Atlanta Anger Management is an Atlanta, GA based Anger Management Education, Training and Research Company offering the Anderson and Anderson™ Anger Management curriculum.
Their certification training and approved provider list are the industry standards in anger management that dominate the internet. They currently have Certified Anger Management Facilitators in the United States, Canada, Guam, South Africa, Bermuda, Mexico, Cayman Islands, England, the Philippines and Italy.
This model is used by Fortune 500 Companies, Corporate Development, Human Resource Departments, EAP, Rehabilitation Facilities, Federal Government Agencies including the U.S. Research conducted by the Canadian Bureau of Prisons have shown that effective anger management programs must have user friendly workbooks containing all of the information to be covered in the courses to be provide continuity and integrity in the training. Facilitator Certification: A large percent of anger management counselors, therapists, trainers and teachers have no formal training in anger management intervention.
Richard freely admits he use to have anger issues and has studied and engaged anger management to manage his own anger. He is charismatic, engaging, compassionate, nonjudgmental, non suffering with a huge sense of humor.
Richard is an interesting renaissance worldly man with a strong divine feminine side that opens to insights, possibilities and intuitions that along side the Anderson and Anderson curriculum he implements offers what few facilitators (therapists) can. Richard trained personally with Anger Management Guru George Anderson, BCD, LCSW, CAMF of Anderson and Anderson™ of Brentwood, CA and uses his model of anger intervention for Anger Management. Richard has been recognized by National Register's Who's Who in Executives and Professionals. Court Ordered Classes is a registered member of Mental Health America (MHA) as an organization.
Court Ordered Classes is an agency member of the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAAPP). We are the only program to offer court programs for domestic violence, anger management, batterers intervention, deferred entry of judgment, criminal behavior modification, drug and alcohol awareness, theft prevention classes, shoplifting, juvenile betterment, divorce and parenting classes and assessments all online from the comfort of home and with no registration fees. Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Washington D.C. Satisfy your Batterers Intervention Program court order using our advanced, self paced professional, Probation Approved Duluth Method program.
Court Ordered Classes, member of (IACFP) International Association for Correctional Forensic Psychology. Court Ordered Classes is a member of Alcohol and Other Drug Education and Prevention Professionals.
Shoplifting, anti-theft, and theft awareness court orders can all be satisfied with these Theft Prevention Courses. Working with Juvenile Courts accross the nation, these classes allow children between the ages of 13-18 to learn tools to better themselves.
In addition to the general advice provided on the website, we also have a free Q&A feature which provides direct access to a retired judge who can provide specific guidance on issues.
Anderson and Anderson™ Certified Provider for psycho education Anger Management, Stress Management, Couple Conflict Management, Improved Communications, and Emotional Intelligence for Individuals, Court Ordered, Married Couples, Organizations, Government, Education, Military.
Association sharing articles, opinions, and news dealing with many aspects of anger, anger management, and business issues related to the practice, development, and management of anger management organizations.
The Anderson & Anderson anger management provider list is designed to provide consumers with local resources of self-identified anger management providers. In the absence of state or local provider standards, consumers are advised to carefully review the training and experience of the providers listed in the guide. Anger Management classes and executive coaching provide new anger management tools to help manage your daily life. Whether you are seeking anger management services voluntarily, or have been court-ordered to take anger management, we have an anger management program that is right for you. Our mission is to improve lives by promoting self-awareness and reducing violence through anger management and mental health services. Our vision is to provide information, resources, and training to the community through outreach and local visibility. This anger management checklist is created to help all people in order of preventing stressful situations and objectionable consequences related to our demonstration of anger. Preparation for the air vacation is actually the beginning of the trip, because when you start planning, it gives you a thrill of anticipation. People often tell you that you need to calm down, not to yell at them or not to use bad language so much.

