Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) or Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is a mental state characterized by two or more identities or personalities that control a person’s behavior, accompanied by memory impairment.
We won’t get into great details when it comes to psychological definitions, nor symptoms, We’ll try to focus exclusively on movies and the way this state has been used to create fascinating plot twists and movie characters. Not many movies manage to handle this plot device in a believable manner, but here is a short list of those which succeeded to do a considerably good job.
When the bizarre Farrelly brothers are at the helm, you know what you are in for – a comedy with a solid script, full of rude, black humor and awkwardly inappropriate situations.
He plays a too-nice-to-be-true state trooper, whose kindness has been abused and taken advantage of countless times throughout his life.
When he is given a seemingly easy task of escorting a woman who allegedly committed a hit-and-run, things are not what they appear to be. This fast-paced comedy allowed Carrey to exploit his talent to the fullest, and he does so by demonstrating glorious transformations from the good-natured Charlie to the deliciously wicked Hank. After Jack Nicholson’s creepy turn in “The Shining“, Johnny Depp delivers another good performance as a writer in deep trouble, based on Stephen King’s literary source.
Not a stranger to the roles of unbalanced and mentally unstable characters, Depp is in his own backyard, playing a man who begins to doubt his sanity while connecting the dots between himself and the mysterious visitor, but also the novel in question which bears a scary resemblance and his own life. Sadly, while Depp is outstanding, the film itself fails to deliver the “shocking twist“ it was aiming for, leaving us with the familiar “been-there-seen-that“ feeling. In this erotically charged thriller, Michael Caine stars as a psychiatrist who has troubles rejecting his frustrated patient’s advances, but also has to stop his unstable transgender patient Bobbi from doing anything inappropriate. Here Caine plays the role completely atypical for him, proving once more how versatile he is as an actor.
He takes on a very complex role in an emotional sense, and plays it with great ease, although he is a bit underused sometimes. However, Caine is among more convincing characters in the movie, and he steals almost every scene he is in, making the viewers wish he had more screen time.
An eminent child psychologist conceals some terrible secrets which emerge when he finds out about his wife’s infidelity.
It manages to deliver a greater amount of suspense and emotional restlessness (there is much less nudity, though), and the credit for that mostly goes to the truly captivating main character, John Lithgow. Every character he plays is different in speaking, movements, manners and gestures, ranging from a little baby to an adult person. Kevin Costner may seem a strange choice to play an emotionally complex character like this, but he pulls it off quite well.
When he thinks he finally can control his harrowing needs, his alter-ego emerges again, pushing him to continue killing (he is known as the Thumbprint Killer). He is a beautifully wicked combination of brutality and humor, the latter always being needed when we are to have compassion for such a character (since he is the most important in the movie, it is obviously necessary). Every list about DID or MPD needs to have an entry about Jekyll and Hyde, because this novella was the first one to mention this disorder.
March is brilliant playing a doctor who believes there is a good and evil side in everyone, and making a potion to separate them. While he had to trade flowery, romantic dialogue with Rose Hobart as Jekyll (and it becomes boring after a while), there are no restraints for him as Hyde, and he can play this simian-like character with relish. Smeagol is one of the most interesting characters of the trilogy, firstly because of the fact that he is among the handful of them who show shades of grey in their personality.
Considering that it is a computer-generated character, Andy Serkis had a very difficult task to express this haunting emotional conflict using his voice only. In his own words, he based Gollum’s desperation and craving on the withdrawals of heroin addicts, and his own hobby of rock-climbing came in handy for his on-all-fours performance. I totally forgot about Frailty, and I agree that SI is over-rated, I wrote it was predictable and generally saved by DiCaprio.
Primal Fear is a joke, the most mainstream dumbed-down Hollywood take on the dual personality one could brag about at mother’s group. I really enjoyed the article, but I don’t believe that LOTR is a movie about multiple personality disorder. You should have mentioned that Primal Fear does not really contain multiple personality disorder, since it turns out the character was faking it all along. If you are going to write spoilers in brackets next to the title, at least take the minute to write a WARNING! The show followed the exploits of Riley Parks (Hewitt), a single mother who works in a massage parlour that offers 'special services' to its clients.A Hallisay played Riley's absentee husband who abandoned his family and runs into trouble with the law. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. In this collection of 5 best secret service movies, I have carefully selected those movies with corrupt secret service, CIA, NSA and FBI agents that I have seen, love and can recommend. Many of us watch movies for the entertainment they offer while some usually look for more than the entertainment side of the movies. From a corrupt Police Chief to a defected spy, most of these secret service movies give us an insight into some of the behind-the-scene activities of the world’s top secret service.
