Establishing new social networking hub in Kathmandu, Nepal to foster collaboration among developers, entrepreneurs, mentors, partners, investors and other technologists working in the mobile application field.
Encourage and facilitate the interaction of mobile application developers with a wider community of colleagues using a combined approach of online and face2face mechanisms in informal manner.
Entrepreneurs, organizations, institutes using and in need of mobile applications to prosper in their field. The training program has been especially designed for the beginners to learn android apps development. The team comprising of Vivek Bhusal, Anjan and Rakeeb Rajbhandari will conduct the training.
This unique program combines a Major in a foreign language, a sub-major or Major in applied linguistics, a professional specialisation and the possibility of a semester abroad or a work placement. Languages offered at UniSA include French, Italian, Japanese and English as an Additional Language. Students complete at least six applied linguistics courses, including Introduction to the Study of Language, Language and Culture, Intercultural Communication, Language and Identity, Language and Culture in Professional Life. Students also gain a professional specialisation which may be selected from areas including International Business, Global Media and Creative Industries, International Relations, Management, Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality, and Aboriginal Studies. Professional applications courses provide opportunities for work placements, industry-based projects and the option of studying for a study period abroad during the degree. The App Store for Apple devices has been a runaway success, generating billions of dollars worth of income each year for independent software developers.

Android Mobile App Development Training in Midrand Johannesburg from the 28th July – 1st August 2014. At the end of the course our delegates will build their own Android Apps as part of the project to be completed within the 5 Day Course, Yes 5 Days. Ltd.(YIPL) will be working in establishment of the social networking hub in Kathmandu, Nepal. Vivek dived into Android app development couple of years ago and has successfully developed many apps. Other languages, for example, Chinese, Indonesian, German and Spanish, are available through cross-institutional enrolment. A further two applied linguistics courses may be taken unless a second language is studied.
If you are considering a career as a language teacher at high school level, you could continue your study into the University of South Australia's Master of Teaching from this degree, or if you are planning a business career, you could continue your study into the Master of International Business. These opportunities allow students to further develop and practise their skills in a work-based context. Our trainers will guide you and provide you all the help you need to successfully publish your completed App to the Google Play Store. Imagine it, you come to the course with your idea and our trainers will help you to build it, you hold the royalty and the intellectual property belongs to you. If you are in search for programs and events regarding start ups based on mobile technologies, this is the right place.

Such as Toastmaster Timer, Marriage Center Collection, StoresMunk, I Paid a Bribe - Nepal and many more.
A second foreign language may be taken to complete a further Minor or sub-major with approval of the Program Director. Along with developing such cool apps, he has conducted couple of android trainings organized by MobileNepal. By living and interacting with Japanese native speakers, in academic and social settings, I was able to learn so much more colloquial and natural phrases than I would have from any textbook.
We have a 5 day Android App Development training course geared to get you up to speed to developing fairly complex Android Apps.
His expertise lies in UX and developing superb designs for web and recently, for android apps.
Being surrounded by Japanese each day had an enormous positive impact on my listening and reading skills.

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