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Peter left no stone unturned – probing me for how I raised myself up from homelessness to the heights of achievement I enjoy today. Listening to this jam-packed session will bring to mind many of the ideas, insights and concepts covered in the program. This powerful expanded teaching on the four phases of your awakening process was recorded LIVE in San Diego at one of my intensely personal and powerful Miracles Weekend gatherings.
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The Money Attractor Assessment quiz is ready for you to add your responses – and each session is outlined with exercises for you to complete so that you get a firm grasp on this material. In addition to your course, I'll also receive these amazing bonuses: The Ten Most Important Business Lessons I've Learned, From Homeless to Millionaire and The Secret to Attracting Money LIVE on DVD!
Easy-To-Do Ritual Kit for Attracting Money: Where to Find an Easy-To-Do Ritual Kit for Attracting Money? I've authored success programs for Nightingale-Conant, like the Power of Outrageous Marketing and The Missing Secret.
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