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People have been reading books to get inspiration and listened to audio tapes to condition themselves over time, but there is nothing like an event such as Anthony Robbins' Unleash the Power Within seminar. Stop for a minute and ask yourself this: What are the words or voices in my head saying to me?
Some people will curse themselves every time they make a mistake, while others will tell themselves that they're not "enough" to do something like ask someone out to a date, or write that book they've always wanted to.
Tony says "Energy flows where focus goes", and if there is any truth behind that phrase then every time you allow those words to enter your consciousness, you are creating negative energy which will work directly against any progress you want in your life.
The law of attraction can also apply here, as you are literally attracting to yourself physical counterparts of those very words and thoughts in your head.
NOW is the time to shift from being a follower to a leader, from doubting to believing in yourself, from listening to the voice to BEING the voice. The early apostles of the Bible understood this principle when they instructed us to "cast down imaginations and any high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of Christ", and to "pray without ceasing".
Some of you may have guessed by now that I'm a bit of a Tony Robbins fan, and as such am disappointed at NBC's decision to pull the plug on his reality show "Breakthrough with Tony Robbins" after only two episodes.
It brings me back to the reality that no matter how hard you try, and no matter how much good you do to bring happiness to others, if it ain't popular with the big money-making (network) boys, then you're out of business, at least their businesses. Another reality that stabbed through my fluffy feel good thoughts is that he's just not mean enough.
Tony's show is about a win-win situation where everyone is happy in the end, but most people want to see someone lose, someone humiliated, someone hurt, or even physically injured. My only wish now is that another network will pick up the remaining 4 episodes and market them to a more receptive audience that will appreciate the quality content that Tony provides. On the first day of UPW right after the doors opened nearly 4,000 people rushed into and filled the main hall to see Tony Robbins. Things settled down after about 20 minutes as we moved into the main part of the classes--if that's what you'd call them. The main topics covered were about your subconscious being the most powerful deciding factor in your decision-making processes, and how controlling it is the key to getting the extra-ordinary results that you want in your life.
We faced each other and shouted "I OWN YOU!" and had to outdo our partner in whatever way we could.
My partner and I walked back to the building together feeling energized, empowered, and like nothing on earth could stop us from getting what we want in life. There is NO way that I can put it all in one blog post, so I'm going to do it in smaller sections as it comes to me.
For this introductory post I'm going to freewheel and gab about some of the things that stood out to me, odds and ends that I noticed here and there on my trip.
I have so much more that I want to share with you, but it will have to wait till a later date, but I can give you a peek at some of the things I have in mind for the future.
I know that there are a lot more in my head, but I'm still digesting much of it now and may take some time to put them down in writing. Sure, critics have made fun of his omnipresent TV infomercials and QVC pitches, while some mental health professionals question the efficacy of rapid-fire transformation. A self-made man who never went to college, Robbins was raised in a violent household by a volatile mother addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol.
ROBBINS: I grew almost 10 inches my junior year, but I didn’t discover why until I was 31 and a doctor told me I had a tumor in my brain.
PLAYBOY: Studies have found that taller people are perceived as more intelligent and powerful, and they make more money. ROBBINS: I have no delusions that I’m the only source of improving people’s lives or that I’m even the right source.
PLAYBOY: Some mental health professionals might say you attempt to fix people in a weekend, when it takes months or years to properly delve into a psyche.
PLAYBOY: Yet 30 million Americans are taking them, and countless doctors would disagree with you. ROBBINS: We’ve been sold a bill of goods that says you shouldn’t have pain and that if you do you should end it with a pill, a message reinforced by ridiculous commercials.
ROBBINS: No, I actually train therapists through my Center for Strategic Intervention, using films of my interventions. PLAYBOY: During those hours, are you wearing down people’s defenses as a means of creating a breakthrough? ROBBINS: To have a breakthrough, you want to give people the experience of doing something they thought impossible.