Below are the lists of 5 of the best secret service movies that highlight corrupt and illegal activities within the agencies. Bad Boys came out in 1995 and features two hip detectives protecting a murder witness while investigating a case of stolen heroin.
The Bourne film series are award-wining movies that offer complete package of action and spy. Lethal Weapon (1987), features a story of a veteran cop, Murtaugh, who is partnered with a young suicidal cop, Riggs. Enemy of the State is another really fascinating and surely one of the best secret movies I love to watch and watch again. This is another really interesting and arguably one of the best secret service movies that one can watch.
The new Harry Potter movie's finally coming out this summer, so here are 15 Harry Potter 'owlers. After Quirrell announces there's a troll in the dungeon, Dumbledore shouts, "Silence!" and soon continues, "Teachers will follow me to the dungeons." In the following shot of McGonagall, the wires that the candles hang from are plainly visible. When Harry and Ron are sat on the train, Ron's hair begins with a centre parting, but soon changes to a side parting. During the flying lesson scene, some strands of Hermione's hair have very deep crimps on both sides of her face in a few shots.
In the dueling scene, when Snape pulls Malfoy back onto his feet, a cameraman is visible on the far left of the screen.

Rushing to make Hogwarts Express at the train station, the shot opens as the camera pans Ginny's trunk and TWO marks come into view.
In the first exterior shot through the back patio door, as the Dursleys eat, the kitchen window and patio set below are visibly quite far from the white patio enclosure. When Hermione and Harry go back in time, they duck and hide from Malfoy (after being punched) and his friends as they leave. When Sirius flies off on Buckbeak, the ground on which he takes off from is a perfectly clean stone ground with nothing on it.
Straight after the second task Hermione wraps her own white towel round Harry, but between shots it jumps back to her shoulders, then back to Harry's several times. After the Yule Ball, when Neville walks into the dormitory, his shoes hang round his neck by their laces.
When Fred or George passes the note to Ron in the Great Hall, encouraging him get a date before all the good ones are gone, the position and style of writing on the note changes between shots. There are two scenes during which Harry is shown having visions of the Dept of Mysteries while he is asleep. At the playground, when Dudley and Harry have a confrontation, Dudley wears black shorts with large white designs of words and numbers. It has been used ever since the first adaptations of “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde“, but especially in the last few decades. Obviously, the title itself is a major spoiler, we will try not to give away much more, but still, proceed at your own risk. Hence, this was a perfect vehicle for Jim Carrey, allowing him to do what he does best, and create his funniest character alongside Fletcher Reede and Lloyd Christmas. Years of suppressed rage finally take their toll, and he suffers a nervous breakdown, triggered by his wife’s infidelity, thus creating Hank, a violent and rude alter-ego who will stop at nothing to get what he wants and enjoys retaliating against people who harmed Charlie. They soon find themselves on the run from corrupt police officers and thugs led by the woman’s mobster ex-boyfriend, and Hank’s constant resurfacing at the most inconvenient times doesn’t help either. He seems to be having a riot, completely letting himself loose’, and he truly owns the film. Not nearly as good as the former, this movie still has a strong central character, Mort Rainey, once-famed writer, who finds himself in a pickle when a strange man accuses him of “stealing his story“, and becomes increasingly violent over time. The answers he ultimately finds are extremely unpleasant, but it is a delight to watch Depp accepting his own distorted and horrific reality, and thus forcing the viewers to take another look into the soul of the writer in question, who they came to care for over the course of the movie. However, even though the ending is predictable, the fans of Johnny Depp will be satisfied to see him tackling a very meaty role successfully.
He does what he can to bring the necessary suspense and tension, but this is not always easy with the given material, since this is a direct homage to “Psycho“, although to call it inferior to the aforementioned masterpiece would be an understatement.