When you are irritated at someone, your emotions are just over-the-top – you are yelling too loudly, you are not listening to opponent, your face and eyes become red because of high blood pressure, you are poorly controlling your language and gestures. You can easily become irritated and shouting at people even if the cause is really insignificant, so after this you feel repentance of your inadequate reaction. You can answer too emotionally or offensively to someone’s normal and legitimate question just because he disturbs you in inappropriate moment. After a working day or other stressful activities you aspire to isolate yourself from contacts with other people to avoid offending them accidentally.
The extreme case is when your emotional explosions are so strong that you apply physical force against other people, or just smashing things around you. Certain amount of anger is necessary to our survival; it becomes a real problem when we cannot control emotions effectively and anger begins to ruin our social, professional and personal life.
At the present, experts say that anger doesn’t have a neurological basis any more than any other feeling, and also there is no hereditary disposition to anger.
You need to remember that anger is a feeling that is here today and gone tomorrow, but while driven by this emotion we can afflict others with the pain and backlash that are hard to forget.
You should remember that effective communication, self-awareness and stress management are tools for preventing anger outbursts. Try to process the situation considering its right and wrong, probably your anger is just a result of erroneous interpretation of events. Take a time-out – if possible just leave the situation to take some time to cool off. There are three main approaches to handle your anger – expressing, suppressing, and calming. You can express your anger in an assertive manner which is different from being aggressive and pushy, and this is probably the healthiest way to handle anger.
You should clearly, calmly and rationally express what your needs are and how they can be met, without using bad language, yelling, fighting etc. Anger can be suppressed if it cannot be expressed anyhow, but this is not the best way to react as anger turned inward can be converted or redirected.
You should learn to calm down from inside which means not only controlling your outward behavior, but also controlling your internal responses and reactions. Reasoning from your experience, or as a result of participation in programs supervised by professional psychologists, you need to elaborate and adhere to your individual strategies that are about reducing both your emotional feelings and the physiological arousal causing them.
You should analyze what triggers you to become angry, so even if you cannot avoid or change some factors, you can learn yet how to control your reactions, making them more constructive, interpret events in a different way, and respond rather assertively, than disruptively. Study and train skills like self-control, self-talk, being more flexible in perception and interpretation of the events, practice assertive expression of anger and others.
Kids can be taught to understand and control their angry feelings from early age, this can be done through special games which cultivate patience, there are also special games for adults, and they are usually practiced on sessions of anger management therapy. This model, which has been featured in Los Angeles Times Magazine, BBC, London Times and the Toronto Star News, focuses on enhancing emotional intelligence and assertive communication while introducing behavior strategies for identifying and managing anger and stress. Or they have attended programs that offer less than adequate solutions for anger management. If you scroll to the end of the page there is the option to add a question and review other previous questions. We currently have Certified Anger Management Facilitators in the United States, Canada, Guam, South Africa, Bermuda, Mexico, Cayman Islands, England, the Philippines and Italy. Individual Sessions, Group Classes, Seminars, Speaker Engagements, Court Ordered Anger Management.
As our society has become more pressured, so has the need for stress related interventions such as anger and stress management. Anger management classes provide the opportunity to practice effective ways to manage stress, communicate with others, and cope with difficult situations.
Most of our anger management counselors are Master's level clinicians, specializing in providing anger management services. Visit our custom programs to learn more about anger management for physicians and healthcare professionals, anger management for executives, anger management for attorneys, and anger management for people in the entertainment industry. We accommodate our community and diverse population by offering affordable services, and flexible scheduling at multiple locations. Try CentriQS complete task management solution for planning, tracking and reporting tasks, projects, and schedules. Anger is one of the normal human’s emotions, but sometimes when anger gets out of control and turns destructive, it leads to problems in personal, social and professional life.

We may immediately jump to anger just because that’s more acceptable to us as a reaction to a confusion of any kind. However, we are born different and some signs of our further character are present from a very early age – from early childhood some people are irritable, touchy and easily angered more than other children.
Doctors can prescribe some anti-depressants to be used as pills to reduce explosive disorders, but more often they are used to temporarily relieve symptoms associated with anger, such as anxiety or depression. According to researches, people who are easily angered come from families with disruptive, chaotic atmosphere, from parents who are not very skilled at emotional communications. If you think you have problems with anger, then you should consult with a qualified psychologist who supervises groups. When you will study the situation from different points of view you will probably understand it better and calm down. Use this time to cool down your emotions, think about what is happening, where you agree and disagree, how you can handle the situation to prevent a conflict. When anger is frequently turned inward it may cause hypertension, high blood pressure, or depression. The mandatory use of client workbooks is the most important single factor in determining the effectiveness of any program. Our services teach practical everyday skills to improve assertive communication, manage anger and stress and increase emotional intelligence (CASE). We are currently in our 9th year with now over 2,200 clients who have successfully completed and satisfied their court orders through our program.
Our Counselors have proven to be the best nationwide at determining the level of treatment you may or may not need. Our program has proved to be the best nationwide at making you partners in raising and parenting your children for the rest of your lives.
The Anderson & Anderson adolescent and adult curricula is now available in Spanish, English and Italian. We do not in any way recommend or guarantee the quality of the services provided by any of the businesses listed.
As the first global provider of anger management facilitator certification, it seemed logical that Anderson & Anderson should provide consumers with a list of resources in their respective communities.
Our anger management team works closely with Human Resources and EAP professionals who have disruptive employees. Increase productivity of your small business or office by better organizing your employees' tasks and time. This checklist will help you to know if you have problems with anger, and will tell you some tips on how you may better understand and handle this powerful feeling until it becomes a problem. Get back and start again calmly or just neutralize conflict with a joke and stop arguing at all. Assertive expression is probably one of the main anger management techniques which should be learnt by everyone. Suppressing anger can also lead to passive-aggressive behavior such as getting back at people indirectly, becoming hostile and revengeful. Choosing change, individuals will experience improved relations to themselves and others resulting in increased happiness. Certification for Facilitators is available on interactive CDs as well as live Seminars and Video Conferences throughout the world.
At Anger Management 818 we offer several different programs designed to help you learn about your anger, and manage your emotions more effectively.
If you feel emotional stress or your body is tensing up try to relax it bit by bit – breath, think about some good things, listen to music etc. Let our anger management counselors help you perceive challenging situations differently to manage your daily life more smoothly and calmly. It is time for you to feel more in control of your emotions, and set up an environment where your surroundings are also comfortable with you. We provide, Domestic Violence, Anger Management, Batterers Intervention, Deferred Entry of Judgment (DEJ), Diversion, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Theft Prevention, Shoplifting, Criminal Behavior Modification Classes, Juvenile Betterment Program, Divorce, High-Conflict Divorce, Parenting, Co-Parenting and High-Conflict Parenting Classes all in a Classroom Environment from the comfort of your home.
Those Judges that are familiar with us know how our classes work and the participation level required to complete them,  that is why we are able to provide our programs in 99% of the cities on those lists below.

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