About 70% of the cost of entire software application lifecycle goes into Application management activities including support and maintenance. Application Management Services offered by Tecreos helps enterprises to stabilize, optimize and extend the applications to much larger extent than normal, so that their functionality continues to meet their growing and changing needs.
This reduces the cost of business and IT operations by improving quality of data, reducing time to gather and maintain the information on IT portfolio for better decision making and change impact assessment. Follow our one-hour webcast live on the internet and discuss with our experts and other decision makers from your industry or organization.
Should there be any questions, left answered after the webcast, please, do not hesitate to post them here or ask per email! The Project Management methodology used at ClientSolv is the result of a convergence between the classical principles of structured Project Management and the experience gained implementing numerous projects over a 13-year period. We gather information by interviewing everyone involved with the project from executive-level management to staff. Initiation phase deliverables include: Initial Project Plan, Initial Project Budget, Business Requirements, ROI Analysis, Technology Assessment and Gap Analysis. Design phase deliverables include: Functional Requirements Document, Design Specification, Proof of Concept and Revised Project Plan and Budget.

We build the client’s solution with proven technologies using a process that includes joint development sessions, frequent reviews, and an online database for change management and exception tracking. Construction phase deliverables include: Solution Prototypes, Application Software, Quality Assurance Test Plan and Implementation Plan.
We work together with the client to make sure the solution is tested, delivered, and deployed with exceptional results. Implementation phase deliverables include: Site Preparation and Configuration Audit, Data Conversion Audit, User Acceptance Testing, User Training Plan, System Administration Guide. I want the application form for ownership change of Kerala State Electricity Board KSEB so can you please provide me? Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd (KSEBLtd) is a public sector agency under the Government of Kerala, India.
The following errors occurred with your submission Okay Your Username: Click here to log in Message: Options Quote message in reply? Our Application Management Services (AMS) team has helped enterprises to achieve their desired business objectives through our on-time and value added support services.
We ensure that the system processes are maintained, so that vendor upgrades is easier with minimal application maintenance costs.

Please register for the webcast now and you will also receive a copy of the slides and a link to the on-demand recording.
We assess current client processes and technology and create a targeted, coordinated plan to meet their business objectives. All work can be done at the client’s location, or we can leverage the experience of our Application Development Center in Denver, Colorado where customized applications can be created utilizing the latest development tools and the collective expertise of our entire staff. Measurement reporting and release management procedures make sure the client can adapt to performance trends and issues without disrupting their normal business flow.
Therefore, we understands the importance of quality work and budget constraints in businesses.
Our team has average 10 years of technical experience with insight of Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing and Utility industry to manage your application efficiently.

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