Although the movie is just a tiny bit more than being a piece of cheap fun, he delivers a solid performance as a conflicted doctor with some highly complex issues about his sexuality. Daddy issues have rarely left such a scary mark on an individual, and now he projects them onto his own daughter, wreaking havoc when many different personalities appear. He carries the movie by managing to give his tormented character (who is obviously meant to be a villain) a human dimension, so the viewers grow to care for him despite his obvious mental issues.
A truly brilliant turn that brings back memories of his fantastic roles in “The Twilight Zone“ and “Ricochet“.
Although the plot is a bit generic (a respected gentleman tries to cover up the fact that he is also a serial killer), it is handled pretty successfully, as we watch the constantly conflicted anti-hero trying to suppress the violent urges that overwhelm him from time to time, and hide them from his unsuspecting family at the same time. This movie employs a rarely used technique – two personalities are clearly different from the start (and played by different actors). With a persistent detective on their trail, the two characters have to lay low and be resourceful, as it becomes more and more difficult to be a distinguished gentleman and a serial killer simultaneously.
In order to see how intriguing and interesting it was for the filmmakers, there have been 123 adaptations of it so far.
He is an absolute joy to watch as a menacing, monstrous beast who turns the life of a cockney hooker into a nightmare.
This fantastic devotion paid off and he became one of the most exciting characters in the franchise. Like LOTR, plenty of these simply have this as an added element, not as the main driving force behind the story.
A very freaky tale about siamese twin girls who were separated after they reached adulthood. The cable network has cancelled the Jennifer Love Hewitt drama, which completed its second season back in June.A The decision to end the series was the result of drawn-out negotiations between the 34-year-old star and network executives, who could not agree on the creative direction of the drama's third season. The drama ran for 25 episodes and averaged just over 2 million viewers by the end of its second season. Secret service movies with CIA, NSA and FBI themes are some of the most interest movies with fascinating suspense and action that I personally like. Starring Will Smith, Martin Lawrence and Lisa Boyle, Bad Boys is a comedy, action as well as crime movie in which two best friends and detectives in the narcotics division of the Miami-Dade Police Department set out to investigate how $100 million of seized heroin (the biggest drug bust of their careers) got stolen from a secure police vault.
The Bourne Identity stars Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, suffering from extreme memory loss, attempting to discover his true identity amidst a clandestine conspiracy within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
The movie which was release in 1998, is about a group of rogue NSA agents who kill a US Congressman and try to cover up the murder. In 16 Blocks, an ageing cop is assigned the ordinary task of escorting a fast-talking witness from police custody to a courthouse. She loves blogging, content writing, social media, branding, travelling, gadgets and health products.
In other shots the crimps are far looser and still in additional shots, there are no crimps whatsoever.
As Ron begins to flip over in the overhead shot, the trunk has five strips of brown trim - two on the edges and three in the middle. Later, when Vernon falls to the ground as Marge floats away, Petunia runs to him and now the kitchen window, on a supposed brick wall, is actually right beside the white patio enclosure! The rectangular outline of a power pack (battery pack for hidden cordless mic) is visible at her lower back, under her pink jacket.
Yet after Sirius has flown off, Harry and Hermione run across the same ground, only now it is covered in dead leaves, grass and mud, etc. While he says, "You alright Harry?" in Neville's first close-up his black collar lies flat, the shoes' laces hang round his white shirt and the heels touch.
The number of lines changes from four to three and the words are written lower on the paper when Ron reads it.

The first scene occurs after Harry's confrontation with Seamus in the Gryffindor common room. Just as the giant lifts Hermione off the ground, in the shot from behind her, Hermione's legs disappear below her calves; the digital lines are actually visible. When Dudley and Harry enter the tunnel and then later, when yumpy Dudley is in his house, Dudley's shorts have completely different designs (though it is the same type of shorts).
Recommended if you are a Jim Carrey fan and you can get past the low-brow and sometimes vulgar humor. Twelve years after the previously mentioned movie, Brian de Palma strikes again, with another psychological thriller, which, while having a very incoherent script, is fast-paced, sometimes funny and occasionally really scary. Given that the material he had to work with is not exactly first-class, he really made the most out of it.
Without a doubt, this is one of the better Kevin Costner’s roles in the last couple of decades. While not a single one of them is completely true to its literary source, the one with Fredric March, who earned an Oscar, is one of the most famous ones.
