In case you missed my BlogTalk Radio show with guest Stephanie Tran the other day, I just wanted to post a quick note to let you know that it's available for replay or download on the Studio 747 BlogTalk Radio page. Do you want to know what's stopping you from attracting more money and abundance into your life? Trust me, you will feel so much better and experience that positive energy flowing even after just one session! This free offer is only available until February 21st, so make sure to contact Stephanie before then to schedule your appointment for March.
We all need money to support and enhance our physical being, our need for food, for shelter.
Often, those on the spiritual path reject money thinking that somehow money is bad or evil.
This rejection of money, because to have money is not spiritual, leaves many spiritual people without their needs fulfilled. When you really look into it the money is not the problem but rather the over attachment to the money is the problem. Your ability to attract money into your life can have a powerful effect upon your ability to express and fulfill your Life and Soul purpose. Just as there is nothing inherently evil about money, at the end of the day there is nothing inherently good or spiritual about poverty.
Although we are cautioned against a love of money or of placing money in the role of a deity in our life, to use money wisely with a positive spiritual intent (with harmlessness and a will to do good) can be a celebration of your Oneness with Source and your service to your fellow man. Making money serve as a tool for good, and a spiritual tool for God, is a high and blessed calling. Your power as a co-creator of life with the Divine requires your ability to use and accept all of the many opportunities and blessings that are available to you. To empower your attraction of money into your life I have created this visualization and meditation to invoke the abundance that is available for you as a blessing.
And, when you express your gratitude for all that you have and will receive you will unlock the door of magnetic attraction to manifest and fulfill your Life Purpose and Soul Purpose. Add to your invocation and invitation of money into your life the clear intention to make your money a servant of good and right action in the world.

Then to attract money into your life consciously open your heart and your mind to receive money and imagine it freely flowing into your wallet, your bank account, your wardrobe, full to overflowing coming to you from Source, coming to you as a blessing, coming to you to serve both your needs and the needs of your brethren.
As you invite and invoke money into your life take a brief pause to consider how your life would be different if you had all of the money that you needed. You might wish to add the positive affirmation that the money you attract will be used to fulfill your life purpose and to help others fulfill their Soul purpose.
To ask, in invocation or prayer, for money when you are committed to using it for right action, fulfillment of your Soul purpose and to enhance right human relationships is O.K. If you want to make a list of what you see, hear, feel and vividly imagine that can help to empower your manifestation.
Now as a last step, with complete trust and faith, assert and affirm that the channels for money are open to you and flow freely for you as you accept the best in the world for you and offer the best of yourself to the world. Now, give thanks and have gratitude for these great blessing you are receiving, and all of the blessings you have already received. However, Sleep in Heavenly Peace by Genevieve Gerard stands out from other tapes I've listened to.
The simple fact is money is material matter, therefore it is not spiritual, but it is simply matter.
I believe fulfilling your Soul purpose is one of the most significant things you need to accomplish in your life.
Those who identify themselves as spiritual often seem to shun the material, thus leading to a life of poverty and lack.
There are in the world so many ways that money can be used as a servant of what’s right and good in the world.
Rejecting the abundance of the world of matter which creates self-imposed shortage and suffering is often more about fear and a failure to love, honor and value yourself.
Then, when you remember to share your blessings with others you will be truly engaging in an act of love and your service will become truly spiritual.
Vividly see in your mind’s eye where you are or will be living, what you are or will be doing, hear the sounds that surround you, sense what you will be experiencing when you have all of the money you want and embrace all of the money you need to do good in the world. Affirming that you will dedicate a certain percent of whatever money you receive for service to others is a time honored way to deal with receiving money that has been shown to increase both prosperity and abundance.

The focused goal setting and purpose clarifying intention helps attract the resources that are needed, for the purpose defined. The good that money can do, or the harm that can come from money, rests exclusively in the hands of the one who uses it. It is this attachment and misplaced faith in money that gives material possessions a bad name in spiritual circles. Ultimately in order to feel safe in attracting money as a spiritual person you must have faith in yourself to use what money comes your way for right action and purpose. This essential confusion may have its genesis in old traditions of humbly begging for one’s daily substance or religious orders who took vows of poverty. It is when men and woman of goodwill and good intention fall into a trap of serving money that a problem is created on your spiritual path. It is the all too common tendency to put our faith in money or to let “things” take precedence over right action and right human relationships.
It is however possible to not fall into this trap as long as you go about attracting money in a spiritual way and understand the importance of wielding money for good in the world. Love yourself and honor the purpose of your life and the spiritual benefit of asking for money and what it can accomplish will be available to you. What you do with the money you manifest is a very important life lesson and life challenge. Her pauses are perfectly placed and the listener has time to actually repeat, reflect, refresh. Remember money is just matter and how it is wielded determines its value in a spiritual life.

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