If you want make 3d text, logo and button, design 3d movie title animation in Mac OS, This is your best choice. As you get to the main screen of this Animation maker, you would be shown the option to create the animation right there. When you have completed one frame, remember that you have to click on the insert after option that is available on the right side of the drawing canvas to create the next frame. You can use the back arrow available on the top left corner of the app to get to the main screen. In this option, two main features will be available: to save the animation on your local storage, and to post the new animation on your Facebook profile will be available.

If you save the animation, it will be saved in WMV format, which you can play with a compatible Media Player. If you choose to post the animation on Facebook, the post shall be posted on your Facebook profile. Along with that, you can use the Windows  Share Charm to share these animations with others over the Internet. Finally, to conclude, I would like to say that Doodleinator free is quite nice Windows 8 Animation Maker app.
As you get to the page to start creating the animation, all the tools that you can use to create the animation will be available on the bottom.

You can watch the sample animations that are available in the app by default to know better. It's amazing how many software titles get introduced in bitsdujour that I would not otherwise have encountered.

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