This is very famous and free online dictionary that provides definitions, spell check, word origins, etc. It is being updated continuously, so you’ll never fall much far behind in keeping up with the ever-surfacing language. Launched in 2010, Pronunciation Book is a YouTube channel, which posts American English pronunciations for a broad range of works, celebrity names, and pop culture terms. Even if you are an English teacher, sometimes you feel that it is good to ask a native speaker for the right pronunciation of a word. This is such type of a tool that provides clue of how easy text is to read, with the Coleman-Liau, Gunning-Fog, Flesch-Kincaid, SMOG and Automated Readability scoring systems. But the place where we lack is where to get such a resource which could provide us with what we are looking for. A resource of videos from college professors of Berkeley, Yale, and Dartmouth.This one has it all. They provide not  just a professor student interaction ,But is all about sharing and learning and I personally believe we learn more through sharing and listening to others points of view altogether as others can give insights which you never thought of. This unconventional site provides you with information on things that aren't the usual lectures that you might get everywhere.
I'm sure everyone's heard about Apple Company, who hasn't but do you know they also provide an application called iTunes u which is a vast online catalog of free education content from leading institutions. This online education resource teaches you algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculas from the basics to any detailed further study you require. This is the official site of Massachusetts Institute of technology, their main aim is to publish all of our course materials online and make them widely available to everyone.
Operated by the administration of Massachusetts Institute of Technology aggregates and curates video produced by the Institute's offices, laboratories, centers and administration. In a short and simple way as the site explains, here’s the best collection of free online educational videos, lessons, quizzes, games and puzzles.
This online education resource has subscribers from various universities like university of Virginia, university of Washington and Minnesota.It provides insights, developments and research and discovery of various institutions that would affect our lives and futures.
As you open doors to this interesting education resource you will find videos on the piano legend to the recent political affairs to art and entertainment and even history of various cultures and countries. Videos from all around the world by students and teachers themselves, connecting the whole world and making one united global class. This department for education provides you with various distributors which teach you various courses and other training programmes.
This is a free online resource helps you view and share not only videos but photos, audios, documents on almost any topic that would struck your mind. Another free online video education resource, providing expert solutions and step by step advice on various issues. Open Yale Courses provides free and open access to a selection of introductory courses taught by distinguished teachers and scholars at Yale University. New Delhi, bulk sms company in bikaner, bulk sms company in warangal, bulk sms company in mire, bulk sms company in guntur, bulk sms company in bhavnagar, bulk sms company in durgapur, bulk sms company in asansol, bulk sms company in ajmer, bulk sms company kolhapur, bulk sms company i ulhasnagar, bulk sms company in siliguri, bulk sms company in saharanpur, bulk sms company in dehradun, bulk sms company in jamnagar, bulk sms company in bhatpara, bulk sms company in dewas, bulk sms company in indore, bulk sms company in sangli miraj & kupwad, bulk sms company in kozhikode, bulk sms company in nanded waghala, bulk sms company in ujjain, bulk sms company in gulbarga, bulk sms company in tiruneveli, toll free no. The moment we think of learning and improving our English, different ideas come in our mind like to hire a teacher, to join spoken English institute, to read Spoken English book, to take an online course, and so on.

Here, immediately find precise and broad definitions, word meanings, and hear audio pronunciations. At top of the website, seven headings are provided, out of which first is Dictionary and then comes Thesaurus. One can subscribe to their newsletter and obtain an American, English or urban word of the day in their inbox. Readability Score is a helpful tool in learning more on how to utilize English efficiently. Kindergartners, teachers, and parents can print, download, or use the free addition worksheet online. The first is labeled "Download" which will prompt you to download the PDF version of this kindergarten worksheet. There have been many times that you are more motivated and enthusiastic through visual learning rather than the books stacked up lying in the pile. Also, it is said that there is a higher percentage of retaining visuals in the human brain than texts or audio. Lectures from the topmost colleges of US with a vast amount of different subjects to choose from. A very simple website with no superficial content is an ocean of learning from subjects of medicine, mathematics, law, german, french, political science, religious study, sociology, beauty, culinary, dance and what not!
It provides a blogging space where you can share your ideas, put you view points across from colleges and universities far off from your local school.
It’s like an interesting encyclopedia providing you information how you can use geometry in your dancing or how you can design your own bicycle and engineers describing the mechanics and benefits of superconductor trains.
All the iphone users I’m sure will be much more interested as this application is just a tap away.
With 2150 courses and 125 million visitors, this online education resource might end up helping you a lot. An interactive resource, it is best for school kids want to learn and catch up with their basics. You can upload and share your own videos, some interesting facts, your discoveries and what not. Talks related to entertainment, business, technology, design as well as global issues are debated.TED makes up a brilliant platform wherein talks of various known entities are collected and kept for your viewing.
Sometimes, you have to come across several odd sayings, idioms, and slang that will baffle you, though English is your first language – that’s where Online Slang Dictionary comes in. The words are pre-recorded independently and this is not in a type of synthetic speech; thus, one can hear the American and the British pronunciation of the words with a clear voice. With Readability Score, you can take any portion of your writing, paste it in, and then the website will scrutinize your words as per various readability tests. If you're an all-rounder and seeker of knowledge into all fields, this is the site for you guys, and I mean it! With a whole network of 10000 blogs and more and collaboration with word press, this source can give you much more than you can imagine. Each day, the editorial team at MIT Video selects one or more videos to "spotlight" based on the videos' content, production value and timeliness.

There are several free online resources you can use to improve the quality of your English knowledge and speedily advance your proficiency. This tool helps students greatly as now they need not to use the hardbound dictionary in their classroom to assist with their papers and schoolwork in the classroom.
Moreover, the site has many good features including “Word of the Day”, games and tools to build your vocabulary, and explanations of the history behind words.
Here, you will get above 24,000 real definitions for more than 16,000 slang words and phrases. Some of their unique features consist of usage and vulgarity stats, and maps displaying where every word is used. Pronunciation Book has numerous videos on how to pronounce specific words, and these videos are divided into categories such as alphabet, everyday phrases, days of the week, prepositions, and so on.
With more than 160,000 entries, you’re more probable than not to search the words you require. The Fleisch-Kincaid Reading Ease test is the major formula used, which will depict, on a scale of 0 – 100, how trouble-free it is to read your writing. You only need a computer with internet access, then go to some English learning websites and teach yourself without paying a penny.
Hosted by Mignon Fogarty, Grammar Girl is determined to eradicate bad grammar, as well determined to make the procedure as trouble-free as possible. On the other hand, Pronunciation Manual is a channel with absurdly incorrect pronunciations that appear similar to the videos from Pronunciation Book. Based on your grip of the English language, you should able to tailor your words as per your audience. Selecting this will take you to another web page that only has the kindergarten addition worksheet so that you can print the worksheet inside of your browser. Check out here some best free English learning online tools, which are able to take your English writing and speaking from average to great in an effectual, competent way. A dictionary will assist you with basic vocabulary, definitions, and spelling while thesaurus will assist you to increase a basic knowledge of English into more refined realms.
The thesaurus is structured into hierarchical topics, allowing you drill down for particular meanings, or take a step back for a broader outlook.
If you have a well-built grasp of English but desire to push yourself ahead of the mistakes that most people make, then this tool is best for you.
Grammar Girl makes difficult grammar questions easy with memory tricks to assist you recall and apply those disturbing grammar rules.
Just enter the word that you would like to hear the pronunciation or browse the word from their library. This will take you to our kindergarten web app where you complete the addition worksheet using your computer, iPad, or other tablet device.

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