Just like a new coach might hope at the beginning of a new season, Craig Robinson knew his brother-in-law’s Presidential campaign had a “real possibility” of succeeding.
Friday afternoon, Robinson was looking forward to a quiet weekend with his wife and children to let the reality of it all sink in.
For all the historic precedent of the past week, however, Robinson is now in “business as usual mode. Robinson in April inherited an OSU program that is coming off an 0-18 season in the Pac 10, carrying a 21-game losing streak and looking for its first NCAA tournament appearance since 1990. A few hours after Chicago, he was back on the job, watching film, running a practice and looking for ways to make OSU better. It would be naive to say that the notoriety of being the coach whose brother-in-law is president of the most powerful government on Earth won’t affect the OSU program, Robinson said.

Spoken just like a new coach hoping for a “real possibility” of success at the beginning of a new season. FROM THE ARCHIVESCan Andy Enfield put USC basketball back on the grid?April 3, 2013USC upsets No. 4 and towering over his brother-in-law, Robinson felt “a powerful rush” as 120,000 people in Chicago’s Grant Park cheered, screamed, and cried after Obama’s acceptance speech. The coach had been an important part of the campaign, representing Obama at more than 50 events over the past year. He took the stage with the rest of the family after Obama’s victory speech, and was awed by both the crowd’s energy and the moment.
11-seeded team in the West is a popular pick to become the fourth team nicknamed Bruins to defeat Arizona this year.We're also removing Southern University's Roman Bank from contention even though he has a record of 38-13 in two seasons.

Ten years ago this week, in Salt Lake, I approached Few during the regional and sounded him out about UCLA as a replacement for Steve Lavin.
Alford is finishing up his 22nd year as a college coach, first at Manchester, then at Southwest Missouri State, Iowa and New Mexico.Alford has won 463 games, and this New Mexico team has a real shot to make the Final Four.
He coaches at the wrong basketball school in Kansas.Marshall doesn't have pedigree, but he has been an industry riser since his days at Winthrop.

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