An assertive approach has links to emotional intelligence especially understanding and managing myself.
This practical 1 day communication course will help delegates choose from a range of different strategies to promote honest and open communication.
This course can also be very useful for newly promoted team leaders who wish to establish their role within the team whilst maintaining positive relationships. This course is run over 1 day and is fully documented with supporting materials and slides.
Each delegate is encouraged to complete a pre course questioner with their leader to inform their self image for reflection on the course. Each delegate will receive an opportunity for 30 minutes remote coaching after the course to build confidence and discuss progress. Work InitiativeWP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck and Luke Morton requires Flash Player 9 or better. Communication breakdowns are a common cause for conflict, and poor communication strategies can lead to rapid escalation. One idea that can help you choose the best communication strategy for the situation comes from what I call the communication continuum. The continuum runs from passive strategies on the left to aggressive strategies on the right. Assertive communication approaches represent a range of techniques rather than a single point on the continuum.
Whether it sits a little left of center or a little right of center, the guiding principle behind all assertive communication techniques is that the technique allows you to effectively express your needs and concerns in a way that respects the needs and concerns of the other person. State your perspective as your perspective or interpretation without resorting to statements that blame the other person.
Avoid the desire to slip into interpretations like calling the other person rude or insensitive. The longer you talk, the more likely you are to slip into either passive or aggressive techniques. Employees who want to make a professional impact, get their message heard, resolve work issues, and strengthen communication skills. Staff who use assertive communication skills to show respect, share information, resolve conflict, and take initiative for maximum effectiveness and productivity.
Contact Marilyn Davidoff, the principal of MGD Enterprises, to discuss your training, coaching, or organizational development needs.

Target groupThe course "Assertive and Self-assured Communication" has proven effective for anyone looking for a more conscious, self-assured and efficient way for conveying his or her message. ResultsThis training course will enable you to achieve your goals within your organisation more easily.
Testimonials,, Just had participated in the training Assertive Communication and my expectations were fully met. Related trainingConflict ManagementIn this hands-on course, participants will learn the causes for conflict situations, preventive measures to keep them from occurring and steps to effectively resolve conflicts and turn them into win-win situations.
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Related trainingCommunication SkillsIn this training we learn how to effectively use the important communication skills that we need every day in our job. Related trainingStanding up for yourselfHow do you do this: standing up for yourself in an assertive way?
It’s about building the personal skills and resilience to get your views across with confidence whilst showing respect to those around you. By understanding our approach and emotional triggers we can identify when we may be liable to take a non assertive or aggressive approach. Likewise, effective communication strategies can help you correct these miscommunications to move conflicts quickly towards resolution. In passive strategies, you communicate in a way that protects the other person’s interests at the expense of yours. These strategies depend on approaches that protect the interests of both parties in the communication – yours and the other person’s. Some of the approaches lie a little to the left of middle – they are a little more passive – and other approaches lie a little to the right of middle – they are a little more aggressive. It is definitely a must for anyone who wants to work on his assertiveness in everyday communication.

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In this training participants will learn the basics of customer service and how to project a professional telephone image. Managing of emotional skills, such as assertiveness, dealing with relations, thinking in a problem-solving way, empathy, and stress tolerance, all contribute to a more successful life, both professionally and in private.
You will learn to give and receive both constructive and corrective feedback at the right moment and in a stimulating way.
In this practical communication course you will learn the most important skills and tips about effective communication, how to effectively convey your message, use the right communication style and build sustainable contact with others.
This information provides the foundation for becoming more aware of our behaviour and making the right choices with others.
Aggressive strategies represent the other extreme where you communicate in a way that protects your interests at the expense of the other person’s. Wherever they lie on the continuum, all assertive strategies have this in common – the interests of both parties are protected. By using the right communication techniques, you will be able to put the counterparty at ease and to defuse the situation in order to prevent any further escalation. In this fascinating workshop you start working on enhancing our self-confidence in order to stand up for your own interests.
Depending on the situation, you might choose to go a little more passive or a little more aggressive within the assertive range.
I have been challenged by the trainer in a positive and constructive way and he also demonstrates a number of techniques to be assertive in various situations. He is also an authority in the field of emotional intelligence, awareness and communication skills. He has extensive training and education in communication techniques (NLP and psycho-energetics) and is a natural born speaker, trainer and coach who conducts seminars worldwide on personal consciousness. He is a full time trainer in business communication skills, time and stress management and emotional intelligence.

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