This course will teach you the difference between assertiveness and aggression, the benefits of being assertive and when to be assertive. Assertiveness is a key skill for managing your workload and having mature, enjoyable relationships with co-workers. The video clip below, offers a wonderfully clear and simple explanation of what it means to be assertive - and how to cultivate the right type of thinking that will support the development of assertive behaviour.
These differences include the words that are used, the tone that is taken, and the body language that accompanies the communication. With a clear understanding of what is assertiveness, and as you develop more of your assertiveness capability - then you gain the freedom to choose how you will respond to difficult people or challenging situations. Here's an awesome resource that can guide you through the process of developing more assertiveness in your life. Enhancing your level of self-awareness by identifying your intrapersonal and interpersonal competencies. Tuning into your emotions and becoming aware of how your emotions impact on your judgment and behaviour. Did you know it's actually one of the most popular personal development topics that is searched on the Internet. Being assertive is the ability to communicate your opinions, needs and ideas in a confident and direct manner.
I speak from the personal experience of one who spent the first half of my life being too concerned with what others thought of me and therefore sometimes not saying what I really wanted or really thought. With a sense of purpose, persistence and patience I believe that you can achieve the change you seek. The aggressive person is quite demanding and sometimes even intimidating - whereas the assertive person whilst being firm, is much more willing to listen and discuss the issue in a reasonable way with the other party.
There will be times when you might choose to confront an issue, and there will be other times when you might choose to walk away from an issue - BUT walking away no longer through fear, but through choice. You will need to cultivate a positive attitude and belief that you can achieve the changes that you desire, if you are going to be able to persevere - because the change will not happen immediately, But with effort, practice and reflection then have no doubt you can become more assertive in your life. You will also learn how to recognise and deal with fear, and how it's effect on assertive behaviour. You stand up for yourself - not in an emotional or angry way, but instead in a level-headed manner. If you decide to purchase it (at only $4.70) then we email you a soft copy that will always be with you on your computer - to inspire you in your transformation. There are many people who have trouble saying no, and consequently often find that they can be taken advantage of. This does not mean that you behave in an uncaring way, but your decisions are based upon what you feel is right and fair. We have the right to express who we are and what we want, while accepting the Assertiveness and self-esteem cannot exist without one other.
The mind and inner belief systems need to change gear, and then the shift in behaviour can begin.
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TerrenceEnGage: I just think some people don't have the assertiveness to handle a dog like, well, a dog.
JohnBrownPJ: Remembering ‘7-13’ When China increased assertiveness over resources-rich areas of South China Sea.
Purchase any and all of our PowerPoint Presentation Content and use all or a portion of each in any combination for all your presentation needs. Communicating confidently does not happen magically but when you do it, it gives you the freedom to be yourself. Be an Assertive Communicator : Rehearsing Assertive Communication Rehearsing assertive communication is the best way to improve skills.
Learn who and where to start assertive communicating with from acommunications and public speaking expert in this free instructional video. Possibly the most powerful and attractive thing any man can do is develop an assertive personality. SigneWhitson: Does your child have difficulty asking for what he needs or saying "no" to others?
Stop being Aggressive, Passive, or Passive Aggressive in your communication and learn to be assertive, see how the world around you changes!Be an Assertive Communicator : Reactions to Assertive Communication People react differently to assertive communicators. The assertive person is confident in a relaxed way, as well as free and spontaneous in social situations. Get tips on dealing with being a newly assertive communicator from acommunications and public speaking expert in this free instructional video. Learn how word choices can affect assertivecommunication from a communications and public speaking expert in this free instructional video.
Describe how to ask for assistance when Assertiveness is the ability of team members to state. Michael demonstrates an Assertiveness Training intervention with a volunteer role playing a case.Assertiveness training Plankton teaches Spongebob how to be more assertive. Note how the music changes when Plankton jumps into Spongebob's mouth.How to teach girls to be assertive How to teach girls to be assertive Good girls often have a hard time getting what they want because they're not comfortable with asking for it.
Learn about different communication styles from acommunications and public speaking expert in this free instructional video. If you do what he tells you on this video it will change your life.Overview: Assertive Communication in the Workplace How does assertive communication differ from passive, passive-aggressive and aggressive communication styles?
What are the three parts of an assertive statement?AngerCoach Online - Assertive Communication In this video we discuss the importance of assertive communication.
If your partner does something that upsets you - tell them honestly what they did and offer practical ways to avoid the situation in the future. They don't Once you are able to find a way for you to become more assertive about your personality then you'll be able to see an boast in your personal life. Often people simply "bottle up" their feelings until one day they explode in an outburst of anger, but by communicating assertively you can avoid these situations and improve your relationships with those around you.Passive, Aggressive, and Assertive Resident Advisors. This video is made up of three video clips of what should and should not be done when handling discipline as a Resident Advisor (RA).
It begins with the passive RA, then moves on to the aggressive RA, then finally, the assertive RA, which displays the appropriate way to handle the situation.Assertiveness Training Funny VideoAssertiveness - Tips for being assertive & saying 'No' Assertiveness skills and tips from communication experts Speak First and trainer Sneha Khilay.

See someone practising saying 'no' and turning down a request in a strong, assertive and respectful way. Direct communication can reduce and manage conflict; it also builds self-confidence and enhances relationships.
This Mental Health video teaches the art of effective communication, assertiveness, conflict resolution, and how to express feelings appropriately. These are essential skills for relationships and mental health.Women Self Defense - Assertive Verbal Skills Womens self defense.
How to use assertive verbal and spatial skills to discourage a would be attacker.How To Be More Assertive There can be many reasons why people don't feel they can be assertive in relationships or at work.
Perhaps you worry about coming across as aggressive or shy away from conflict and possible confrontation.
Once we identify how you'd like to be in those situations, I can show you how to feel calm and collected, and how to be assertive when you need to, using advanced psychological and mind conditioning techniques.
I coach private clients to help them achieve their dreams and goals, building confidence, beating anxiety and depression. I am the author of '30 Days To Confidence'.Video Arts Assertiveness training video A trailer from the Video Arts 2008 training programme Assert yourself. This entertaining programme looks at the advantages and disadvantages of submissive, aggressive and assertive behaviour. To watch the programme in full visit Strengthened - assertiveness This is a sample scene from the CIPD Training DVD Practical Leadership Skills.
You can access material to go along with the clips by folling this link Be an Assertive Communicator : Observing in Assertive Communication Assertiveness is one of three types of communication. Learn about the other two styles ofcommunication from a communications and public speaking expert in this free instructional video. Michael introduces the concept of Assertiveness Training using the Assertiveness Formula.NEAL BE ASSERTIVE! Build your self confidence quickly and easily using these top tips!Wednesday Warriors - 8-26-09 - Arielle - Being Assertive Today, Cathy and I respond to the question: "What do I do to be assertive?"Assertiveness This is a typical example of the use of assertive behaviour.
Please note of how Mark uses intonation weighing his words carefully to show how much he would like to help his fellow student.
He refuses to help in the most respectful way and even suggests he may be able to help later. Get tips on how solutions address problems in assertivecommunication from a communications and public speaking expert in this free instructional video. I hope there are som tips that can help people to be able to be more confident to get their opinion across! Get tips on other nonverbal techniques from acommunications and public speaking expert in this free instructional video.

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