As a presenter physical preparation will boost your energy significantly and make a huge impact on the way your audience perceives you. Yes, this simple exercise makes us all feel a bit nutty but it’s fun and results in dramatic changes. As a speaker you are being judged on the quality of your story, your body language, and your delivery. The value of the program is MUCH higher, but if you register for the program during our launch, you’ll get the entire training for the amazingly low price of only $297. If you’d like to pay your tuition in 3 easy payments, you can put $99 down, and pay $99 per month for the next 2 months. If you answer the poll below while it's posted we will email you a copy of Dan Kennedy's Personality in Copy Report For Free. Please take 2- 3 Minutes to Download this Free Report we have put here for you and make a comment or two about what ya think!
And I just came across a small but incredibly Powerful report I wrote a few month's back that you have got to have.
Now there are a few of you that may have this already but for the many that don't please do yourself a favor and grab this.

It's Dan Kennedy's 8 Big Ideas Speech he gave at the Information Marketing Summit a few year back. Featured on Oprah’s Next Chapter on OWN, Robbins demonstrated his pre-speaking ritual which involves incantations, affirmations, and movement—lots and lots of movement. About 5 minutes and 30 seconds into this video clip, Robbins shows how he gets his body “awake and alive.” He jumps up and down, spins around, fist pumps, stands with his arms outstretched, and even bounces on a trampoline. Of course it’s not necessary to go to the extreme that Robbins does—and you would look a bit foolish jumping on a trampoline before your next sales pitch—but it’s important to adopt some sort of physical pre-presentation ritual since movement and energy are so intimately connected.
Here’s a technique that I’ve used with executive speakers over the years and it works wonders. Raising your energy level to a “7 or 8” will help to improve two of three qualities—body language and delivery. This makes sense since one of Robbins’ core teachings is that energized movement can change your state of mind. Right before the presentation I ask the speaker, “On a scale of one to ten—one being asleep and ten being Tony Robbins who is yelling, fist-pumping and smacking his hands against his chest—where are you right this second on the energy scale?” The typical response is somewhere between four and six.
Practice the ritual before you try it in front of an audience because it will take you out of your comfort zone until you get used to your new energy level.

If you've came today during our Pre-Launch phase you have either purchased one of our Reports before or expressed interest. Understand these are Beta Reports and not Fancy but the information stands the test of time. I then suggest that the speaker clap his or her hands together three or four times, shake out their arms, and put a big smile on their face. Now clap those hands, shake those arms, jump up and down, put a huge smile on your face, and rock it! But as they practice at their new energy level, everything changes—their body language, eye contact and delivery. These reports are the effort of over 100 hours of hard work gleaming the very best ideas from the Best Guru's in the fields of marketing, self development, and business.

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