What is Avon SALES Leadership?Avon leadership means that you can appoint new Representatives as part of your team and help them acheive their sales goals.
With some fantastic achievements at this years 4 Regional Avon Conferences the atmosphere was electric, and this quarters Insight magazine captures some of those amazing moments of recognition and achievements. From the Prestigious Presidents Awards to the Drive Leadership achievers there was recognition for everyone. Brian and I were given the Keys to our 2nd car at this years event, so now we are the proud owners of both a Mercedes and an Audi Q5.
Not only does this quarters magazine cover the great success of the conference, it also talks about the Fantastic new online training. This quarters Insight Magazine talks you through some of Avon's fantastic new Online training including our new 'My Learning Zone'. Simply click the image and go see what every Avon Sales Leader now has on offer for FREE every time they login to their Avon Account.
As a team we are constantly looking for new entrepreneurs, business minded people and anyone that would like to simply make a change in their lives and become their own boss.

Avon 3 weeks ago Have yourself an ICE treat this weekend (Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th May) you can get delivery for just 99p when you spend ?15!
The statements, views and opinions made or expressed on this website are solely those of GailsReps. We believe one of our strengths that makes our team as strong as it is, is through the amount of training and support we provide each person who joins the Advanced Leadership program with us.
We will train you on how to generate your own leads online and offline, meaning you can become totally independent and be in control of how quickly you grow your Avon business.
You will be listed on our website which is ranked highly on Google and other major search engines, and we can provide you with your own AVON recruiting website developed and hosted by us. WELCOME TO YOUR TEAM WEBSITEVIP Leaders is the premier independent community for Avon Representatives and Leaders. Our mission is to create a network of independent Representatives and Leaders who grow together by working together as a team…we invite you to become a part of our mission. GOT A QUESTION YOU NEED ANSWERINGWe pride ourselves in the level of support we provide to every member of our team.

STATUTORY WEALTH WARNINGIt is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. The statements, views and opinions made or expressed on this website are solely those of each individual author or commenter. They are not made by or on behalf of Avon Cosmetics Ltd, or approved or authorised by them in any way.
We pride ourselves in offering you a place where you can read all of the latest news, inspirational stories, and top tips to help you improve your business.
They are not made by or on behalf of AVON Cosmetics Ltd, or approved or authorised by it in any way.

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