The advent of HTML5 revolutionized the designing and development industry and totally changed the way development was done before. Considering the advantages of HTML5, it is quite obvious that all developers and designers are always on the lookout for some good tools that can help them make their work easier, quicker and hassle-free! If you want an environment where you can test, explore and experiment around with different types of CSS, HTML, or JavaScript codes.
As the name hints, this tool allows creating really cool patterns such as lines and stripes etc. This awesome tool allows customizing your loader to make it look more attractive and eye-catching and providing the visitors a better experience while the thing of their choice is being loaded. This tool makes testing fonts for suitability with your design really easy as it takes away all the hassle of font codes etc, but simply allows you to test website fonts by dragging and dropping them. It enables adding life in sprite images by adding them with HTML5, CSS3, or JavaScript codes. This one is a simple tool that allows creating art using your mouse, thus the name Sketch Toy. As the name suggests, this awesome and feature-rich tool allows creating animation that is compatible with all browsers. Initializr is rightly named so as it lets you start developing from scratch by offering you an environment where you can select which parts you would like to be included in the HTML site development and which not.

This tool actually gives you a kick-start for your website creation from scratch as it allows editing buttons, lists, tables and typography etc in a few clicks.
This tool helps you choose the suitable font by allowing you to view real-time previews of your page with different fonts so that selecting the right font won’t be a very difficult task. Webdirections is  a nice playground for codes that allows them to test, explore and experiment with their codes.
This one is an awesome site for coders and developers etc as it allows working, checking and experimenting on HTML5, CSS3, or JavaScript codes. This one is a really cool game development website that uses HTML5 creation of fast and handy games that can be easily played from touch screen devices and desktop browsers both. This tool allows making sprite sheets and style sheets automatically according to the picture uploaded.
As the name hints, this tool is perfect for animators and cartoonists as it allows creating drawings that can be seen shaking.
CreateM is a really cool HTML5 environment that allows editing all properties in your website. HTML5 brought with itself an easier and quicker way method of development and provided developers with a lot of different tools and features that can be used to make their work a lot easier. So to help our friends out, today we share with you all a collection of 20 Best HTML5 Development Tools to Save your Time.

It will provide you real time results as you type, thus making the coding process quicker and easier. These switches can be made using tiny codes that are compatible with various OS and browsers.
It has got some of the simplest click options as HTML5 Tools, CSS Tools, and design tools etc which can be easily and quickly accessed by clicks.
This makes editing your website on the browser an extremely easy task all with simple clicks.
Its features are highly practical and usable which allow presenting online content in a much better and enhanced way. HTML5 tools not only help designers and developers make their website much more beautiful and better looking but also enhance its usability and user-friendliness.
These tools and features allow incorporating amazing pictures, video, audio animations, effects etc to their web pages.

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