Ferentz, 60, enters his 17th season at Iowa as the Big Ten’s dean of coaching and the third-longest tenured coach in college football. The Cedar Rapids Gazette reported in the spring that a survey by Public Policy Polling of self-described Iowa fans found 46 percent approved of Ferentz’s job performance and 30 percent did not.
Skinny: Scowling even though 11 wins in four of the past five seasons have Sparty fans smiling.
Skinny: Yeah, he got a contract extension last season, but fuggetaboutit if things go south in Jersey. Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern: The man nicknamed "Fitz'' has the Wildcats ranked in the top 15 of both national polls after a surprising 5-0 start.
Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports 14Kevin WilsonHead Coach, Indiana Hoosiers Kevin Wilson has one of the toughest jobs in all of college football. Jim Harbaugh, Michigan: The new Michigan coach is the highest-paid coach in the Big Ten and second-highest in the country at a hair over $7 million, although his non-school pay was not immediately made available to the USA TODAY.

Familiarity, however, is breeding contempt despite his 115-85 record and 13 bowl appearances since he replaced Hayden Fry in 1999. Wilson is the head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers, a school that couldn’t care less about football in a state that only cares about basketball.
The Illini have improved each season under Beckman, who won two games in 2012 and four the next season.Beckman, however, is just 4-20 in Big Ten play, and his critics point out that three of his 12 wins have come against Football Championship Subdivision schools and two others against Mid-American Conference foes. That has led to an outstanding winter, spring, and summer.”But will it lead to enough wins to buck Indiana tradition and save the job of a coach who has gone 14-34 in four years? No Indiana coach has lasted longer than five seasons since Bill Mallory’s 13-year tenure ended with his firing in 1996.
He has four years left on that deal after this season, and his buyout is currently $13.3million. They can’t rely on their glory days to sell the program, so Wilson is already behind the curve.

Wilson, who played college football for the North Carolina Tarheels, got his first coaching job with his alma mater.
Wilson eventually went on to join Bob Stoops at Oklahoma where he had a lot of success and really built his reputation as an offensive guru. Indiana has found some success especially in the running game, an area that Wilson is well-known for. Indiana has to win 6 games and get to a bowl game for Wilson to keep his job in my honest opinion.

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