If you are ambitious, self motivated and like meeting people, then sales leadership could be for you. Hard work and commitment are required but in return the pay plan will reward you for your efforts.
The statements, views and opinions made or expressed on this website are not made by or on behalf of AVON Cosmetics Ltd. AVON first introduced the concept of Sales Leaders in its US business in the mid 1990s, to ensure that their earning opportunity remained relevant and contemporary.
Sales Leadership offers highly successful Representatives the chance to take responsibility for recruiting, managing and motivating their own teams, whilst earning variable commission on their team’s paid sales. Avon UK first launched a test of the Sales Leadership programme midway through 2002, which involved a small number of Representatives and Area Sales Managers, who employed by Avon, look after Representatives and Sales Leaders within a designated area.
In addition to offering increased earning opportunities, Avon UK also introduced a new range of incentives, designed to motivate their existing and potentially successful Sales Leaders. Paul went on to say, “It’s very exciting to be able to offer people the opportunity to become self-employed and help them grow their own Avon business. One of these top achievers is Debbie Davies, mentioned earlier, who has direct selling in her blood! Rebecca sees every day as an opportunity for growth and didn’t let the fact that her husband was thousands of miles away hold her back. An important milestone in the development of Sales Leaders took place in 2006 when the Sales Leader Council was founded. Commenting on the future of the Sales Leader programme, Anna Segatti, President, Avon UK and Ireland, said, “Avon’s Sales Leadership programme provides people with the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills and create a business for themselves. Avon 3 weeks ago Have yourself an ICE treat this weekend (Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th May) you can get delivery for just 99p when you spend ?15! The statements, views and opinions made or expressed on this website are solely those of GailsReps.
Your chance to build a successful business, with a well established company and a well known brand name.

It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. The programme was designed to allow sales Representatives to earn life changing amounts of money through their efforts.
During the same year the Sales Leadership test expanded to cover selected sales areas in London and Kent. In 2005 the now much coveted annual ‘Top 20 Trip’ was launched and has since seen the top twenty Sales Leaders rewarded each year with trips to Barcelona, Prague and Mallorca. She had worked previously for a network marketing company for three years before joining Avon in May 2004. Last year she won the overall “Top Achiever” award which was based on sales, earnings and team growth performance at the annual ‘Live Your Dream’ event. As an ex-model, her passion for make-up, Avon Shopping Socials (Avon Parties) and charity fundraising means her team of 50 is growing every day. Sending him off with Avon brochures she even managed to get him selling Avon products on his ship.
They are not made by or on behalf of Avon Cosmetics Ltd, or approved or authorised by them in any way.
The skills required were different from the traditional Representative based business, but Avon developed a thorough training programme for ambitious Representatives and the new concept was so successful that it was rolled out globally. The UK’s top performers run independent businesses where their individual turnovers can be in the region of ?4 million annually.
The results were so encouraging, as was the response from Avon’s Representatives that in 2003 the original model was developed and enhanced further, before being piloted in two sales regions. Debbie was an Avon Representative for just one week, before quickly realising that she had a natural talent for recruiting, managing, training and growing a team of other Avon Representatives.
Together with her partner Dave, Debbie won the award for the largest team growth – they now have 2,500 Representatives working with them. With a husband in the Royal Navy she is always rushed off her feet tending to her children and making sure they have everything they need.

These regular parties and meetings she holds mean that her team is always motivated and best placed to succeed. He’s now back in England and has decided to team up with his wife and sell Avon at home too.
In this issue Direct Selling News Europe, looks at the progress and evolution of the Sales Leader Programme in Avon UK and Northern Ireland. This successful model was then rolled out nationally across the UK and Northern Ireland in 2004. She managed to recruit 39 Representatives in her first three week campaign and was an instant success at Sales Leadership. She first heard of Avon from one of the mothers in the playground and decided that running her own Avon business was the perfect way to combine job security with raising her family. She loves managing her own Avon business and has even managed to recruit her partner Dave Carter to work alongside her.
A Mercedes SLK and a BMW X3, which were the first and second prizes respectively of the “Drive your Dream” award, theirs for achieving the largest overall team and sales growth. There are four discreet work streams within the Sales Leader Council: Compensation, Training and Development, Policies and Procedures, and Operations and Events. Debbie wished she had started working with Avon years ago and feels she’s now finally found her niche in the business world.
The core members attend regular meetings, and additional support members contribute by conference call, e-mail and occasionally local meetings. If you had told me five years ago that I would own two cars, be moving into a large house and going on luxurious holidays, I would never have believed you – I am living the Avon dream” she said.

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