Of course, since you are here reading my HootSuite review, you are most likely a blogger, so you probably have accounts on billion social sites, of which you can’t even remember half. One of the biggest problems with so many social media sites and accounts is running them efficiently on regular basis, because that is the only way to keep them active and keep attracting new followers, which will them become your blog visitors. I’ve used a lot of social media management systems and tools since I started a few years ago, and Hoosuite is the one that is keeping me the longest.
Hootsuite is a social media management system that will let you manage pretty much all of your social profiles from one place. Manage multiple social profiles such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ Pages effectively and efficiently. Of course, no tool would be complete without analytics, because testing and tracking your efforts let you decide what to keep and what to ditch. You can also organize your team members and my favorite when it comes to collaboration – you can delegate to team members. I use a handful of RSS feeds that are sent automatically to my social media streams, from blogs I read religiously and trust their content is the best.
This actually creates a constant schedule in my tweeting, so even if I was away for weeks, my accounts would still have activity going on.
Of course, this is a must have in any social media management system, at least for me. It is a time saver and it also helps with reaching people in different times zones. Yes, you can even save messages as drafts in Hootsuite and comeback to them latter when you are ready to share. Great option when you want to scribble a quick message but need to find a link to go with it and are short of time at the moment. I use these heavily and they are great for building your brand and your social media presence. You can upload your files and photos directly to Hootsuite and share them via a simple shortened link. Shortened URLs are connected to the Analytics so you can see the click throughs and determine what worked well for you and what didn’t, this helps a lot in adjusting the way you work, and increase your performance. Hootsuite has an app for almost any device, I am using it on iPhone and iPad and the app works without any problem.
Needless to mention that besides apple products, you can get apps for Android, Blackberry and Keitai. HootSuite University is an online certification program that delivers best-in-class education on HootSuite and social media for all levels of learning, from beginners to industry-leading professionals.
As I mentioned, you can take Hootsuite in your pocket by installing it on your mobile device.
Also Hootsuite has a fantastic clean looking and easy to use UI, which results to a great user experience.
For example, my dashboard at the moment lets me work on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube, Instagram and LinkedIn, and I am talking multiple accounts on most of these, plus clients’ accounts. Another great things is that certain apps will let you directly cross post, so I can go to my Instagram stream and re-post an image and while doing it, choose which of the networks I want to post it to. Some of the networks, you will install them directly from Hootsuite dashboard, while others, like Instagram and Youtube for example, are installed as apps. Another great app is RSS reader, you can import your exported feeds from Google Reader, or add feeds directly. I started using this app just recently, and I added my own feeds, so I can RT my posts from time to time the easy way. Some other apps that may interest you are Flickr (sharing photos), Digg (seeing all the top stories and maybe using them for inspiration for your next blog post), Constant Contact and MailChimp (for email marketing) and so on.
Best thing about it, HootSuite has a Free 30 Day Trial that will allow you try HootSuite Pro account features as well as any of the account upgrades Free for 30 days.
Note: Please keep in mind that users in trial must manually add the upgrade features they want to try during the 30 Day Trial. GET FREE EMAIL UPDATESGet our latest articles delivered to your email inbox, plus download our FREE 15 minutes later marketing guide.
I manage numerous social media accounts and Hootsuite Pro fits my needs and my pocket perfectly. Although I have used HootSuite for a long time I have never used some of the features mentioned here. Brankica did a great job, and hopefully we can do more in the future, I really like how you connect with the community and I love how your developers team put together this amazing system!
I Had Always Wondered that why isent their anything to control all your social media from one place . If fresh blueberries are unavailable, substitute frozen blueberries and increase baking time by 15 minutes.
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Today is the day 15 of The 30 day blog series on How To Grow Your Business In 30 days or Less. To bring out the best of your resources and potential, there is no alternative but to adopt a perfect time management approach on a regular basis.
I hope that you will begin to put in place, these measures to help you get the most of your time and achieve more in your business process.
Inspirational QuoteEvery great man, every successful man, no matter what the field of endeavor, has known the magic that lies in these words: every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING“Placida is very focused and enthusiastic, so much so that she easily carries you along. Remember to allow times for input (memorising information) and output (retrieving and practising what you have learnt). John has 3 exams in the following order:, Marketing (60%), Research Methods (30%) and Human Resource Management (70%).
Base decisions on the allocation of marks: if the multi-choice section is worth 10 marks and the essay is worth 20 marks, and you have a good indication that you need to study 3 topics, clearly the essay is the priority. Make calculated and strategic decisions about the number of topics you will need to cover, and your strengths and weaknesses. Even if you are not a blogger, and could care less about blogging, chances are you are at least using Facebook and Twitter.
So if you have a customer support guy and a lot of the tweets you get are questions about your product, all you have to do is assign the tweets to him for follow up. Hootsuite Pro and Enterprise versions let you upload a file with 50 tweets directly to the tool and this works like a charm because you can reuse all those files over and over again.
Students enjoy continuing access to to video-based courseware, an extensive Lecture Series library of tactical tips from industry thought leaders, a social media jobs board, a weekly #HSUchat, and more!
