The 2015-16 Maryland women's basketball coaching staff will have a very new look as associate head coach Tina Langley and assistant coach Marlin Chinn accepted head coaching positions.
Rumors were swirling in Tampa during Final Four weekend that at least one, and possibly two assistants on Brenda Frese's staff were in serious consideration for head coaching positions.
Langley joined the staff in 2008 and played a key role in the development of  the Terps' post players, notably, Alicia DeVaughn and Brionna Jones. In announcing her departure, Frese said, "We're really happy for Tina and we always want people in our program to continue to grow. Langley expressed similar feelings for her associate of the last seven years, "Being a part of the Maryland family has been one of the greatest blessings of my life," Langley said. Many suspected that when Maryland reached last year's Final Four that Langley could potentially move on. Earlier this morning Erik Kuselias talked to Eric Lopez about if College Football Head Coaching jobs are better then NFL Head Coaching jobs College vs Pro : Listen to Erik Kuselias Monday through Friday from 6-9am on Sports Talk 1040 The Team in Tampa and 1080 The Team in Orlando.

The first shoe dropped Tuesday afternoon when Tina Langley accepted the head coaching spot at Rice University in Texas. Those rumors began flying as early as Sunday night and were circulating strongly by Monday morning. As associate head coach, she provided invaluable assistance to Frese on the recruiting trail. As Pete Volk noted, when you have a ridiculously successful program this should be expected.
Perhaps it took a few extra hours for Chinn to work out the details but the University announced his departure earlier today (Wednesday). I know from firsthand experience that Tina will bring a work ethic and passion to Rice that is second to none. As someone who has gotten to know these two coaches, I know they are a loss for Maryland and I will certainly miss seeing Marlin at volleyball, softball and so many other Terps competitions.

During Tina's time at Maryland, we won championships, made Final Fours and helped a lot of players achieve their dreams athletically, socially and academically. To her, and to all the staff and student-athletes I have been so fortunate to work with, I will be forever grateful.
Just like Tina Langley, who just got hired at Rice, Marlin has been a very loyal assistant to our program.

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