This is an awesome way to study prayer: to go through and read and study the prayers of Abraham, David, the kings, the prophets, Jesus, the apostles etc. As you can see, I've copied the chapter and verse address in the margin and then rewritten the passage in the notebook, highlighting verses of particular interest.
These prayers get to the heart of the book and the heart of the prophet as they reveal the burden of the Lord for the backslidden and the necessity of intercession for the disobedient.
Of the 71% who want Black Letter, 14% (6) stated that they only use Black Letter, which indicates a strong opinion or preference, whereas none of the Red Letter supporters went beyond stating a preference.
Red letter originated in 1899 and reflects an attempt to make the spoken words of Christ stand out due to reverence for doctrine that came directly from Christ's mouth. Many would hold that such matters are trivial and that the contents of the book does not change, and its the contents we should focus on rather than the color of the print. It seems my readers on the whole prefer Black Letter, which is may not be indicative of the Christian population, but may reveal a trend that is growing through the internet and the blogosphere. Taking the Bible as literally as possible (perhaps too literally) would necessitate the literal hearing of scripture as well as reading the Bible. Faith Comes by Hearing is an evangelical ministry dedicated to the free distribution of audio Bibles and New Testaments in as many languages as possible. One of their ways of gathering support for their ministry is through the free distribution of English audio New Testaments. I've downloaded a number of versions and made a playlist of certain scripture I'm attempting to memorize. You can also buy versions from their store and other materials, which will help support their ministry, and of course you can donate.
Dollar Stores also tend to have Audio Bibles on CD and DVD (usually KJV) for $1 or perhaps a bit more if you want a more popular version (James Earl Jones would be nice). For my current study or project I'm going through the book of Isaiah, which I've already read and marked in my pew Bible, and taking all the prayers or verses directly addressing God and copying them into a small composition notebook. By copying the verses I am able to read the words more slowly and repeat them to myself in an effort to meditate on them and hide them in my heart. Every time I read through the major prophets, I am astounded at the heart that God gave them. He's hungry for a demonstration of God's holiness and majesty that will change hearts and minds.
Our willingness to allow God to apply the Bible and its words to our hearts is the beginning of a miraculous change God desires to make in our hearts.
A special thanks to all the Bible Design Blog readers who popped in and fleshed out the voting.

Red Letter enthusiasts may explain a preference for Red Letter Bibles with a theological stance that Christ's words are more easily made into doctrine. The spoken word's most valuable supporting text is in fact the Bible, which establishes an idea of Logos as the vessel for God's power.
This train of thought would encourage reading the Bible out loud, listening to sermons, going to church and ministry events and listening to an audio Bible. They currently distribute audio Bibles in 452 different languages to more than 152 different countries. You can download a simple download manager and have access to 13 different English translations (and other languages) which are available for free download in MP3 format.
I burned a CD for my car and hope to recite the scripture along with the CD, which will help me memorize.
It is unique in its approach since it highlights seven different reading categories: Epistles, The Law, History, Psalms, Poetry, Prophecy, and Gospels. When I finish reading the whole Bible, I'll be able to flip through and find every passage that mentions prayer, supplication, intercession, crying out to God, pleading with God etc. I've gotten into the habit of collecting verses and rewriting them in notebooks, grouping them together and reading and comparing them in "collections." This gives me an entire ten pages or so of prayers from the Book of Isaiah. He's desperate for a move of the Holy Spirit that will bring the fear of God into the land. Though the western world is saturated in the Word of God, it is even more saturated with the lies of the enemy.
There were a total of 42 votes (the same as the last poll; there must be something about the number 42) and Black Letter won with a whopping 71% (30) of the votes to Red Letter's 21% (9). Many state that two or three verses are needed to support a readily teachable doctrine, whereas teachings that come directly from Christ's mouth become doctrine without other textual support. Black letter enthusiasts may explain their preference by reasoning that the Bible is all equally inspired and that certain verses should not be made to stand out, and that separating the words of Christ leads people into a poor theology that those verses are more authoritative or more important (Red Letter Christians is a political movement that seems to hold this belief).
While I personally do not make a strong distinction between the necessity for literal hearing and the necessity of mentally hearing through silent reading and meditation, literally hearing the word of God aids memorization, boosts faith and can make the scripture a more visceral experience.
These are printed in full-color (both sides) on 5 x 7 inch cardstock that will fit nicely inside most Bibles.
I will also be able to find every prayer ever prayed to God in the Bible in the Old and New Testament.
These prayers include the laments of Israel, the supplication and intercession of Isaiah the prophet and the prayers of king Hezekiah.
They could not keep silent before God, but begged him to have mercy on the people even as they begged the people to repent of their idolatry.

Only God can sanctify us and cut out the roots of sin in our lives through His word and the Holy Spirit's sanctifying work in our lives. Normally I would never ask these kinds of questions, but the poll is anonymous and I'm interested in how readers attack The Book. Many also explain their preference because Red Letter makes verses easier to find and just makes the Bible a little prettier ; ). Other reasons include readability and the often less than aesthetically pleasing execution of Red Letter which results in the words of Christ in orange or pink and slightly out of alignment with the rest of the text. It cuts in both directions, destroying the lies of the enemy and convicting the hearts of others even as it cuts our own heart, penetrating our desires and paring our affections down until Christ is our simple, single love. There are many times when I've felt the need to read vast amounts of scripture per day and many times when I felt that God wanted me to focus and meditate on a very small portion. He wants all the adversaries of God, all those who are enemies and unbelievers in their hearts and minds to be confronted with the name of God. It has no understanding, it has no consideration of the things of God, but it only controls us if we set our hearts on its desires.
It pierces the joints and the marrow: the soft nourishing places that exist surrounded by hard bone. He wants there to be a great shock and surprise across the land as God descends and does awesome things in the world. This is a prayer for a mighty move of God, a call for God to intervene and bring whole nations to repentance. If our fleshly desires sit on the throne of our hearts it will produce sin and unrighteousness. The apostles in Acts saw God come down, they saw tongues of fire, they had burning hearts, they saw men of many different tribes, nations and tongues tremble in the presence of God, crying out "What must we do to be saved!" God help us pray with the same desperation for His intervention in the lives and situations around us.
It knows our hearts, and it shines the light into the darkest parts of our heart, illuminating the source of God's displeasure with our lives. We are empowered to understand and we must give account for the Word's success or failure in our lives as we either succumb to this painful surgery or resist the operating table and dodge the scalpel.So how shall we respond.

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