To celebrate our upcoming coach training course in New York on September 18th, we're giving away 4 FREE coach training videos! The lack of personal leadership is often the cause of our difficulty in moving ahead and thriving in our lives. We are sometimes lost in our lives because we have not yet developed the Leadership in us, this ability to give one’s self direction and to move towards it powerfully.
Being a leader is to be a strong tree, with a solid and flexible trunk that allows the sap flow between its roots and branches. The roots of the leader are his foundations, the more they are deep and healthy the more he can grow, thrive and rise. The strength of the leader depends of course on the balance between his roots and branches, his potential and aspirations.
A tree whose roots are weak cannot carry large branches without being uprooted by the first storm. Conversely, a tree with small branches and little access to sunlight may well have a good root system, it will grow little and some roots may rot. Like a tree, the strength of the leader also relies on his ability to stay strong and flexible. Finally, a good leader gives fruits by sharing his vision and inspiring others to take action in their lives. When his purpose is bigger than him, a leader can thus generate a forest of leaders and his goal will continue even after his death.
When a great leader dies, he generates enough wood to light the sacred fire in thousands of hearts. I hope this analogy will inspire you and help you understand what a leader is and how to develop personal leadership in you.
The approach can be summed up in 4 easy to follow steps referring to the roots, trunk, branches and the fruits of the tree. The SMSTS course is about making sure that you understand your roles and responsibilities as a construction site manager, managing a modern day, highly-regulated construction site. The five day SMSTS course (Site Management Safety Training Scheme) is ideal for those who are currently a site manager, or about to be promoted to the role of site manager. The SMSTS course is written and accredited through Cskills who are the Sector Skills Council for the construction sector.

The SMSTS course is widely recognised and respected throughout the construction sector and members of the influential United Kingdom Contractors Group (UKCG), whose members include Balfour Beatty, Bam Construct, Carillion plc, Costains, Galliford Try, Keir Group, Skanska and many others, will not allow site managers to work on their sites unless they have passed the SMSTS course.
The Management of health & safety on site in accordance with current legal provisions, within the context of a site manager. If you are employed by a company that pays levy to the CITB, your company will be able to claim a grant of at least £250 when you attend the SMSTS course, reducing the cost of the course substantially. All of our SMSTS courses are delivered at specialist training venues across the UK, with the courses being run over 5 consecutive days, or on a day release basis over a 4 week period. To be eligible to attend the SMSTS course you need to have a good understanding of English as written assessments form part of the course.
On passing the SMSTS course you will receive the official Cskills SMSTS Site Safety Plus certificate that is valid for a period of five years.
Six months either side of the expiry date of your SMSTS certificate you are able to sit the two day SMSTS refresher course that will allow you to gain a further certificate valid for a further 5 years. Those who succeed in life know the recipe and know that we can all develop it if we want to. A human being with integrity who is well connected with his potential and to what he aspires. The more the branches rise and flourish, the more he has the energy to carry out his projects and live his life powerfully. It is this balance that allows him to face the wind and the storm and find his place in the sun.
A leader must be rooted in himself and tap into his potential if he wants to carry large projects and realize his aspirations. Someone well rooted in himself and aware of his potential that has no vision of direction or ideal will eventually die slowly. The leader stands firmly, lets circulate the life in him and takes action to achieve his objectives and goals. He is able to mobilize people around his goal or just inspire people to follow their own purpose in life.
You can become a leader at work with a professional goal, by drawing on your strengths and creating an action plan and structures to achieve your goals. The SMSTS course content is regularly updated by Cskills to reflect the changes in both the regulations and modern methods of construction.

Both the Chartered Institute of Building and the Institute of Civil Engineers recognise the SMSTS course as valid proof of a site manager's competence. We will administer the grant application process for you and make sure that you get the grant money you are entitled to. This vision may take the form of personal or professional goals or an ideal for oneself or the world.
The trunk symbolizes the structures and action plans the leader puts in place to achieve his vision and his projects.
Thus, a leader sows the seeds by what he emanates; he inspires others to also become leaders in their own lives. Once we have well-placed feet on the ground and we have a clear direction where to go, one can only have a strong influence on his entourage. When booking please let us know you would like us to claim grant on your behalf and provide us with your employer's CITB registration number.
With his roots, the leader draws his strength from his knowledge of self and its environment.
That is why the leader reserves moments of meditation and working on his real aspirations and what he wants to do with his life. The leader shows the way forward by setting goals and means in the short term and then he takes action. He must be disciplined, make certain privations if he really wants to achieve his objectives, and therefore his purpose. If he wants to achieve his goals the leader must know himself, know where he is going and have a plan to get there. A A  A  A She is an Author and Motivational Speaker, Facilitating groups, Women's Retreats, Community Event Coordinator.

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