EducationYOUth LEADership programme for college students, can work within a college tutor group structure.
MotivationalMotivational talks thats insightful, educational, entertaining, inspiring and encourages you to take action.
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This 30 day programme has been designed to work with you on a structured and intense level.
Specialized training for any groups in college, school, companies or communities who want to learn the A to Z about fundraising with a definite action plan of how to with a list of funding opportunities at the end. For any size groups, 2 hours, half a day or full days training in-house or external venue centrally located.

Extensive knowledge and experience of the UK Education system and experience of creating, developing and managing a Leadership Academy.
Working with young people and adults to retrain and develop the mindset and skills to step back to the world of work.
We work with you one to one with daily emails, weekly meetings, webinars and regular feedback.
You learn to let go and move away for what holds you back and develop the capacity for what you want and need.

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    Schools, mentorship applications are supplied to help students.

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