You will feel accomplished as Blastation keeps you on track and on target with your large and small life visions.
Blastation is stylish and fun to give you long lasting vision appeal while, at the same time, ingeniously designed to give you just the jolt you need to make your best life happen now. If your answer is no, or not quite, then something you are doing may not be working for you. Click Here to view Allison discussing Starting a Business in a Down Economy and her book Blast Off! Exercises that will serve as catalysts to release any residual fear or doubt that may be holding you back from living a full, dream-filled life.

Processes that will guide you to tap into your inspiration and talents, as you design your most passionate and personally fulfilled life ever.
Individual chapters containing practices that will help you to hone in on the essence of every aspect of your life, including your career, relationship, financial prosperity, health, personal fulfillment, and spirituality.
Blastation, Interactive Life Coaching Software is a completely unique do-it-all hub to help you key in on your life passions, become inspired, stay optimistic and get organized. This interactive life coach is web-based so always accessible online on your desktop and PDA. WorkbookCompanion Workbook to the Remarkable New Life and Career Acceleration Book, Blast Off!

Coaching Program™, this workbook provides you with the creative space to expand your work through this potent, life changing program. Workbook is an invaluable guide for those who are ready to move beyond talk to actualizing a life of passion, meaning, and substance.
It is an invaluable tool to assist in unleashing and manifesting your deepest dreams in all aspects of your personal and professional life.

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