A nurse in the Army Nurse Corps is responsible for leading a nursing team in caring for soldiers and their families. The Army Nurse Corp was the first military nursing service of its size to graduate an entire nursing team from medical programs. These officers must demonstrate self-discipline, initiative, confidence and a high level of intelligence.
Working with patients requires patience, compassion and firmness, three qualities that are prized in a nurse corps officer.
Nurse corps officers are expected to command and control medium size nursing units, which require management, administrative and leadership skills.
Officers must have excellent interpersonal skills that’ll enable them to coordinate with their units. They are also expected to coordinate the employment of all nursing assets on their nursing unit to ensure that proper care is provided for patients at all levels of command. They should also be able to pass on instructions and train juniors in medical-surgical nursing skills at medical training centers.
You need to possess the following qualifications in order to join the Army Nurse Corps and qualify as an Army Nurse Corps Officer. If you have a BSN, it’s necessary to have a current, unrestricted registered nursing license in the United States in order to qualify for the Army Nurse Corps. If you are a high school graduate, you are eligible to qualify for a Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship. You can quality for specialty training as a as a medical-surgical army nurse in the Army Nurse Corps with a Registered Nurse license.

Advanced practice nurses such as nurse practitioners should have a master degree and board certification in order to qualify for specialty training as medical-surgical army nurses.
Age: You must be between the ages of 21 and 42 in order to qualify for Army Nursing Corps positions. Security Investigation: All applicants must undergo and clear a thorough mandatory security investigation before they can be hired.
As a Nurse Corps Officer, you will need to believe and practice a holistic nursing philosophy, identify and organize resources for patients, and assist patients with outpatient, inpatient, and home care.
What is now called the Army Nursing Corp was started by a doctor and researcher called Anita Newcomb McGee.
Many young men and women try to become Army Nurse Corps officers but not everyone succeeds. Nursing Corps Officers are required to manage the needs of war-bitten soldiers and this needs a certain toughness combined with self-discipline. These officers are required to make decisions on their own and bear the ultimate moral responsibility for those decisions. Note that taking you cannot qualify just by obtaining the national NCLEX-RN certificate after completing a hospital-based diploma program or an associate degree in nursing.
If you have a BSN degree but your license has expired, you need to renew your license before you can seek a position in the seeking a position in the Army Nurse Corps.
Those cadets that demonstrate keen interest in becoming registered nurses can benefit from early clinical experience and scholarships by being involved in ROTC. However, it’s important to note that many other Army nursing jobs require at least one year of job experience in a specialty area.

However, the Army Nurse Corps waives the age restriction if you have certain other specific qualifications. This means that any criminal or traffic violations on your part will discredit your application. Army Nurse Corps Officers are trained to understand and serve the special concerns and needs of soldiers as well.
Owing to the shortage of nurses in the army, this program trained young women to care for wounded soldiers during the Spanish-American War. This requires excellent communication skills, great interpersonal skills and teaching skills as well.
Also, holding a nursing license alone without a BSN will not enable you to qualify you to become an Army Nurse Corps officer. Either that, or the candidate is required to have completed a course in a specialty area such as obstetrics, gynecology, emergency room nursing, critical care or psychiatric nursing. However, you can become an Army nurse through a Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) commission even if you are a permanent legal U.S. The Army Reorganization Act officially established the Army Nurse Corps as a permanent part of the United States Army in 1901.
Though the Army requires the age of the applicants to be between 21 and 42, adults between the ages of 43-60 years are also eligible.

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