In a new interview with Vlad TV, Big Daddy Kane opens up about what he was doing in 1982 and 1983. Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". The interview is well over an hour, but covers some insights (through casual conversation) that Heads will likely have never heard.
Mister Cee also adds that the first label to make an offer at Biggie was not Uptown Records (where Puff Daddy was working, before starting Bad Boy), it was Relativity Records. As the interview nears its end, there’s some interesting discussion between the three DJs. Given Mister Cee’s incredible role in mining talent, knowledge of records, and rhythmic timing, is he due for a third musical act that he works closely with? Lastly, does Kane and Rick’s heated confrontation show how, independent of the commonly-blamed media or record execs, how ego and ambition can fuel near-violent, and costly feuds in Hip-Hop?
Over the past few years, we've spotlighted some of the greatest heroes of pop culture in a recurring feature called IGN Stars Icons. Five years before Long Live The Kane, the would-be Brooklyn, New York superstar was traveling the streets of New York, looking for challenges. You can follow community members and vote up their blogs - support each other so we can promote a more diverse and deep content mix on our home page.Login to vote this up! Please report harassment, spam, and hate speech to our community fisters, and flag the user (we will ban users dishing bad karma). Mister Cee reveals, as a first-personal witness the time Slick Rick pulled a gun on Big Daddy Kane.
Back then, both MCs would finish their stage shows casually working in the hotel name where they were staying into verses and freestyles. Notably, the co-executive producer of Ready To Die was just on a one-album deal, and the most critical element phased out on the sophomore double-disc, while Easy Mo Bee and DJ Premier were also scaled back from their extensive roles on the ’94 debut. The tournament has been going on for more than six months, with a winner being determined in just two weeks and change.

These features examine heroes like Mario, Indiana Jones and Batman, while exploring their origins, their greatest missions and the skills that make them unique as heroes.
Presumably happening in 1988 or 1989, prior to Rick’s unrelated incarceration, tempers started flaring between the Bronx and Brooklyn star pals. Over time, it became apparent that Slick Rick was late, forcing Kane to take the stage prematurely.
However, Biggie Smalls (as he would have likely stayed known) could have been label-mates with Common Sense, Chi-Ali, and The Beatnuts. Cee adds that after Biggie’s death, he has been brought in to assist Born Again and The Notorious soundtrack.
Cee also says the fact that both MCs were involved with the Five Percent Nation Of Gods & Earths contributed to the challenge between them, which started in skills, and grew due to a perceived turmoil in the friendship. In discussing this, Cee goes in on how Kane reacted to another perceived diss, this time from LL Cool J. As Cee plays some of that demo, Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg ask what made a great rapper sound so compelling at a time when Cee was presumably hearing lots of talented voices. And with that in mind, we've decided to go forward with a new feature called Big Boss of the Day. Responding to the tussle, Slick Rick reportedly drew a small .22 caliber pistol and aimed it as his friend. Dre, DJ Quik, and Above The Law were running things, Cee heard the next wave of New York City in the voice of Christopher Wallace. As with Stars Icons, we examine their origins, their greatest villainous plots and just what makes them tick. However, according to Mister Cee, the iconic MCs were at odds until after Slick Rick’s release from prison in the late 1990s, until the ice melted.
The Big Daddy, on the other hand, is a constant threat to your safety and wellbeing during your stay at Rapture. These lumbering behemoths are the last remnants of law and order in this undersea city, and they won't hesitate to deliver a drill to the face of anyone who crosses them.

Instead, it became a hellish nightmare of a city whose population tore itself apart in the quest for the elusive substance known as ADAM.
Thanks to more genetic modification and conditioning, these incredibly strong brutes care about one thing and one thing only – protecting the Little Sisters from harm.
Even when players approach too closely, the Big Daddy will merely swat them away lazily and continue onward. These Big Daddies prefer long range attacks, firing their powerful gun from a distance while simultaneously blocking the Little Sister. The Bouncers prefer to attack head-on, charging right into their prey and rending flesh from bone with ease.
The diving suits Big Daddies wear make them extremely resistant to physical damage, and their years of plasmid abuse have granted them incredible strength at the cost of their humanity. It's possible to progress through Bioshock and only clash with one or two of these monsters, but doing so will cut off your supply of Adam, making all tasks that much more difficult.
It cuts through their health like few other weapons can, and the electricity paralyzes them to boot. Not only will players encounter the Rosies and Bouncers once more, they'll also be introduced to the Rumbler, a smaller Big Daddy that relies on portable turrets and explosives. These sleeker, feminine monsters are as quick and agile as their companions are strong and lumbering. Replacing Jack as the protagonist in Bioshock 2 is Subject Delta, the very first Big Daddy.
Unlike the rest, he still retains his free will and intelligence, qualities that are in increasingly short supply in Rapture these days. Delta awakes in the lab after years of hibernation and embarks on a quest that puts him at odds with Raptures new master, Dr.

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