Another great thing is that you can use it on your computer from almost any place, there is a Hootlet Chrome extension and a Chrome app, Firefox add on, desktop app for Mac (using this one too, love it). In Addition, you can even switch between three different Hootsuite themes, so that’s Hootsuite the way you like it. They add so many social networks to Hootsuite, that with all the social sites I am using, I never have to leave Hootsuite for anything. Having all that in one place, makes it so much easier to run my own, and other people’s social media campaigns.
My favorite feature of this app is that ever feed item will have a little share option next to it and you can directly share it through your Hootsuite. I go through my feed, hit the share button, schedule it for some times in the future and I got tweets ready to go out all the time. It will let you handle so many tasks in one place that you may never need to use another tool.
Further, users in trial must also manually remove the upgrade features they do not wish to continue using prior to the end of the 30 Day Trial to avoid being charged at the end of the trial. If you need help building your online business or want to hire someone you can trust, you can always find me at home.
I think Hootsuite really is an awesome social media app, and the right app for a lot of people.
I discovered HootSuite somewhere else online and I have the iPhone app installed but I have not yet used the app or created an account. It seems the article was convincing enough for me to go pro in the next month after a 30 days trial. I have been using it for about 2 years now, and to be honest, it is my main tool for managing my twitter account. However, one disappointment is the analytics – although quite comprehensive they are expensive when you have more than one account. I have been using Hootsuite for quite a long time – and regularly recommend people to try it out. The price for HootSuite is very reasonable, and I should say that it could take your social media optimization in a higher level! Combine 2 cups flour and salt in bowl; cut in butter with pastry blender or fork until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Do you wish you could slip into that coveted spot in the yard where you don’t go to people, but people come to you? See how much time you are supposed to spend on one particular task and how much time was actually needed. Make a to-do list: Before start your day, make a to-do list on a priority basis and assign the appropriate amounts of time which may require completing these tasks.
Define your goals while manage your time: This comes as a very important issue when you are planning to mange your time accordingly.
Utilize your idle time: You can easily maximize your productivity by utilizing your idle time. Organize your working resources and ways: Don’t ever continue with your messed up tables and file cabinets.

Delegate your works: If you are in business you do not want to work as though you are still on a 9-5 job with hard labor.
These steps will help you to develop an organised approach to revision for tests and exams.
For example, if you have an exam worth 30% of your total mark, and another worth 60%, you may want to spend more time studying the second paper. The sample timetable is divided into 40 minute sections as this is a typical concentration span for many students. These should be listed in the Administration Guide, or at the beginning or end of each topic. Some of the analytics features will cost you extra, but you can do most, if not all of your tracking, with the free package.
SlideShare is a great site to get huge amounts of traffic by uploading slideshows to it, and adding it to your social media dashboard will just make it easier on you. Just click it and it will put the title of the post and the link to it in your message editing space, pick the network you want to share it with and hit the button. With their app directory constantly growing and Pro package for a very low price, you can not go wrong.
You list some great points- I think the app directory is a particularly compelling one as is the teams functionality. Thanks for the insight into the features of Hootsuite we didn’t know about yet, for example RSS Feeds, Search Streams, and File Sharing. Your list of features in this blog post has motivated me to do so and try out this service. Seems it not only manages all the things about social media but also acts as a platform for all of them while sharing. The free or the paid version will be able to offer a lot of help when it comes to the amount of resources spend on managing multiple social media accounts, profiles and lists.
Most time when you allocate time to your task you find out that you accomplish more and for some reason have extra to do other things. Times like while you are on a lunch break, you could have your lunch with a business colleague, employee whom you need to meet up with to discuss business or whatever you are working on at the time.
Give yourself the opportunity to think of ways you can generate revenue for your business , and get more involved with the core of your business, while task like administrative and technical things can be delegated to people who love and can do it be than you. If you are using a required text, you might find these at the beginning or end of chapters as well. We signed up Hootsuite University and would appreciate any feedback on whether it’s worth the $. The key point it to be focused while carrying out that task and letting nothing distract you. You don’t need to arrange a special meeting for this purpose just have your lunch with them and deliver your message. Keep all of your required files in a decent and arranged order so that you could save time by searching for them. Try outsourcing some your regular task, there are virtual assistant everywhere that can help you in the day to day running of your business.
You need to watch that grill with an eagle eye to turn, baste and reposition the Pinterest-able portions at the tip of your tongs. Check most of your emails and be done with your personal phone calls when you are on a coffee break. The same theory goes even for files you are not considering as necessary at the moment, you never know when you need any particular document. Try to keep all these resources in an arranged manner and make appropriate indexing of these resources.
Even you could finish most of your online communication while you’re on the way to office, home or any other places.
Because I have to use Hootsuite’s own url shorteners, I am locked into only using Hootsuite for everything.
Place dough into ungreased 9-inch pie pan; unfold, pressing firmly against bottom and sides. Using different url shortners means that you can’t analyses click throughs very easily. Most other apps allow bit.ly, but this means analytics will be fragmented across different platforms. I use one across all the social media management tools I use, but I can’t use it with Hootsuite.

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