From Newport, Oregon offshore to Perpetua Bank, 32 nautical miles off Cape Perpetua, Oregon. An early brief look at a couple of FIN WHALES was our first ever, but just an appetizer for the awe-inspiring views of a pair of BLUE WHALES right along side the boat!. Missing were large numbers of shearwaters, with no Flesh-footed or Short-tailed Shearwaters. With weeks of smooth seas and easily obtainable natural food available preceeding our trip, the birds couldn't have cared less about our intense chum preparation and selection. Also lacking were Laysan Albatrosses, Fork-tailed Storm-Petrels, Black-legged Kittiwakes, Ancient Murrelets, and any phalaropes.

Everyone enjoyed the trip with a couple of the out-of-state visitors revealing they had seen 12, and another 17, life birds. After over 100 pelagic trips, one fifth in the month of October, we had never seen another day like it.
However, bring in a storm for a few days, and then the hungry birds would no doubt climb over each other once again to reach every last morsel of our offerings. But at least 80 were juvenile--the most we have ever seen--and the rest were very young birds with white undertail scores of zero or one on a scale of 0-5. The flat seas were enjoyable and allowed us good looks at birds, both near shore and further out to sea.

The smooth, almost translucent blue back kept rolling and rolling until the small dorsal fin finally arose. Though there were no such numbers this day, we spotted an incredible 17 HUMPBACK WHALES in the flat seas, many quite near shore. And then, during the dive, the huge flukes lifted up like a rising apparition, water pouring off every surface.

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