ENS-Inc approaches information technology projects using best practices and standard methodologies. These best practices have been set forth by industry standard organizations for coordinating, executing, and managing software and systems engineering projects.
These phases serve as a programmatic guide to project activity and provide a flexible but consistent way to conduct projects to a depth matching the scope of the project. ENS-Inc life cycle methodologies are built from standard frameworks set forth by industry leaders such as the Project Management Institute (PMI). By establishing a standard and repeatable methodology for each endeavor, ENS-Inc provides its customers with excellent service and delivers consistent, reliable results. For your project delivery, ENS-Inc develops both a Project Management Life Cycle and a Product Life Cycle which interact with each other. Project Management is the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing project activities to achieve successful completion of project requirements and objectives. The ENS-Inc Product Life Cycle (PLC) is based on a simplistic, structured approach to software and systems engineering life cycles. For your project delivery, ENS-Inc develops both a Project Management Life Cycle and a Product Life Cycle (PLC) which interact with each other. Regular measurement and monitoring of progress identifies variances from the project management plan so that corrective action can be taken when necessary to meet project objectives. Project closure includes activities that formally end the project or project phase and turn over the completed product to the customer. The ENS-Inc project management approach is based on the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) foundation and recommendations. This industry-standard framework combined with ENS-Inc’s industry-leading, certified expertise provides exceptional quality service for our customers. Each phase of the ENS-Inc Project Management Life Cycle produces standard assets which mark the transition from one phase to the next. Formally authorizes the project and summarizes the project information such as background, purpose, benefits, goal, objectives, scope, assumptions, and constraints. The narrative description of the project scope that provides a documented basis for making future project decisions and for confirming and developing a common understanding of project scope amount for stakeholders. A high-level decomposition of the work to be executed by the project team to accomplish the project objectives and create the required deliverables; also known as a Work Breakdown Sturcture (WBS). A detailed work plan that captures planned dates for performing project activities, tasks, and meeting project milestones.
A questionnaire completed by the project sponsor that is designed to capture customer feedback on whether their project expectations have been met or exceeded. Assesses the success and failures of the project, identifies best practices for future projects, resolves all open issues, and formally closes the project. Change Management – Establishes a method for identifying, analyzing, controlling, and resolving change requests in a timely fashion.
Quality Management – The objective evaluation of processes, assets (work products and deliverables), and services against defined descriptions, standards, and procedures. Issue Management – The methodology that supports the needs of each project by identifying, managing, and resolving issues in a timely manner.
Risk Management – A continuous practice of anticipating, mitigating, and monitoring risks that may impact the project and objectives. The ENS-Inc Product Life Cycle (PLC) is based on a simplistic and structured approach to software and systems engineering life cycles. Waterfall – Sequential or big-design-up-front (BDUF) models focus on complete and correct planning to guide large projects and risks to successful and predictable results. Agile – Methodologies focus on light-weight processes which allow for rapid changes along the development cycle. Spiral – Combines elements of both design and prototyping-in-stages in an effort to combine advantages of top-down and bottom-up concepts. Depending on business and technical needs, ENS-Inc works with our customers to determine the most appropriate approach. For example, if a customer requires fast application development, the ENS-Inc Project Life Cycle (PLC) will be tailored for the spiral life cycle approach by incorporating prototyping to facilitate rapid development. Each phase of the ENS-Inc Product Life Cycle (PLC) produces standard assets which mark the transition from one phase to the next.
A Captures a condition or capability that must be met or possessed by a system, product, service, result, or components to satisfy the business and technical objectives.
The preliminary phase of design in which both well-defined problem specifications and high-level strategy solutions are presented. Artifacts that capture specific details relating to the configuration, build, and support details of a system, network, software application, or hardware component.

