The best - 28 combinations with Unique Threes using the full pool of 49 and with coverage maximized to give only 54.25824% of Sixes uncovered. Social ResponsibilitySocial ResponsibilityBCLC was created to have a positive impact on British Columbia.
Our players help Play It Forward Thanks to players, billions of dollars have supported communities and helped B.C.
Voluntary Self-Exclusion Keep gambling safe and fun by understanding how the games work and what the odds are. How Gambling WorksHow Gambling WorksLearn how skill and knowledge factor into games of chance. Claim a Prize Find information about what to do when you win and where you can claim a prize.
BC CASINOS FEEL THE THRILLSDon’t let your Thrills go southIt’s always thrilling to play in BC. Sports Action Mobile Every twist, turn and tackle is more meaningful when you have something riding on it.
More time to buyThe Draw time is now 7:30pmYou have more time to buy all of your favourite Lotto! Finding HelpFinding HelpIf you find yourself gambling too much, or if it no longer feels like a game, there’s help if you need it.
DISCLAIMER: In the event of a discrepancy between the results posted on this site and the official BCLC winning numbers report, the latter shall prevail. High-powered integrated lotto-5 software freeware — the most powerful 5-number lotto software package anywhere.
First, you need to become a registered member of this Web site (for a reasonable membership fee). It is also recommended to visit and read all the valuable information on the main software site. This menu comprises the most important programs and functions of the Bright5 software package.
It opens an empty window of MDIEditor And Lotto WE to type in or paste in the 5-number lotto results (drawings, draws, past winning numbers, etc.). The final step is to sort the drawings (the lines in your lottery files) in ascending order.
Bright5.TUT (more info on lotto data files, including the very important operation named concatenation).
This version of Bright5 requires a D5 data file of at least 4000000 (4 million) lotto combinations (lines).
Here is the best procedure of creating the SIM-5 and D5 files to meet the size requirement of 4000000 (4 million) combinations (lines). The program sorts the W5, MD5, GR5, DE5, FR5, SK5 reports by column, helping the user see more easily the filters -- e.g.
The function analyzes the 4 W5 + 4 MD5 reports to establish any type of strategy, between MINIMUM and MAXIMUM values. The culprit is the number in the column which is no longer aligned with numbers above and below. It generates lotto-5 combinations for situations when a particular strategy (as in the ST5*.* files) hit in the past.
This program generates a series of reports on the pairings of the lotto-5 game; it also generates pairings in the manner of lotto-5 combination generators in Bright5. The program is especially useful in conjunction with the LIE (REVERSED) strategy feature present in all lotto combination generators. This program takes an input file of lotto-5 combinations and converts the combinations to 'k of 5' lotto wheel format - from '1 of 5' to '4 of 5'; also, a number of combinations can be input in a random manner, without any wheeling. The function is useful if you want to reduce the number of lotto combinations in an output file previously generated.
I had written an original essay touching a few issues of creating winning systems from the Birthday Paradox, or the probability of repetition. With this new knowledge in mind, I studied some real data: Lottery drawings and roulette spins.
The Birthday Paradox: Combinatorics, Probability of Duplication, Coincidences, Collisions, Repetition. The function counts how many times each lotto-5 number came out in the specified range of past drawings. It sorts the lotto data files in ASCENDING order; it only formats nicely the pick-3, pick-4 and horseracing files.
This task can be also performed specifically for 5-number lotto data files in Super Utilities (Main Menu), option T = Sort or Add-up Data Files.
This task can be also performed specifically for 5-number lotto data files in Super Utilities (Main Menu), option W = Check for Winners. Shuffle lotto combinations files (text files); then go to the line equal to the probability median (FFG = 50%). This program creates lottery and gambling systems based on two or three consecutive skips; the most recent skips make it into the system. Lotto, Lottery, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Horse Racing, Roulette, Football: Systems Derived from Skips. This program parses the lottery data files to make sure they comply with the format required by LotWon lotto software.

