The 3 digits are the class of winning numbers that show in sets of three in the full draw list of the Thai lottery results 1-9-2014 on a Monday.
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All over the world people wait to check if they matched any numbers in the Thailand lottery results 1 September 2014.

After plenty of soul searching rather likely digit searching, its observed that certain digits have an advantage over the other again like always its up to the individual to understand these tips. Thai lottery results 1 9 2014 tip is like art, you have to derive your meanings from it and they combine it with your intuition to arrive at a winning pair in the Thailand lottery results 1st of September 2014. A meaningful tip will never give you a bunch of 2 digit pairs and a cluster of meaningless numbers, the actual tip is original like this one here and is only an indicator.

The Thailand lottery forum is available for exciting discussions and any comments you may have.

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