The strategy that will be used to verify and ensure that a hardware or software product or system meets its design specifications and other requirements. Detailed listing of activities, costs, expected difficulties, and schedules that are required to achieve the objectives of the project.
Captures formal and informal learning plans, which may include classroom training, informal mentoring, web-based training, guided self study, adn formalized on-the-job training. By using an integrated approach of Project Management Life Cycle and Product Life Cycle processes combined with industry-leading technology competencies, ENS-Inc delivers consistent, reliable results.
ENS-Inc develops and deploys your enterprise solutions and then provides the onsite training and knowledge transfer to empower your success. ENS-Inc develops and deploys enterprise solutions and then provides the onsite training and knowledge transfer to empower your success. Project Management is known to be one among the most vital processes for designing and developments of any project; therefore the selection of a project management tool sometimes is critical. Project management is a process by which the project are planned, defined, monitored, controlled as well as delivered so that the agreed advantages are recognized. With rising demands of project management within all areas and the software industry in specific, need for better and free project management tools in order to manage software efficiently is also rising. This is one among the easiest to use, Gantt chart based project’s scheduling and management free project management tools.
TaskJuggler offers an optimizing scheduler which computes your project’s time lines and resources assignments based on project outline and constraints which you have provided.
This also is an open source free modular application for coordination of group activity and to share document and information via the internet. This is a lightweight, small, platform-independent program which is written in Java which allows anybody managing multiple projects, tasks or clients to effectively keep a track of how long they’ve exactly worked on every project. Released as an open source, so that you don’t need to worry about customization or vendor lock-in problems. Extensible quickly by utilizing plugins which are created using standard JavaBeans frameworks. This is also one among the self-hosted PHP, Open-Source free project management tools for managing tasks, teams and projects through an instinctive web interface. It’s a complete web-based solution focused on enhancing productivity, collaboration, management and communication of your teams. It is another modern Web application which allows teams to work together on projects, manage files, milestones, and tasks, and send immediate message to each other.
Project management is a balancing act of organization, planning, vision and motivation and it can be very difficult to successfully manage projects on a consistent basis. Microsoft Project Standard 2010 delivers powerful, visually enhanced ways to simplify planning, collaboration and resource management so you can successfully tackle all types of projects. AEC FastTrack Schedule 10 makes it easy to organize, track, and manage all your project details. Oracle Primavera P6 Professional Project Management is the recognized standard for high-performance project management software designed to handle large-scale, highly sophisticated and multifaceted projects. Basecamp is an online project management and collaboration tool that gives teams essential workspace for day to day operations.
Basecamp can be integrated with a variety of web and desktop applications including other productivity software developed by 37 signals. The product is specifically designed for project managers that need to handle the company’s projects and resources in a centralized way. Even more, RationalPlan Multi Project can be used as a standalone application or to connect to RationalPlan Project Server.
Project KickStart Pro’s planning wizard, intuitive Gantt chart, customizable reports, and exports to programs that you use make it a great choice for anyone with a project to plan. Life cycle defines the phases of a project from its inception, through planning, development, and delivery.
Analysis and design tasks help refine scope and ascertain the best approach for the Product Life Cycle (PLC). Phase 4 encompasses implementation activities involved in deploying the new system or product. Our talented and certified consultants and engineers each have an average of more than 15 years experience working with the public sector in California.
It completely depends on your needs whether you wish to opt for any online solution or the desktop one. You need to use the tool which is providing sufficient functionalities to cater all your requirements of project management. OpenProj solution is perfect for desktop project’s management and it is available on Unix, Linux, Windows or Mac.

It’s open-source free software for all uses and it is maintained by open community of the volunteer programmers. Its new ways for planning and tracking projects is more superior and flexible to the commonly utilized Gantt chart editing tool. Built-in consistency checker and resource balancer offload you from needing to worry about inappropriate details and ring an alarm if project goes out of your hands. Components of PHProjekt consist of Group Calendar, Time Card System, Project Management, File Management, Mail Client, Contact Manager, and much more. Thankfully, there are software solutions on the market today that can dramatically help a project manager take care of the organization and planning, so they can focus on the vision, relationships and motivation! With Project 2010, individuals, teams and the enterprise can realize the results of unified project and portfolio management by adding Microsoft Project Server 2010. New consolidation and schedule-building tools help you plan more efficiently, keeping your projects on track and within budget.
It can be used to organize projects up to 100,000 activities, and it provides unlimited resources and an unlimited number of target plans. It allows teams of all sizes to use cloud-based task lists, discussions, documents, calendars and more to ensure projects stay on track. Additionally, 37 Signals has recently released Basecamp for mobile, so you can stay on top your tasks throughout the day, wherever you might be.! Besides all Single Project features, Multi Project version comes with additional ones when projects are interrelated by task dependencies or common resources, or if you just want to see all projects’ data in one place. In this way project managers can have not only a multi project management system but also a multi user project management system. Raised the son of a software entrepreneur and younger brother of a Microsoft Software engineer, he has been immersed in emerging technologies from childhood. Primavera is well known in large construction project, MS Project has been a leader in generic project scheduling until recently. Projects bring about changes and project management is known as the professional way of managing this kind of change. It’s a total desktop replacement of the Microsoft Project and opens even present native Project files.
It already has been successfully utilized in lots of projects as well as scales simply to projects with lots of resources and tasks. The flexible “as much details as required”-approach lets you to plan your project, making it also perfect for fresh management strategies like Agile Project Management and Extreme Programming. Actually its function is same as commercial project management products, however allows the scalability and freedom of self-hosting. I’ve seen it both ways and have had great success where the PMO is seen as endorsed by senior leadership. The software listed below all have their strengths and weaknesses, so it’s up to you to choose which solution fits best for your needs.
Project Server 2010 ensures organizations select and deliver the right projects while gaining greater visibility and control of resources, leading to improved productivity and better business performance. Ideal for both experienced and first-time project managers, FastTrack Schedule 10 helps teams to effectively and successfully manage projects. Massive data requires sophisticated, yet highly flexible organization tools to provide you a multitude of ways to organize, filter and sort activities, projects, and resources. Concurrent access for multiple users is now possible through the use of the server architecture. Project KickStart’s 6-step planning wizard provides a framework for brainstorming and planning project tasks. Mason loves big ideas, flying, controversy, and has an unhealthy dependency on Chicken Tikka Masala. FastTrack Schedule delivers descriptive project snapshots that are sure to make an impact with clients and colleagues. This solution has Earned Value costing, Network Diagrams (the PERT Charts), Gantt Charts, RBS and WBS charts, and a lot more.
This covers the complete range of the project management tasks starting from the very first idea to completion of project.
It helps you during the project scoping, revenue and cost planning, resource assignment, communication and risk management.

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