The program writes to disk the lines of specified indexes in a file, usually a strategy file created by STRATEGY*.EXE lottery software. A big lotto program that works with groups of numbers: odd, even, low, high, frequency numbers, sums or sum-totals. The same function can also generate lotto combinations from multiple lines of 6+ numbers each. Generate 5-number lotto combinations from 5 lines of numbers representing the 5 positions in a lotto-5 combination. Generate 5-number lotto combinations based on frequency: "hot" digits, "mild" digits, and "cold" numbers.
Generate a special report for lotto-5 regarding the SKIPS of the subgroups of numbers: Singles (Ones), Pairs, Triples, Quads, Quintet. This software generates ALL possible types of sets: Exponents, permutations, arrangements, combinations - and Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions combinations. Comprehensive Generating: Exponents, Permutations, Arrangements, Combinations, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Horseracing. The program finds the lexicographical order (index or rank) of a given set and conversely finds the set for a specified index (rank, or numeral, or lexicographic order).
This software generates combinations in the FFG median zone and inside the bell (Gauss) curve.
This program takes a lotto data file (drawings) and adds indexes to the corresponding combinations in the file.
Combinations Generator: Any Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Horseracing, Two-In-One Lotto Games. The 'Generalized' option calculates the odds for any two-in-one lotto games, including Powerball, Mega Millions, and Euromillions. Lotto software generates combinations for absolutely any type of lotto game, plus horseracing straight sets. It can be used well in conjunction with the LIE (reversed lotto strategy) feature in the combination generators. This program creates all the statistical files for 3-drawing ranges - calculated by the FFG.
This program is useful in conjunction with the LIE (REVERSED) strategy feature present in all lotto combination generators. The ultimate lotto wheeling program takes a source wheel file and replaces the 'system numbers' with user's lotto picks to a destination file.
The special lotto wheeling software verifies the lotto wheels for missing combinations; if missing, the software will plug-in the lines needed to complete the lotto wheel. Most software titles require a one-time payment to download – all software for one very reasonable price.
The other designs shown with excessive repeat subsets don't even come close, even when a few extra plays are allowed for the Covers or Wheels with Guarantees. One must be wary here because 13,983,816 possibilities is not the same as that many random draws. I hoped with the forum format that there would be some constructive input from others but that has not been the case so I will in due course construct a different portal with a greater emphasis on presenting the information, rather than looking for input from others. The abjectness and absurdity of this Cover is further revealed when it is realized that just 12 of the combinations maximized for coverage give the same uncovered percentage!
For 28 of the combinations maximized for coverage of the Sixes the uncovered percentage rises to a whopping 91.15284%. The software user will always start with creating (once) and then updating (in every run) the data files.
Based on the reports, you feed the combination generating program (L or R) or the wheel generating program (W in Menu #2) with the filters. The strategy report will show how many times a particular lotto strategy hit in the past lottery drawings.
The value can be wider than what I planned as the maximum length for that particular filter. You need delete one (very rarely more than one) character at the end of that lengthy number. We keep records of past lotto draws (maintain data files), then analyze the data files and generate the winning reports. That is, the program starts and ends the generation anywhere in the lotto set, instead of lexicographically. You can open the LIE file and generate combinations that do NOT contain groups of lotto numbers existent in the LIE file. The pairings do not lead to winning 5-number lotto combinations the very next draw, far more often than not.
We can generate lotto combinations for the top 15 or 20 top pairings — and we will be wrong for sure. The numbers in every combination (line) in a lotto data file must be sorted in ascending order. The combinations to play were saved first to output text files by the combination generators.
It also calculates the sums of each draw in lottery files, plus root sum, and standard deviation.
The program also generates a lotto-decade report and a report of frequencies from 3 groups: hot, mild, cold.

