My Life Coach - Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Executive is great image for your collection and this design is free to use with high definitions resolution. Copyright © 2014 Tattoo Design Bild, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Emotional exhaustion, physical burnout, feeling stuck and hopeless, feeling angry, annoyed and sick. But, changing your burnt out state isn’t about taking 1 item off your list or excluding anyone in particular from your life. Burnout happens as a result of a poor lifestyle; your work, the various relationships in your life, poor time management skills, procrastination, low self-worth, poor life skills. If you’re on the verge of burnout, or smack down in the centre of it, it’s time to clean out your life from the inside out in order to see real and long-lasting benefits.
Here is a process that will offer immediate help as well as long term maintenance of stress-free living. In my consultation with Ivana I quickly learned that she was easy to talk to, was relatable, cared about what I was talking about and had good approaches and techniques as a life coach to overcome my issues; ones I felt that I could accomplish.
As our girls worked weekly with Ivana they got to know themselves better, what is special about each of them as well as what they value, what their goals are and what they need to do to achieve them. I have found each of our daughters to have a greater understanding and appreciation of themselves and what our values are as a family. My Life Coach - Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Executive is part of the popular collection wallpapers. Anything else is a band-aid solution that will make you feel like you’re on a roller coaster ride. My obsessive-compulsive behavior stopped me from breaking my comfortable daily routine and trying new things. I no longer feel like my studies are useless and feel determined to do well in order to finally see results and my full potential. Ivana accepted each of our daughters for who they are, using only encouragement and giving them a push when they needed it. Here you can find some new design about My Life Coach - Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Executive for your current screen resolution. So removing something from your life will likely be replaced by something else that eventually leads to equal amount of stress.
This tip works because it offers immediate relief – so you can make plans for long-term change. This will help you identify how you sabotage yourself: The need to prove you’re good enough, the need to prove you’re independent and capable, the need for praise and validation, etc.
8 would be ideal but any medical doctor would be proud of a patient who consistently gets 7 hours of sleep per night.
When our bodies are running around and doing several things at once our minds have to work just as quickly. A daily dose of positivity will help your mind revert back to the good stuff (instead of staying focused on everything awful). I had no self-esteem and didnit think very highly of myself, and was afraid to try something new because I felt inadequate or wouldnit want to take a risk of failing and being ridiculed. The first session focused on uncovering where these feelings derived from and what caused them. Don't think that Ivana does all the work, they are expected to put time and thought into the sessions as well and from this true progress is made. She is caring, knowledgeable and has proven to be very dedicated and resourceful.Julie, Burlington, ON I think you did a great job with the girls.

You can download this as nice desktop wallpaper by right click and save as into your computer. It’s during this time that our thoughts are most likely to slip out of our control and go to the gutter… the same place where burnout happens. In the heat of the moment, women forget outer circumstances have a much lower impact on their stress level than does a toxic mindset. Ivana remained very patient with me even if I was not able to answer some of her questions. Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below.
If you’re taking on unnecessary activities, stop doing that, it’s not doing you any favours. They’ll say things like “My boss is unfair,” “My grown children don’t care for me,” or “My so-called friends continually exclude me.” These circumstances, though they may be real, are not the cause of burn out. She showed me ways of improving my self-esteem and understanding that by breaking routine new opportunities present themselves. After each session she would give me little assignments to complete about myself that I (for once) was excited to complete because I knew it would give her AND me a clearer understanding of myself. I highly recommend the program to others, as I am so appreciative of what Ivana was able to teach and give me.Mollie, Oakville As a family our experience with Ivana has been very rewarding.
You covered a lot of stuff in a short period of time that they will be able to take with them and think about in their futures. Learn your self-sabotaging patterns, find out the root cause and fix them once and for all.
It continues working LONG AFTER your body has gotten into bed and is ready for sleep – your body may slow down but your thoughts won’t. Inspirational material will help you stay positive when dealing with adversity and when it counts the most.
Even though I have finished the program Iim still using and following the different methods and strategies taught by Ivana, and have found them to be a great success.
By the end of the sessions I can definitely say that Ivana gave me the proper tools for camp to prove to myself that I am not stuck and that I can change my behaviour through practice and commitment.
I will be doing a Time Management work shop next week and plan to incorporate what you covered and giving them your handout. You’ll never get your energy back up and your life on track unless you know how to adjust your ‘to do’ list.
This is why you want to have a regular activity you can depend on to slow down your thoughts. I would highly recommend the program considering it has helped me a great deal.Michael, Woodbridge, ON My family always told me it would be good for me to see a life coach or anyone that could help me with my personal issues other than them. Not only did Ivana help me with my insecurities, but she helped me figure out how to get motivated in figuring out my future and how to start making the right steps to get there by assessing my strengths and weaknesses as well as my likes and dislikes.
She has given each of us so much feedback, tools, and new ways to think and perceive what is right in front of us. For a long time I thought it would be useless because I thought I figured things out enough by myself.
I did understood a lot about myself already and my family is very helpful but being coached by a professional life coach like Ivana is something else. They understand Ivana's role in helping them to be responsible, thoughtful and respectful (of themselves and others).
I will keep you on my contact list for future workshops in my career and I hope Urban Arts will do the same.

