On 15th September, 2010, S N Das released the audio songs soundtrack OST album frim the movie Bazigar at The State Room, Floatel, Kolkata. Kumar Sanu was present there to release the album in the presence of Pundit Ajay Chakrabarty, Ustad Rashid Khan and singer Haimanti Shukla. Produced by Shivam Pictures, directed by Prodyut Bhattacharya and distributed by Silicon Projects India Ltd., Bajigar is a comedy film based on story by eminent author Prafulla Roy. Gautam Sushmit duo are the lyricists for the film whereas music composer is Babul Bose, script writer is Dulal Banerjee and cameraman is Babul Roy.
Rohan and Pamela are the hero and heroine along with Rajatava Dutta, Rama Prasad Banik, Kharaj Mukherjee, Parthasarathi Dev and others.

The story evolves around a rich aristocrat honest person Darpanarayan who has decided to distribute all his property to his children if they are honest by nature.
Rahul finds that all the sons of Darpanarayan are dishonest and decides to submit the report but on request of Sujata (Pamela) he agrees to submit a new file on the condition that all the sons should rectify themselves in the meantime. Darpanarayan suspects something is wrong in the process and appoints another investigator to watch Rahul. The music of the film is from the genre of contemporary Bengali Film Music but some of the songs are good to listen to.
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