Fly like a toucan, slither like a snake, and flutter like a butterfly as you act out this journey through a Costa Rican jungle with Kids Yoga Stories. I love this book- it offers some Spanish words in pictures, combines a great lesson on environmentalism with Yoga for kids. I purchased 16 colorful yoga mats and with your materials, we had a very fun, interactive, safe, and memorable practice.
It felt like Sophia’s Jungle Adventure book landed just when I needed additional inspiration, it is such an engaging resource. We love Sophia, the children can copy her acting out the postures it is great fun, it is adorable to hear the children ask “will we see Sophia and Jungle Jim today”?
I highly recommend your resources, they are beautifully illustrated, engaging and educational, may they continue to influence, motivate and nourish young and old. Thank you for your incredible work, Giselle, making your material available to people like myself is truly magnificent! I use this story in my speech language therapy program to encourage shared imagination and to build vocabulary and concepts. I am a children’s yoga teacher and I love the story and the section at the end of the book when Giselle offers suggestions about how to incorporate this into a yoga class. Sophia’s Jungle Adventure will capture the imagination and interest of both children and adults as Sophia and her family explore Costa Rica. As soon as we got Sophia’s Jungle Adventure, my three children (ages 5,3, and 1) wanted to read it.
I like the themes in this book: travel, environmental stewardship, noticing the animals around you.
I have very recently embarked on the journey of kids yoga and your webpage is one that frequently comes up when I search for specific poses.
I am a new kids yoga teacher and the Sophia’s Jungle Adventure has been a great resource for me. The kids know what’s coming and the impatient kids can already get into ‘position’ when I show them the picture.
As a Physical Education teacher who teaches a daily yoga break to kindergarten, first and second grade students, every one of Giselle’s books are fabulous! I think that Giselle Shardlow’s book is a amazing!I am a yoga teacher for adults and children,I teach in private schools, community center and local studio and a mom of three. Giselle, my son loved Sophia’s Jungle Adventure and “read” it three times today, showing me his yoga poses! I am so very inspired and delighted by all of the fantastic and creative stories woven by Giselle Shardlow and her Kids Yoga Stories series. The revamped English Proficiency Exam here at METU now includes a number of new test items. If you want to use praise to reach your most troubled and troublesome students you need to be aware of a few factors which can make it less effective as a classroom management strategy and as a way of connecting with students. Late bloomers are people who achieved proficiency in some skill later than they are normally expected to. BACKGROUNDUS President Barack Obama has announced further sanctions against Russia over its annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. LinksMy EUO There are many words in English that can be a bit difficult due to the fact that they either sound the same but that a little change in spelling makes a lot of difference to the meaning, or that they seem international in meaning but their meaning in English might sometimes be a bit shifted, if not completely different. This is the 3rd post in the a€?30 days to using the best of the weba€™s free tools for educatorsa€? series.

With an emphasis on imagination and having fun this story ignited my sons enthusiasm for yoga poses, and I love this because I can see his physical abilities being challenged and his mental wellbeing being nurtured.
In term 3, I locked in 3 sessions a week to deliver yoga to toddlers and preschool age children.
The children love it, I play a jungle sounds CD in the background which adds to the experience.
Children act out the story using the poses as they pretend to be various animals seen in the rain forest. I give this story a 5 star rating for the simple, yet colorful illustrations and the opportunity to encourage imagination. The story is filled with a fun mix of poses of both animals and nature elements in a nicely flowing sequence that would be perfect to share in a yoga class or even to read with your child at home. I used to interrupt in between the story to show the kids what yoga pose to do along with the book-sometimes it is difficult to do a yoga pose holding a book at the same time! The poses are easy to grasp through the illustrations but challenging enough to keep the kids interested and engaged.
Children can enjoy the book as just a story or can use the book to do a simple yoga routine.
I think older students would be more engaged by orally telling the story ( not using the book)and asking the students to participate in the story telling while doing the poses while change some of the poses to make them more difficult and adding other ones. The yoga moves correspond to key vocabulary from the story and the pictures clearly demonstrate the poses.
I had the opportunity to read it to little one at school for yoga class and to my kids and their attention was unbelievable.They loved the book. The poses are ordered in a very good way as they go from standing, laying to sitting poses. They offer themselves as a friendly guide and reminder as to how yoga can transform and bring about joy to kid’s lives. ZimmerTwins is a web2.0 tool that allows students to give vent to their imaginative powers and exercise their storytelling skills from early stages to advances ones. The format, content and skills works related to some of the new items in will produce some challenges for teachers.DIALOGUE COMPLETION As normal, the test items will be devoid of any context, other than textual clues.
In this teacher training video youa€™ll discover why the usual way of usinga€¦ Continue Reading a†’ Making Praise More Effective Part 1 a€“ Mistakes Made When Using Praise Continue Reading a†’ Why Is Praise So Powerful?
The key word is a€?expected.a€? School Is a Machine, Learning Is Not Ever since the 19th century, when education was first standardized, learning in popular imagination is highly connected to age. The measures target individuals closely associated with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as a bank, Rossiya, controlled by his allies. Let's have a look at some that give the most trouble to students taking international English exams. Be sure to subscribe to the Teacher Challenge blog by RSS, like us on facebook, and follow us on twitter to keep up with future challenge posts as they are published.
An added benefit of the simple story layout was that it drew our family together (husband included) to experience some yoga and quality bonding time together. I do not come from a childcare background so setting about the sessions was initially a little daunting but given my passion for yoga and its benefits being able to share this with the children is wonderful. Seamlessly integrated into the story are reminders that we need to be mindful of our environment and the living things with which we share it.
Sophia’s Jungle Adventure is great because it has a great story, so colorful that it immediately attracts the attention of a child.

With this book, my students see the picture in the top corner of the page and do the yoga pose that they see.
The story weaves in important environmental issues along with giving information about a jungle ( animals, how the land looks etc.)The layout of the book makes it very easy to use if one has no yoga experience.
I would truly give the book a five star based on the effectiveness of the story, the flow, illustrations, the length and that one can easily associate with the story. I’ll definitely use this resource (as well as many of the other stories) with children I work with. Thank you, Giselle, for helping me get my young yogis excited about something that will benefit them for a lifetime.
I found her “reading” it to herself this morning – she was flicking through the pages saying what she could remember – things like “ride camels? 2- Digital Story Telling in The Classroom This section provides resources and materials for teachers to use with their students in storytelling.
Here is an example of what students will face on the EPE for the new test item for dialogue completion. Ita€™s that time of the year when couples show* their love for each other by sending* cards, flowers and chocolates. Even older children will understand the gentle message that our actions can impact the environment and all things living in it. The yoga poses are plenty enough to fill most kids yoga classes for the targeted age range (4-8 year olds). I was so satisfied that I had no doubt in purchasing all the other books created by Giselle Shardlow. I have noticed at the end of the book that you recommend it can be shortened and that is a very good advice for anyone working with kids even without disabilities, especially when introducing the book to them.
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Overview: In my day, reading comics in school was in the same category of forbidden activities as chewing gum and making paper planes. She has had them for about 6 months now and still pulls it out to read and do the yoga poses. School children sign Valentine's Day cards and bring* them to school for their classmates*. The teachers’ classes that I have been in to share the book have asked where I found this gem! Of course, effective writing requires a good command of the language in which you write or want to write. The pictures are colorful and the compilation of poses in the back of the book is nice as well. It was a great relief to be in warrior 3 rather than trace the mark in your book and point to number 14!

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