PLAYBOY: About a year ago, at one of your seminars in San Jose, Fox News reported a “hot coal catastrophe,” saying more than two dozen participants out of 6,000 were injured and hospitalized with second- or third-degree burns during the fire walk. ROBBINS: In the past 35 years, more than 2 million people from 100 countries have done the fire walk successfully.
ROBBINS: Before coming to the seminar Oprah thought I was a salesman, an infomercial guy, nonspiritual in some way. ROBBINS: They feed their fear because they are deathly afraid of failing, of not being enough. ROBBINS: I love my wife, Sage, at a level that’s just ridiculous, so when I think of all the things in my life that give me joy—besides my mission—it’s my wife and kids. ROBBINS: It could be anyone from Billie Joe Armstrong ofGreen Day to President Clinton wanting just another point of view, or a financial trader who just lost $30 million, or Hugh Jackman wanting to take his acting to the next level, or Serena Williams after she’s been injured.
ROBBINS: I asked her, “What really excites you, lights you up?” Kind of a bizarre question, right? ROBBINS: I’ll never forget the sad expression on her face when she said she felt like a lonely sparrow in a gilded cage, like she had no choices, that she was trapped in a system where she couldn’t be herself. ROBBINS: He called asking for assistance during the time he was losing power as the Republicans had taken over both houses of Congress. PLAYBOY: During the last election, you had what was called “a very intense meeting” with President Obama.
ROBBINS: I was invited to a private meeting with 18 business leaders, most of them Silicon Valley billionaires.
ROBBINS: My mother was a very dominant person, a little wild—she had four husbands—and a little crazy.
ROBBINS: I could fix anything, so I supported myself by knocking on doors, doing repairs for people. PLAYBOY: During those first years of success, did you go a little crazy with cars, sex and women? ROBBINS: I bought a Rolls Corniche convertible when I was 23 and took my father over to our old house and did the tour. PLAYBOY: How do you know when to keep working at a marriage and when it’s time to let it go? ROBBINS: After my divorce, before dating Sage, I was at a stage where I thought that would be totally impossible. ROBBINS: Yes, she was the woman who had become my best friend, though for the first six months we were just buddies. ROBBINS: It’s the furthest thing from boring, and I’m not saying this to brag, because I was a total failure in this aspect for 14 years of my previous marriage. ROBBINS: It might be a body part of your partner’s, something they say, something passionate or playful. ROBBINS: It’s like something steps into me, and it’s only later that I try to figure out how it happened. Do Polski przyjezdza rowniez Anthony Robbins – swiatowa czolowka, jesli chodzi o eventy motywacyjne.
In Anthony Robbins' Unleash the Power Within seminar, you will not only learn these principles, but also apply them right on the spot to create unstoppable momentum so that you can achieve anything and everything you want in life.
You will be personally coached by Anthony Robbins himself on how to move through limitations toward resourcefulness that all great leaders and entrepreneurs tap into.
With the conditioning exercises you will learn in this program, you will get in touch of what it is you really want in life, and how to turn those dreams into reality. Anthony Robbins has prepared a holistic program which will not only get you inspired, but also keep your energy levels up and running every time you need them.

In this seminar, you will learn how to reveal your hidden and untapped potential for success and transform limitations into power. Others will repeat to themselves how stupid they are every time they remember an incident they regret. Increasingly each year more mean, cutting, and just plain rude shows are climbing TV's popularity charts. What we found inside was a dazzling array of lights, smoke effects, and a seriously cool audio system.
The room exploded with energy as he joined the dancers on stage and added his own style of larger-than-life presence to the scene. These classes were peppered with sporadic back-massages, breathing exercises, and simultaneous shouts of 'YES!' by all 4,000 of us.
