A HypnoSubliminal™ is a downloadable audio session in MP3 format that utilizes cutting edge technology to directly target the subconscious mind. The HypnoSubliminal Money Attractor was designed to bypass your conscious mind and re-program your mind to attract money into your life. The HypnoSubliminal™ session is accompanied by a music overlay which makes the listening experience pleasant and help your brainwaves relax which opens your mind to receive the desired information.
The HypnoSubliminal™ session uses a series of subliminal techniques to ensure the desired messages and affirmations bypass your logical mind and reach your subconscious mind.
Another technique is stereo confusion which involves playing different affirmations and suggestions into each ear at the same time which confuses the conscious mind while the subconscious mind can easily make the distinction and get the message.
The HypnoSubliminal Money Attractor audio program will work even if you just listen to it once but it's recommended that you listen to it a few times a week for even more dramatic effects. The use of subliminal messages are so powerful that they've been BANNED from being used in advertisements in the United States due to their ability to influence human mind!
In an experiment done by a major medical journal, people were tested for their darts accuracy. We get hundreds of thank you emails every month from people who got great results from the HypnoSubliminal Money Attractor Audio Program. If you want to thank us, we'd love for you to send us a written testimonial or a video too!
HypnoSubliminals™ send subliminal messages that bypass your conscious mind and reach the core of your subconscious where habits, behaviors and limiting thoughts stem from.

Along with the subliminal messages, the HypnoSubliminal session also uses DIRECT SUGGESTIONS AND AFFIRMATIONS that are picked up by your ears (similar to those you'd experience in a traditional hypnotherapy session). One technique involves playing the subliminal messages at different frequencies and decibel levels than the foreground music making them virtually undetectable to your logical mind but completely detectable to your subconscious. Theta waves occur during heightened states of creativity and are found with a deep meditative state. The HypnoSubliminal session uses these techniques and more to make a super-powerful audio program that delivers THOUSANDS of subliminal messages direct to your subconscious mind. Lloyd Silverman incorporated subliminal messages into a treatment of half of a group of smokers who were trying to quit smoking using behavior modification therapy.
By reaching so deep into the core of your mind, HypnoSubliminals create INSTANT and long lasting results.
Once your mind is reprogrammed to become a money attracting machine, money will suddenly start coming into your life. By combining the best of traditional hypnotherapy and cutting edge, advanced subliminal techiques you are guaranteed to feel EXTREME results after listening to the HypnoSubliminal™ session just once - but you can listen to it as much as you want to maximize effects. Your ears won't pick up many of these messages but your subconscious mind definitely will. One month after treatment ended, 66% of the group exposed to the subliminal messages were still nonsmokers, compared with 13% of the control group.
Much like during hypnosis, the person isn't fully aware of the messages being transmittied, but HypnoSubliminals have proven even more effective than regular hypnosis.

You'll have money coming in such abundance that you'll wonder where it's been your whole life! Your conscious mind will hear mainly music and will pick up some of the messages, but your subconscious will hear everything. Neuro research suggests that different areas of the brain respond to different frequency patterns.
The experimental group was exposed to the number subliminally embedded in behind a pink noise (similar to white noise) based audio track.In three different trials an average of 77% of people exposed to the subliminal numbers guessed correctly, in comparison to only 10% of people in the control groups who weren't exposed subliminally to the numbers. The process of rewriting limiting self beliefs, negative behavior patterns and old ways of negative thinking will begin immediately. The HypnoSubliminal™ session uses different frequencies to tap into different parts of the brain and appropriately reprogram the mind to be more effective! You can develop in ways which simply would not be possible with conscious personal development.

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