There were also those who wondered aloud where the "average" size bodies were -- meaning, bodies that are neither "plus-size" nor a size zero. It's a point well taken -- but exactly what size (or sizes) that Barbie should come in is clearly still up for debate. Fitness competitors, in addition to having beautifully sculpted bodies, must do a two-minute performance routine incorporating dance, cheerleading or gymnastic flexibility. The National Physique Committee (NPC), which is the amateur division of the International Federation of Body Builders, was so impressed with her performance in their fitness division last year, they gave Thomas their first-ever Inspiration Award. After the childhood accident, doctors said Thomas might live like a vegetable for the rest of her life.
She makes full use of her feet in both dance competitions and at home, using them to open doors, plug in her music and grab her bags. Thomas said fitness had been part of her life "forever." Growing up, she played soccer, danced and did aerobic running. Thomas admits she is anxious about doing a back flip, which requires arms to get height and momentum, even though she is capable.

Nuessle, who runs NPC Miles Productions, said he once made a comment to Thomas that she said gave her the "fuel" to keep competing. The sport is grueling, demanding weight training five days a week, and cardio work every day.
But Thomas thrives on the challenge, especially because it sends a strong message to others. Over 35,000 people have "liked" it, but many have taken issue with the doll's so-called extreme size. When lingerie store Curvy Girl kicked off a campaign to share images of "regular" women in lingerie, several of whom are overweight, the campaign was criticized for supposedly encouraging unhealthy habits and promoting obesity.
I'm going to live until 105 and I'm going to show my thighs every day," the "Girls" creator said at the New Yorker Festival in August 2012. She was playing outside her Texas apartment complex and climbed onto a transformer, grabbling on to the wires. But today, at 37, she has accomplished what was once regarded as the impossible: Thomas is a competitive body builder and model.

Adapting to a world without arms was a challenge and even years later, when she was independent, she'd have to improvise to do ordinary tasks.
When her first child was born she got into aerobic lifting with weights and later became an instructor.
HD Wallpaper and background images in the Barbie Movies club tagged: barbie the popstar princess keira. The electric current traveled through her little body, from her hands out her feet, burning her arms to the bone.
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