It was demonstrated to us that our physical position, posture, breathing patterns, facial expressions and the angle or our heads were not just a reflection of what's going on in our minds, but also controlling our very thoughts and feelings. We each paired up with someone who we never met before and told them our deepest darkest fears. After I got to the other side I found my partner and we seriously celebrated, I mean jumping like mad, hooting and hollering, and hugging like there was no tomorrow. I promised my readers that I would post a report on UPW when I came home from the US, but at the time I didn't realize the tremendous amount of information that I would be exposed to. First of all I will state that this is going down in my biography (if one ever gets written) as a turning point, a pivotal moment in my life. The people who attended, of which there were nearly 4,000, seemed like the friendliest, most lovable bunch I've met. This was such a liberating experience for me, as I've been trying for years to stifle these urges and act more grown up. The music he used in the sessions were mostly older numbers, but real classics-& loaded with energy!
From Rome to Hong Kong, Dubai to Sydney, Cabo San Lucas to Paris, the 53-year-old crisscrosses the globe on a nonstop mission to rouse the giant referred to in his signature book, Awaken the Giant Within. After she kicked him out of the house when he was 17, he worked as a door-to-door repairman. He still racks up frequent flier miles and is as driven and ambitious as ever, maintaining a nonstop seminar schedule while also working on an upcoming book titled The Money Power Principles. He reports: “Robbins was disarmingly relaxed, drawing me outside for a view of the mountains. But fortunately for the people I’ve worked with, I’m also the guy who creates breakthroughs, who transforms lives and closes the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Most of us are looking for something outside ourselves that we can’t control to blame for where we are, rather than finding a way to control the inside world and maximize our greatest strengths. But biochemistry can be instantly changed without drugs, which may sound like bullshit hyperbole. You hear beautiful music and see somebody floating through a meadow, and at the end you find out that the drug may blow up your brain, but try it anyway, right? In a world where people won’t stay in their seats to watch a three-hour movie that cost $300 million, why do they stay put for 50 hours in my seminars?
It’s like skydiving—if you know what you’re doing and prepare for it, it’s an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. They will say, “I can’t lose weight because I’m big-boned.” I say, “No, you’re freakin’ fat!” You don’t like your body, your job, your relationship? When Sage was born, her vestibular system, which controls balance and eye movement, was damaged, and the result was severe motion sickness. It was a natural hands-on healer who did it, a monk at Oneness University, on the eastern coast of South India. From one client I’ve had for 20 years—one of the top financial traders in the world—I get a base fee plus a piece of the upside.
She’d lost her drive and hunger and, quite frankly, was afraid to fail, having stacked up so many painful experiences. She giggled, looked directly at me and said, “Seeing a person die with a smile on their face.” I was stunned.
I converted it into drive, fortunately, because just being angry wouldn’t have changed anything. If you have uncontrollable phobias, come see me at the Holiday Inn, and I’ll handle it in one hour, because I’m the one-stop therapist!” I was a cocky little bastard. Some people probably still think that’s true, but I certainly had a full experience with women for two or three years. She’s a woman who highly valued certainty and stability, while I was a wild, insane man driven in the extreme, craving uncertainty and adventure. They’d send me their panties and show up at events in limousines to get through security, or turn up at my house to convince me they had an offer I couldn’t refuse. I was always telling her everything about the women I was dating, and we’d laugh together and have such a great time.
In my seminars I could be ugly as hell, but when you have a position of leadership, women will throw themselves at you. You travel by private plane, own a 525-acre resort in Fiji, plus four other homes including your main residence, a $25 million estate in Palm Beach.
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Success will never seem easier for you in this seminar which is jam-packed with ideas to redefine your quality of life for the better. He has also given empowering seminars to psychiatrists and other professionals in different fields. Through this seminar, you will find your very own psychological state of strength and activate the emotional fitness to overcome obstacles that hinder you from achieving success. You will discover and learn how to tap into your greatest passions and make important decisions to propel you to the state you want in life. Emotions are intricately tied to your physical health that is why in this seminar you will get the heads up on how to make a commitment to step into your new life with a renewed energy and vitality.
Consider this seminar as a conditioning event - an immersion to build your psychological, emotional and spiritual muscles to achieve your greatest height in life. There were four huge screens displaying cuts of music videos and live edits of dancers on the stage.