In this particular example, the combination generators from pools or groups of numbers belong to the utility software. Run first the Frequency Reporting module, and then the combination generator (lexicographic or random). Both the minimum and the maximum levels of the following filters are applicable in the latest version of a tough program: ONES, PAIRS, TRIPLES, QUADS, and QUINTET. Applicable to these set types: Exponents, permutations, arrangements, combinations, Powerball (5+1), and Euromillions (5+2) combinations. The program can be used for: pick-3 4 lotteries, horse racing, lotto-5, -6, -7, Powerball, Mega Millions '5+1', Euromillions '5+2', roulette, sports betting, and soccer pools. The indexes are calculated based on the combination lexicographical order or index for that lotto game. The 'Horseracing' option calculates the odds for exactas (top 2 finishers), trifectas (top 3 finishers), superfectas (top 4 finishers), etc. Furthermore, this incredible lotto software even generates lotto combinations within a range of numbers, or between any lexicographic order indexes (ranks). A data file will be checked against itself as if playing the last N draws before current draw. Those that are within 10% proximity are definitely not Covers or Wheels with Guarantees and effectively this proves wrong that Covers or Wheels with Guarantees are superior for this number of combinations as advocated by the likes of Professor Iliya Bluskov and Gail Howard. Far from increasing the chances of getting a Five with a repeat of 54 of the Fives it decreases your chances not to mention the 624 Fours and 916 Threes repeated. The membership pages have also clear instructions on downloading, installing, and running the software. It's a very good idea to create a simple text file where you record various lottery strategies: ST names and what the strategies are based on. You will notice that two neighboring columns are no longer separated by at least one blank space.
Make sure that there is one blank space between the numbers in the two columns and that they are properly aligned in the respective columns. There are lottery players and gamblers who now realize how important the probability of repetition is. Also, the function saves to two files the 'most frequent pairings' (BEST5) and the 'least frequent pairings' (WORST5). Uncooperative lottery sites publish lottery histories (drawings, results) in an unnatural order: The most recent drawing goes to the bottom, instead of the TOP. The function is useful when you need to combine multiple output lotto files (OUT5) or LIE files and work with one files, instead of working with the files step by step (e.g. High values for the minimum levels of the filters will visibly slow down the combination generating processes. A LIE file is predicted to lose or to have NO HITS next lottery drawing (or a few drawings in the near future).
That is, the user has the choice to generate lotto combinations with constant gaps or skips between them. There is a correlation with the difference in the figures being explained through nearly 9% of the possible draws giving multiple wins which when averaged out increases the Win percentage. Practically all Lotto games around the world will be covered and the annual subscription will be a nominal $5.00. The section of the mathematical community that espoused this Cover as being beneficial in Lotto and still continue to do so, should bow their heads in shame.
If we create the pure wonder-grid with the top-4 pairings, it will not hit the jackpot in thousands of drawings. Copy and paste has the advantage of creating top files which are not necessarily the top pairs.
The program creates summary reports for the game: Every sum-total and its amount of combinations, plus percentages.
LotWon lottery software requires starting with the most recent draw, and go all the way down to the oldest drawing in that lottery game (bottom of file). For example, starting at the very top of a combination set (the lexicographical order #1), then step 90, the following combination generated will have lexicographic order #91,…, and so on, to the very last combination in the lotto set. For example, you copy and paste the numbers corresponding to the pairs in the range 10 – 25. The 'Strategy Hits' function reports how many combinations a particular lotto strategy would have generated in winning situations. You want to see the same line numbers in WS*.* files for a more comprehensive lotto-5 strategy. But first you need to press Y (for yes) to enable the specific LIE function when the prompt appears on screen.
This unique application grew from the request by many people to create software to automate the calculations in the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). FFG discovered the most fundamental elements of theory of probability and also the Universe: The relation between the degree of certainty (DC), probability p, and number of trials N. Finally, you select the START lexicographic index; the program automatically calculates the lowest index and the highest lexicographic index possible.

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