events and trends occurring around them. Infant Mental Health: Infants can experience mental health problems, especially when family members have had a history of mental health issues. It is an anxiety disorder and in the most severe cases, people suffering from this disorder are housebound.

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