In other words, if you can put yourself into a physical state that exudes confidence, you will feel confident. Things in life that we know we need to overcome, but for one reason or another haven't yet, and all rooted in fear. When I crossed the hot coals, I had so much adrenaline going that I went without any hesitation whatsoever, and I didn't just walk.
It may not take place immediately in the physical, but my thinking and my reasoning has been rewired and this will inevitably bring change to all aspects of my life. There were moments where we had to share our deepest darkest fears to total strangers, but it seemed like the natural thing to do because I felt a kinship with these people who like me were also looking for change in their lives.
They now all have new meaning to me, and are anchors in my memory associated with those experiences every time I listen.
Everything about him is supersize—his height (six-foot-seven), his yearly income (more than $30 million), his Twitter followers (more than 2 million) and his personal-coaching fee ($1 million annually).
I was the short fat kid who worked his guts out and was mouthy to anybody who gave him crap. I’d been healthy as a horse but was told I had a rare disorder called acromegaly, which caused the excessive growth spurt in my teens. People who focus on what they can’t control are usually depressed, frustrated, angry, overwhelmed and lost.
It’s the capacity to face the worst setbacks and find something inside to push through and triumph no matter the circumstance. We think we’re supposed to get homes with no money down and be supported by the government if we’re unemployed. People quickly understand that what’s controlling their thoughts and emotions are their values and rules, and they learn how to shift those. But I’ve been demonstrating for decades that you can alter anyone’s state by a radical change in physiology—lifting weights, sprinting, abruptly changing breathing, all of it shifting your mind-set in a heartbeat. I’m into your finding the source of what’s making you think and feel the way you do and shifting it quickly. Right now she’s in the spotlight, working to build a TV network with positive and uplifting content in a world where humiliation and voting people off the island are what sell. I’d been on every show dozens of times—God only knows how many times on Today—but Oprah never invited me.

With me traveling constantly by plane, she was throwing up on every flight, losing weight, wilting away to nothing. It sounds like complete bullshit, but after Sage learned a form of self-meditation that calms the parietal lobe of the brain, she was able to tolerate motion. Maybe this woman was sent into my life because I would never have slowed down for me, but I’ll do it for her.” So I cut the number of events by half. He e-mails me each day, and I monitor both his financial performance and his psychology and emotion. He was describing how he’d brought Aryan and African gangs in prison together, preventing a riot.
But as I got to spend time with him, I saw an impassioned man with a deep desire to end suffering. She trapped herself in her bedroom, covering the windows with tinfoil to block out all the light. But as time passed, she became more violent and would go into extreme states where she’d be out of control. I’d taken my company public, and I was pretty intelligent—and humble, as you can clearly tell. One night some of them wanted to go home with me, simultaneously, for a nice, interesting group experience, which was something I thought I’d always wanted. She helped me get all those women off the island in Fiji, and I ended up making the choice to be with her. When I got divorced, I didn’t believe any man could stay in a long-term relationship with one person and be fulfilled. As an expert in personal, professional and organizational turnaround, there is an endless list of success stories that have been brought about by the principles and applications you will learn in an Anthony Robbins Unleash the Power Within event.
After this seminar, you will learn how to instantly place yourself in peak emotional, mental and physical states to achieve whatever your dreams are. To win at all costs, and the more you cut down and sabotage your competition, the more popular the show is. The song 'Life Will Never Be the Same' by Haddaway blared on the sound system as we all started clapping and swaying to the music. If you jump up and down, shake your fists in the air, yell at the top of your lungs the word 'YES!', then it's pretty likely the answer will be yes. The hot coals were a metaphor for the thing in life we had to overcome, and stepping fearlessly across them was symbolic of making that hurdle, taking the plunge and doing what you thought was impossible or too difficult for you to do.
