This certification is the basis of all advanced diving courses and is meant for anyone interested in underwater exploration.
To take an OW course, students will demonstrate sound judgment in the dive planning and execution, complete an OW knowledge course, and complete all requirements safely and efficiently. Once a diver has passed an advanced OW course, there are all kinds of specialties to choose from. This training teaches students about common diving accidents, how to prevent them, and how to manage them if they occur.
A navigation class will teach both compass use and natural methods such as reading currents and the bottom contour of shadows to keep track of one’s position.
Even though there is no formal depth limit for an Open-water certification, it is generally considered to be 60 feet. This is a great course for almost any diver, since it covers drift diving and live-boat diving, which most divers are likely to encounter.
This course teaches essential skills for navigating a wreck, including orienting yourself when navigating a wreck, avoiding silt and low-vis problems, etc.
But for most divers, learning skills like night diving, navigating wrecks, and the other skills listed here are more than sufficient.
I was ready to place myself at the top of my priority list again so a book written about fashion and beauty from a Christian perspective was just what I needed. Using the principles in her book, I gave myself a mini makeover including cutting my hair into a bob. In recalling a time I felt beautiful while wearing a purple sheath dress at age 19, I purchased this similar one to wear to a charity fundraiser. I also purchased everyday clothes in the right colors and styles, like this gray top and skinny jeans.
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I dreamed of the day that Shari would offer an online version for becoming a Certified Christian Image Consultant…and that day has arrived. But as I stated earlier…I have always liked to feel pretty and dress up and God made me that way so why deny my desire to look great?? And why deny my desire to help OTHER WOMEN feel great, too, and pursue their purpose with confidence? Here’s a little sneak peek at my new post cards…just to hold me over for a while!
If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a CIC and want to talk it through, schedule a phone call so we can discuss the possibilities. While every diver begins with the Open Water (OW) Scuba certification, there are several different specialization courses a certified diver may take from there.
A diver who holds this certification will be able to go on open water dives around the world in conditions that are similar to their training, and continue on to advanced specialty courses. A good advanced OW course introduces students to various types of recreational diving, including: deep diving, night diving, underwater navigation, boat diving, drift diving, multi-level diving, etc.
Most advanced OW courses will include an elective system, allowing divers to try a specialty course like underwater photography, fish identification and biology, hunting and collection, underwater archeology, and wreck diving. Some might focus on academic performance, while others will focus more on performance in the water.
Some of the advanced courses are more advanced versions of essential skills, while others are entirely up the individual.
The course is commonly known as “Stress and Rescue,” because it demonstrates the signs of anxiety in oneself and one’s partner, and what steps to take when it happens. Divers who wish to go even deeper will deal with additional factors like air management, nitrogen narcosis, and decompression sickness. Additionally, divers must learn to handle communication issues, orientation, and nocturnal animals. These courses serve to deepen one’s understanding of the marine environment and make diving even more interesting.

An underwater photography course will teach divers improved buoyancy control and the knowledge needed to get up close with marine life. Of course, there are even more specializations in the technical diving area, with fewer people opting for those types of dives. I was still a big fan of Shari’s and consulted her book frequently for my Mary Kay business.
Imagine my surprise when I discovered that she’d be speaking at ASU mere weeks later at a Sun Devils Wear Prada event! She is a funny, dynamic and relateable speaker with a big heart and a sparkling personality. By providing divers with additional experience under supervision, divers can continue to receive feedback and improve their skills in a safe environment.
While the choice will be largely preferential, be sure that the course will transfer its skills effectively. I discovered that she trained Christian Image Consultants (CICs) and it piqued my interest. Her book inspired me to start doing color analysis, which is still one of my favorite things to do! She actually pointed me out during her presentation AND called my mom on stage to represent the COOL Dominant Color Category!
Read the blog, connect with me on social media, attend a gathering or come on over to my home studio for a MakeUpdate and a cup of tea.

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