Jennifer was named the Central Regional Leader in July 2015 and is responsible for the growth, talent development and investment discipline within the region’s offices. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The selection committee leveraged the reputation of coach Daly, and used his track record to spearhead the team. GeoExposures: documenting temporary geological exposures in Great Britain through a citizen-science web site. A web-based spatial index to the data holdings of the Geological Survey of Ireland: technical documentation.
The application of mineral information management and delivery systems in the sustainable management of mineral resources. BGS-geoIDS - An Analysis of ESRI's ArcIMS 3.0 and its suitability for implementing a web-based Geoscience Database Index.

With the announcement of non-collegiate players being allowed to participate in the Olympic games, it gave the Americans a chance to leverage the NBA talent pool and put their best foot forward.
A coach, like a CEO, needs to be a winner, visionary and charismatic person to bring in top talent. To have a successful raise, you need to have a DealTeam that is willing to put in the work. The players recruited to play for Team USA weren’t just playing for themselves, they were playing for the USA. This can involve helping build key materials, making introductions, setting up appointments, and studying the company messaging to effectively articulate it to potential investors. A lot of credit can go to former NBA coach Chuck Daly, who at the time, was the best coach in basketball coming off two back-to-back championships. The lesson here is that you need to bring people onto your DealTeam that are easy to work with.

This can mean members who are selfless and are committed to bringing money into the business over everything else. Recruit DealTeam members who believe in your companies mission statement as well as the idea that this new cash flow will help make a bigger impact. Daly, along with the rest of the selection committee began running a process on who should join this team. A company’s chance of bringing in investors is determined by the hustle and personality of each DealTeam member.

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