Since this was a ground-breaking movie where you can feel the innovation almost literally dripping from the screen, it required a strong actor to play both parts convincingly. His transformation, both physical, due to fantastic make-up and effects, and artistic, is the pivotal part of this movie.
He immediately falls under the dark spell of the ring which significantly prolonged his life.
It is known that he drank dozens of bottles of the so-called Gollum juice (lemon, honey and ginger) to keep his throat lubricated for his intensive vocal performance. There will always be a few we haven’t, I know, and it sucks, because none of us are Martin Scorsese crazy and have seen just about everything ever made, but I always read these lists from the point of view that I should do so with caution. The only reason I see it is not included would be its ending where we can’t really say if that is disorder or really a double role.
Followed by The Bourne Supremacy which continues the story of Jason Bourne, a former CIA assassin suffering from psychogenic amnesia.
The NSA agents were unaware of a video camera set up by a wildlife researcher that has captured the entire incident.
When Harry and Ron moan and get up, Ron's trunk now has four strips of brown trim - two on the edges and two in the middle.
Adding to the absurdity, the entire house is in the opening shot of the film and that middle part of the wall is conspicuously missing. In the second shot his black collar is flipped up around his neck, the shoes' laces hang round the black collar and heels are about four inches apart. There are shots of Harry lying in bed wearing a short sleeve, crew neck tee shirt, but when he is startled awake by the vision of Voldemort, he sits up wearing a buttoned henley tee.
Hence, even though there are occasionally satisfying segments, the ending comes across as cliched and predictable.
You should definitely give it a shot if you are a fan of Lithgow’s and De Palma’s, you’ll be in for another mesmerizing acting creation. Brooks, who has no problem to be a murderer, but is disgusted to see the pair of victims making love with open curtains. He balances beautifully between the respected doctor in love and his freakish, murderous alter-ego who starts to prevail over time.
He simultaneously loved and hated both the ring and himself, constantly torn apart between the desire to possess it (and the power it holds), and the desire to break free of its sinister influence. His audition was so impressive that Peter Jackson decided to have him perform Gollum’s movements, as well as the voiceover. The film isn’t about that, but the portrayal is perhaps the greatest in film history on this subject. It focuses on Jason Bourne’s attempt to learn more of his past as he is once more enveloped in a conspiracy involving the CIA and Operation Treadstone. In Lethal Weapon 2 (1989), Riggs and Murtaugh are on the trail of South African diplomats who are using their immunity to engage in criminal activities.
In their attempt to recover the tape, the wildlife researcher got killed while fleeing but he had already passed the tape over to an old college friend who happens to be a labour lawyer. Weasley (Mark Williams) is cued and begins to say, "10:58, come on, come on!" just as the actor hits his tape MARK on the ground below, while Percy's (Chris Rankin) trolley hits its tape mark, so Harry is visible behind him, and cues Mr. The outline of Harry's power pack at his back is visible as well, as he bows to Buckbeak at the pumpkin patch, when they rescue him.
As in Bad Boys I, the movie features Martin Lawrence and Will Smith as Marcus Barnett and Mike Lowrey respectively.
Then came The Bourne Ultimatum where Jason Bourne continues his search for information about his past before he was part of Operation Treadstone and becomes a target of a similar assassin program. There after came Leather Weapon 3 where Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh pursue an arms dealer who is a former LAPD officer. This movie highlights pure and absolute abuse of power and government resources by corrupt politicians. The fourth in Bourne series, The Bourne Legacy, does not feature the titular character of Jason Bourne as it did in the previous 3 series.
With personal crises and age weighing in on them, LAPD officers Riggs and Murtaugh must contend with a deadly Chinese crimelord trying to get his brother out of prison in Leather Weapon 4. Eddie is a witness that has to be escorted from local custody to the courthouse 16 blocks away to testify on a police corruption case before a grand jury.
Later in the film, when Harry has the vision of Arthur Weasley's attack, he is wearing the henley tee shirt.
Weasley says, "Okay" for Ginny to go and in the shot as Harry says, "Let's go," their marks are obviously gone.
They all wanted Bunker dead as his testimony will likely put several officers who are involved in the corruption scheme in trouble.

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