This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. So I'm sitting back at the end of my very long day here on set (9am until now which is 9pm and still going) and I'm reflecting on how awesome of a days it's been. Calan is the creator of Discovering Your Truth who describes himself as a mulit-passionate entrepreneur spiritualist who has two major passions in life, travelling and inspiring people.
I've been reading "Ask and it is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires" by Esther and Jerry Hicks and it is shifting me moment by moment. I can't fully explain it to you and instead suggest you go out and get the book and watch the magic happen for yourself. He's just a guy sharing his knowledge of how to create a life with more joy, happiness and success.

I mean I know of all the teachings that are in the book and I thought I understood how to apply them but clearly I did not! Most long days like today make me grumpy by the end or someone has rubbed me the wrong way but not today! Today I literally watched my day unfold in front of me with pure joy and bliss as I read on. I mean there was a person who was not my ideal match to be around but coming from a complete place of joy I quickly realized what to say in order to create my desired outcome. Some simple, polite and decisive words in a positive, constructing manner and the person was like putty. Usually I try my best to ignore but find I still get irritated after a long day but not today!

With book in hand and understanding running through me I let my joy and intuition guide me and it created the perfect outcomes all day. There was also a very large man (I mean like 7ft tall, 300lbs large) who was an actor on set who had the best laugh I've heard in a while which made me smile. I can't even begging to express my gratitude to Esther and Jerry Hicks along with Abraham for these wise words that are changing my world.

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