One channel for digital publishing using the DBL texts is the YouVersion application, which is being used by millions of people around the world and expanding rapidly as Scriptures in more languages are made accessible.
The app now has the Bible in 600 languages for people to read, listen and even share with their friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.
Starting in January 2014, RENEW will be following the journey of the Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation, tracking the Story of God and His people. Reading through the whole Bible in a year takes a time investment of 10-15 minutes each day. The ESV Daily Bible Reading Plan is also available in the Bible app created by YouVersion for iOS and Android.
There are many more good plans out there. Trent Hunter’s “The Bible-Eater Plan” is an innovative new approach that has you reading whole chapters, along with quarterly attention to specific books (sit down and read a whole book every few months). We don’t have devotions and pray in order to avoid the guilt of not having devotions and not praying. You need to share what God is saying to you and have others share what God is saying to them.
The beauty and joy of 2014 will not depend upon your circumstances, but upon your experience of the One you were made for.
RENEW is a new church plant gathering in the Oregon City area seeking to embody the Grace, Renewal, Hope & Love of Jesus.
Another concern I had was losing an appreciation of the immediate context within each list, but I’ve since discovered two things.
The very best effect it has is rapid, broad-scale contextualizing across both testaments and all the different biblical genres.

Different plans fit different people, but if you’re looking for a devotional jump-start, this plan has changed my life for the better. Jason lives in central Ohio with his wife Shelly, three daughters, and a vicious miniature Yorkie.
This is a central library for Bible texts, used by all agencies partnering in the global “Every Tribe, Every Nation” (ETEN) initiative. Know this about yourself: are you already a self-starter and follow through with your goals? The plan especially highlights OT chapters that are crucial to the storyline of Scripture and redemptive fulfillment in Christ. We have devotions and pray to know Jesus and his Gospel, and revel in all that he is for us and all that he has won for us. Consider doing one of the above plans with a group of people, a spouse, a roommate, in your City Group or your church leaders. Nineteen months in, I read first thing in the morning and typically complete the day’s reading in 45-50 minutes.
The goal of ETEN is to have every Scripture translation stored in the DBL, and to use the latest technology to make these Scriptures available to every person on earth. Rather than plow through the Psalms and Proverbs all at once, you’re revisit a new one each day.
Plan to linger a bit, praying over the needs around you and ask God to give you light for your path. In the same investment each morning, about ten minutes, you can read through the New Testament in six months.

Feel free to browse  and well as others thoughtfully constructed whole Bible reading plans to help you learn from Jesus. Like many of you, I’ve tried my hand at plan after plan after plan, but this is the one that has stuck.
When you get to the end of any list, you simply start over within the parameters of that list. Since the interweaving is constantly changing, you will experience the Bible commenting on itself in constantly changing ways. Most of us — your pastor included — tend to need a gentle reminder about what to do each day.
The same with the New Testament, the doctrines of grace and redemption found in Jesus will be on display each time you open the Bible.
Since each list varies in length, the program is constantly evolving and interweaving in fresh ways.
It is like no other system that way, and it provides constant variety as well as consistent conviction. Your righteousness is not in how consistent your devotional life is; it is in Jesus Christ who is constant and ever faithful. Unless something else comes along that really knocks my socks off, this will be my personal Bible reading plan for the rest of my life.

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