Learn to use Excel for work: From creating spreadsheets through to creating advanced formulas and functions.
This Excel course teaches advanced techniques including VLOOKUP formulas, nesting IF statements, Charts, Pivot Tables & Macros. Learn how to use Excel for Mac with examples (P&L Reports, Expenses…) that take you through, Formulas, Conditional Formatting and Advanced techniques such as Mail Merges. Here are our recommendations for the best excel books for each profile of student: Excel Beginners, Advanced, VBA and for Mac.
If you already know the basics and want to become an advanced user, this book is ideal: It teaches you advanced excel skills with easy to follow, real world examples. If you found this page useful, let your friends know by sharing it on your favourite social networks!
Knowing how to use Excel can save you hours by vastly reducing the time you spend on repetitive tasks and number crunching. De naam Softonic en het bijbehorende logo zijn gedeponeerde merken van SOFTONIC INTERNACIONAL S.A.
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Discover how to use Microsoft Excel 2010 like a pro with an Interactive, Extensive Online Video Training Course. 126 lectures (9.5 hours of content) teach you everything you need to know about the power of Excel from basic to intermediate steps. An exciting visual training method that offers increased retention and accelerated learning.

Online learning that breaks even the most complex applications down into simple-to-understand and use steps. Are you ready to fly to the top of your industry’s class and leave your competitors in the dust by simplifying your business spreadsheets with a click of a mouse?
Do you want to discover how to super streamline your data and accounting processes for more effective business practices?
Or would you simply like to expertly computerise all those mind-numbing data tasks around the office so you have more time to spend on growing your business?
Even better, with Udemy’s extra easy, clever online learning format, you’ll also discover professional Excel tips and tricks at a time that suits you and your business best. Veteran Infinite Skills professional Guy Vaccaro introduces you to the latest version of Microsoft’s standard spreadsheet application. As part of this course, you can also download your own files and work alongside Guy as he teaches you how to use Microsoft Excel 2010 for the ultimate in hands-on learning.  If you need to go back and hear a point again, just press pause and replay at will – easier and less embarrassing than interrupting a real life lecturer. And, if at any time in the future you need to brush up on your Excel 2010 skills it’s so easy!
This kind of expert knowledge is priceless – but for a limited time you can get insider knowledge from one of the world’s leading Excel experts for just $49.
Go on – thousands of happy business owners have already used Guy’s tips to super-charge their accounting, budgeting, planning, cataloguing and other spreadsheet processes.  And today you can go to the top of Excel 2010 class for just $49 when you click buy now!
It has a range of very powerful features including advanced calculations, graphs and a macro programming language called “Visual Basic” to further extend its capabilities.
Includes instructions on how to customize the new Ribbon interface, how Mac Office integrates with Windows and many other useful features.

Professions that find it particularly useful include Engineers, Surveyors, Researchers, Teachers, Project Managers, Operations Management, Accountants, Auditors, Scientists, Finance and Big Data Analysts. Dit is onder meer om advertenties te personaliseren, social media-functies aan te bieden en ons webpaginaverkeer te analyseren.
For a limited time only, learn how to process time-intensive everyday data tasks effortlessly for only $49 (was $99).
This deal also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime access to the course, so you can brush up on your skills any time you want.
I am an entrepreneur so I don’t have time to fiddle with books or classes that meet for hours but I need Excel to efficiently and professionally run my business. He’ll explain step-by-step how to perform operations and function starting with absolute basics like how to create your very first worksheet. The emphasis is on teaching real life skills that are essential in today’s commercial environment. Ook delen wij gegevens over uw gebruik van onze site met onze social media-, advertentie- en analysepartners.
Those alone have saved me hours of time out of my week!  As a beginner you’ll understand every step of Guy’s online training and get hands on experience you can only learn from a true Excel Guru.

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