But even more amazing is that I made it through the classes not falling alseep, but feeling energized throughout the day - without caffeine! He’d discovered within himself the ability to “sculpt” people, creating a life-coaching industry that hadn’t previously existed. Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Anthony Hopkins, Quincy Jones, Andre Agassi, Donna Karan and Greg Norman have all turned to him. I don’t think it was height that allowed me to impose my will, but I had an incredibly intense will and a competitive spirit.
You can find too many people who are small in stature but not in character—like Mother Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi—to believe that height matters. Compare her story to someone saying “I lost my job on Wall Street and now it’s over.” Give me a break. All it can do is numb you and lose the pain that would otherwise drive you to finally change something. I grew up in a family where both my parents were alcoholics and users of prescription drugs. We feel we’re not competent enough—or smart, strong, athletic, humorous or beautiful enough.
I took care of my younger brother and sister, did all the shopping, made the meals, fixed the garbage disposal while she stayed in her room. I’m proud of them all, and having them at the age of 24 made me stretch in ways you can’t imagine. Robbins napisal serie motywujacych ksiazek, wsrod ktorych znalazly sie takie bestsellery jak Obudz w sobie olbrzyma, czy Olbrzymie kroki.
That year I tried to get the head cheerleader’s attention, but the noseguard of the football team poured chocolate milk all over me. Abused as a child, yet with an unbelievable level of passion she became the woman she is today. When you lift weights or go for a sprint, that energy flows back into your body and restores you to certainty. At the age of 11 I’d go to the pharmacy and convince the pharmacist that my mom had lost her Valium, and he’d refill it.
I don’t tell people, “Go to your garden and chant ‘There are no weeds’ and do a bunch of affirmations.” I’m not Mr. For nine years we went to doctors, nutritionists, natural healers, even experts at NASA and the U.S. I’m crying because it had taken years, but here’s the grace of this woman who is finally healthy. Then I heard Jim Rohn, a personal development speaker, who shared a philosophy about how to grow and make your life better. I’ve been there.” But I was crazy enough to bring women to my resort in Fiji for five straight days instead of going out and having lunch. Women came bouncing on over to me saying, “Oh my God, Tony Robbins, you changed my life!” I had the greatest times. It’s never been driven by material things—which are just benefits of doing something I loved. To think I could start out as a janitor and wind up making a real difference in people’s lives. I had a love for her—but I didn’t want to get married, and every time she talked about it I’d blow it off.
We got him through it, but traveling around the world while trying to be an effective father was challenging.
The divorce process took three years because we had a certain amount of assets to go through. We both know how to trigger and arouse each other, which is a useful thing, without going into any detail.
When people say money doesn’t matter, it sure as hell does when you’re able to show your mother a beach house and then hand her the keys to it. The one common denominator of all successful people is their hunger to push through their fears.
And at one point she developed a tumor in her lymph gland and I thought she was going to die. I wrote him a letter and wound up working for him, making good money and reading everything I could about human psychology.
Imagine being my age and you’ve instantly got a 17-year-old son, an 11-year-old daughter and a five-year-old son, with another son of my own from a former relationship on the way. All the things I treasured—including a sense of passion and intimacy with my wife—were interrupted continuously. She has as much intensity as I have, and yet she has a calming effect because she’s so playful. I know I’m not the answer for everything and everyone, but in my soul I was made to be a person who could help. Remember, I’m the kid who lived in a house with tinfoil on the windows, shutting out the light. And I’m thinking, My God, I’m here with the president and have a chance to make a little bit of a difference.
I was miserable because these women wanted to marry me after a week—my idea of hell on earth.
They start out with dreams but get slapped down by disappointment, which takes a bite out of their confidence. But if I take that little stickpin and wire it to the back of an iron bar called human emotion, I can put that thing right through your heart.
I’m obsessed with finding strategies that create real results in the shortest period of time.
So they travel through life with less than they deserve and come up with a story about why. Then Sage ordered a hot fudge sundae and I was like, “What the hell are you doing?” She goes, “Enjoying life, you bastard.” She loosened me up.

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