Do you see what just happened?  You just blew through $60 million in a single day, that’s not bad at all. Commission your own tinier version of Mount Rushmore on a boulder, featuring just your face, and maybe Jason Statham. Buy a storefront in a busy metropolitan area, black the windows and pay a man to stand out front screaming for whoever’s inside to return his children. Hire a D-List celebrity like Steve Guttenberg or Erik Estrada  to hang out with you for a few weeks at places like Wal Mart, Chilis and the bus station.  Berate them loudly for their ineptitude and poor bowel control.
Now then, you’ve got a chunk of cash and you’ve also spent a good chunk on something awesome than anyone else has ever dreamed, it seems like you might be done, right?  My God, you’re more wrong than the wrongest wronger on the wrongest day of wronging shit.
Finding the winning numbers for Powerball or Mega Millions is a problem that every player encounters. Regardless of the lottery, finding the winning numbers is a very difficult undertaking and chance is the sole master of the game !
Actually, luck is unpredictable and giving you the right numbers is impossible (and would be cheating). This system was designed for the Euro Millions, and we have tailored it for each main national lottery depending on the number of numbers per grid and to play. Hello, Sylvie here, and I wanted to let you know that I got 4 lottery numbers this Monday June 10th which won me 1,704 Euros thanks to your system by playing with 10 Euros, and I wanted to thank you.
If you can chose the 5 numbers to pick out of 28 numbers rather than 56 we have 2 times as much chance of finding the winning numbers! For our system to work, our series of 28 numbers must contain at least 4 winning numbers and ideally 5 winning numbers. With 5 winning numbers amongst our 28 numbers, you will have exactly double the chance of having ticked the right 5 numbers.
The chance to have as much as twice the luck of winning a jackpot of 50 or 100 million Dollars is one big advantage, no ? Actually there are thousands of ways to make a series of 28 numbers, but we only had to develop a small number (10) which are very regular and have at least 4 or 5 good numbers in them. The “System” that you will receive is composed of 2 modules of 10 series of numbers, one module for the Powerball and one for the Mega millions. Our system does not give you the numbers to play, but can as much as double your chances of finding them ! And you use your 5 numbers for example 1-10-37-48-55 on the official lottery ticket or Euro. This combination which we have in our system has lead to a return of $ 250.000,00 to the bettors who used it.

Our system does the work and, according to the draw, you will have twice as much chance of ticking the right numbers ! It is this paradox that is surprising : it’s impossible to predict the right 5 numbers because chance cannot be predicted, but we still have to choose 5 !
By playing a grid by series, with a total of 10 grids you will as much as double your chances of finding the winning numbers in at least one series ! This is a disadvantage because you have to bet more often, but small things as well, because for a little win of 4 numbers this is worth it ! Look at the results from the draw, we have always, with exception, 4 or 5 good numbers in the series !
If you bet on the 10 series you will automatically have more chance of winning in 5 series, either for 3 number or 4 or 5 depending on the draw and the lottery. We can’t tell you if you are going to win, but you will tick the grid with almost 2 times more chance of winning than your neighbour !
The “System ” that you will receive is composed of 2 modules of 10 series of numbers for Powerball and Mega Millions and Free for you the System Euromillions ! Every reader will have a better chance of winning by applying the information in Lottery Master Guide. Once you apply these lottery strategies, you will never look at lotto numbers the same way again.
You can improve your "luck" by using knowledge and skill to zero in on winning lotto numbers. Choose numbers for the lotto game YOU play that have the greatest probability of winning in the next drawing. Tell if a lotto number is about to start a long losing streak before it loses 15 or 20 games or more. See how often you can expect to trap the six, five, four or three winning numbers in your wheeled group.
Eliminate one quarter to one fifth of the lotto numbers in your state's game and turn a 49-number game into a 39-number game. Spot a Hot Number before it gets hot -- so you can be on it when it starts its winning streak. Know which of last game's WINNING lotto numbers has the best chance of winning the next drawing. These individual lottery specific charts are given for every pick-6 and pick-5 lotto game in the world. It can be summed up in the following sentence : “Knowing the right combination ahead of time is impossible.

But other parameters of the game do not depend on luck : the amount of numbers per grid, the number of numbers to pick etc.
To explain it we will use the example of this game with 56 number and 5 numbers to chose, but we have also tailored it for other lotteries.
We said to ourselves, if we could chose the 5 number to pick, not only from the 56 normal numbers, but also from a “special series” of only 28 numbers, then, automatically, we will have 2 times as much chance of picking the right numbers ! Any mathematician, regardless of where he comes from or even his era will attest to our system.
All the difficulty is there and it’s the choice of number from our series that make it useful. It’s the optimal research of these numbers by the series which make our system so worthwhile. This result means that our system works and that you will have ticked at least one of the grids with an enormous advantage and often doubled you luck !
It’s a good idea full of common sense and a bit of help from a someone gifted in gambling that is worth more than all the calculation software available ! So we have a very simple system which works and doubles your chances of ticking the right numbers in the best case scenario !
Simply put it’s an enormous advantage, especially if there is 100 million or more in front of you !
Making a list of 28 numbers is very easy, but the fact that they regularly are made up of winning numbers is another challenge !
You don’t need anything else and you will chose for yourself your numbers from our series to make your grids. You will notice that it’s easier to tick the right numbers because you are only choosing from 28 numbers instead of 56. You will have, depending on the number of winning numbers that the series contains, the chance to double your luck of ticking 4 or 5 numbers. Conclusion : with our system you have as much as 2 times more chance of finding the winning numbers !

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