You get to understand yourself and your issues even more, you learn techniques (ways of thinking and feeling) to fight your demons, you get support and you get to talk about things you can't always talk about with other people. She has helped to guide them in their thought process and teach them how to make good decisions for themselves using the gifts that they each have. All the best to you.Rebeca, Toronto, ON Ivana has been a Mentor with the Richmond Hill Summer Company program for two consecutive summers.
Because Ivana is still young, I was not sure if she would have enough experience to help me but I was wrong.
She knows what she's doing and provides facts about the human psychology and behavior that are very interesting and helpful, she cares about you and she makes you feel safe. For me it is hard to trust people when it has to do with my weaknesses but with Ivana I was able to talk about many things I barely share. The three sessions have passed by fast but even though it was short it helped my life getting better.
The family meetings have had an effect on us at home and things are slowly starting to change for the better.Oscar, Toronto Ivana has worked with my daughter for over one year now, helping to build her self-esteem and confidence through a series of meetings and social events.
Ivana is not a magician, what she gives you is your responsibility to use it in everyday life. She was very quick to provide insight into my daughter’s weaknesses and structured a program that was easy to follow, but progressive. Ivana has a gentle yet persuasive nature, easing individuals to identify their self-worth on their own terms. I still have a long way to go but Ivana definitively made it easier for me.Leila, Oakville, ON Ivana provided our group with an inspiring presentation, completely catered towards the needs of our youth and where they are at. She often went beyond the call of duty and was very flexible with her schedule and her ongoing commitment to us.
I was at a very low point when I decided to sign up for self-esteem life coaching and felt very discouraged. She has made a lasting impression.Addie, Mississauga, Quote of the dayPeople often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. Through our conversations and various reflection exercises I was able to see my negative thought patterns and recognize where I needed to change. I was able to land a new job, had more confidence in myself and my came to terms with some of the issues from my past.
I highly recommend her services.Vanessa, Oakville, ON Determined to break through the block she had been experiencing from recent years, and a setback due to a health issue, Ivana diligently challenged her belief system one-by-one rebuilding it with her own set of values.
Giving her the self-confidence and boost in self esteem she needed to pursue her dream of helping teenagers and young adults overcome the obstacles and challenges stopping them from reaching their dreams.
During that time she has coached many women to build their self-esteem and confidence using her skills and techniques to make positive changes in their lives. Ivana has the ability to help women discover their self-worth and live up to their full potential.
At this time I was about to leave for a 2-month job as a camp counselor in Pennsylvania and figured that I would learn more about myself there and it would help figure out my other problems. Obviously it is not that simple so I was open to the idea of talking to someone before I left, but at the same time felt that no one would quite understand where my feelings were coming from.

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